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  2. "The Republicans are going to have damage control specialists reading and explaining away every part of the Mueller report the instant it comes out, so remember, freak out about everything we're telling you is untoward, then feel really sad and helpless that the Republican damage control worked better than it should have." @Big_Dog
  3. If the guy caring isn't producing then he's not helping any more than the guy who doesn't give a rip.
  4. We're going to get a Maddow report that's the Mueller report with all the redactions filled in with who and what is hypothetically supposed to be there.
  5. Yep, last time he made this promise (I think it was against Breesus) it was a bust. Love the guy, his enthusiasm, playing for Grandma, but but when you start mouthing off and your *** can't cash the checks, then we've got a problem.
  6. Good. Only thing I care about is if it's crushed in Atlanta or Gwinnett. No sympathy for the guy.
  7. I'm looking forward to getting a total number of redactions, and then the liberal news shows putting that number up like the next step in taking down Trump is filling in each and every one of those redactions. They'll have the number in the bottom right corner like a countdown
  8. Certainly starting off that way.
  9. Like this. I can only wish far more humans had this perspective and depth. Some will think/say it is wrong, incongruent, etc. but this is why I served in the military, why I have a son that does now. Life is easy peasy when you have it good. And most people in this world have it better than they realize, and a great multitude have it insanely easy/good. (the world's population has more than doubled in just 50 years) We have such a high view of ourselves... when we're nothing but ants in one backyard of the Universe.
  10. How long does a snowball last in Hades? There is your answer Gramps
  11. Redaction joker's to the left of me, redaction clowns tob the right of me, stuck in the middle again
  12. Man I saw that. Ole trollin ninja
  13. The hate never comes with bravado. It’s false bravado and delusions of grandeur I have an issue with. I talked smack...after being able to back it up. He better get all of them.
  14. So he’s gonna cut his dreads off if he doesn’t get 10 sacks now this? Dude get off Twitter and just execute. Just stop smh.
  15. Sounds like he's better than Beasley now in all aspects... except in the all-important category of "running the arc to nowhere".... and I'm sure he can learn that quickly in Flowery Branch.
  16. Squirrely Bob never disappoints me. You my good sir will be known as the redaction Queen from here on out.
  17. Aint nobody hating on this dude lol
  18. We find a way to hate on everyone on the roster these days. Its freaking football. Let the young men talk smack. Who cares if he gets the sacks or not it’s not going to kill anyone to have some bravado ahead of the game. It’s just a game and it’s just trash talk I really don’t get why everything needs to be a problem or a thread
  19. How about brilliant Buttigieg?
  20. The Falcons don't match up well historically with physical football teams and Atlanta plays three of them to start the season. It definitely could get ugly. This is not a schedule where you can get away with early season struggles and still be okay midway through.
  21. My teenage daughter (of all people) put me on this dude years ago. He was a popular YouTube dancer in high school who just happened to play football lol.
  22. Probably should complain that we got three division opponents in consecutive weeks AT home, life is good!
  23. lol @ "Sit down Swampy"
  24. Today is going to be so dumb.
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