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  2. It's what AA has done since he's gotten here. Only checking in to make the casual fan think he's doing something.
  3. Why not both? Prayers up for our sister and her family!
  4. Baker Mayfield's jock strap when he grab his nuts against Kansas
  5. There are no fiscal conservatives anymore, they all want a piece of our pie.
  6. The last 12 years???
  7. I thought the same thing for the first debate for most of them, that they had to seize the moment. None of them did outside of Gillibrand, and even then it seems like absolutely no one cared. I have no expectations that will change in the next go around.
  8. I hope so, Trump could use some real fiscal conservatives in his cabinet.
  9. I think he will only get better with time
  10. Fuh real doh
  11. Tandy take your time there is no getting over them. It’s learning to live physically without them trust me I know. Hang onto those great memories. It’s hard it’s a lot of tears but reaching out is the right thing to do. I then realized a lot of people shared my pain and the two constants I keep hearing is you learn to live again and it does get easier with time. God Bless Tandy
  12. I posted a bald faced lie to go along with a true story to make a point? Okay?
  13. False. Sorry man they’re not. They’re dogs. Dawgs wear red and black
  14. Today
  15. May God and the many blessings ABF can offer lift up and touch Tandy's heart.
  16. Huskies are dawgs too
  17. Ryan’s first game in the NFL
  18. Great actors rip Miguel ferrer
  19. Should have found a way to trade already
  20. I posted two things together to make a point about the attack on Graham, but you choose to ignore that and you accept the gay-shaming thrown at Graham. That is despicable and something a low energy left lemming would do.
  21. Let’s see his first season before we crown him
  22. I'm not seeing what y'all are seeing. I really don't think he was worth the 31st pick. JMO. I think he has a lot of work to do before he is our starting RT. I believe right now it's Sambrailo's job to lose.
  23. Nice! That's what I get for being on here at work!
  24. 20+ sacks we keep him. 10+ means another fluke season and a high comp pick. Let him go
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