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  2. The only trade up I'm in support of is one that doesn't require the Falcons to sacrifice their #1 pick in 2020. I wish like heIl the Falcons could get Nick Bosa. He's my favorite player in this draft. Yeah, I get the whole injury thing but he's gonna come back healthy and be an absolute beast just like his brother.
  3. The math is dead wrong for starters
  4. It’s one particular poster who kept going back and forth with me prior to Simmons injury saying because Simmons had that D.V. charge he would be off the Falcons draft board completely. ....but in a trade back situation where we could get another pick or two we could consider him. Simmons would be under contract for 5 years with the 5th year option. Davison, Hageman and Jarrett (who will be signed long term eventually) are only on one year deals. They have enough DTs between the current four/five to allow Simmons to heal for a year.
  5. Yep!! It doesn't matter how "harmless" something may seem, if it's against the law and you keep doing it and getting arrested for it then the charges will always keep increasing.
  6. Crawford is absolutely safe!...imo
  7. New candidate for my favorite offseason thread on our hands. Let’s see where this goes...
  8. Yes right. I didn’t mean to come across as we were going to select him at 14 (especially now with his injury). I was simply making it a point as you said to those who said initially that Simmons would never be on the draft board because of his D.V. incident. Clearly the Falcons staff don’t condone it but they are opened to giving a player a 2nd chance if they show they have matured i.e. Hageman and Simmons.
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  10. I feel the people arguing it here didn't read the whole article based on some comments. It's his fourth time being arrested for the same thing and last time they gave him 10, he served 1 and did the went right back to it and got busted AGAIN. Cmon mannn.
  11. No one else seeing some Aldon Smith and Leonard Floyd in him?
  12. the entire board here wanted Lee over Jones before the draft. ADMIT IT PEOPLE!
  13. highly impotant...says SlobberKnockers of all people...
  14. Well since they brought Hageman back... I would not blink if they went O-Line with that first pick. Not at all. This offseason has totally scrambled me a bit but I'm hangin in there lol
  15. Ra'Shede is a freak of nature and has has all of the measurables. Benches 465 pounds, squats 500. OK, you might expect that for a guy as big and powerful as he is. Get this, though — the 6'6" 320 lb lineman also leaps 36 inches on his vertical, can windmill a dunk and clocks 1.57 seconds in the 10-yard dash.
  16. At absolute best Baker becomes Asante Samuel.
  17. I actually thought the message from the FO & Coach has been clear defensively.Theyve talked pass rush and takeaways.I guess when looking at the talent I take what they’ve mentioned into my mind when looking at talent. So for me the signings of Davison Claiborne & giving Hageman a shot only indicates too me they have been added up front defensively so the draft is free to go after the above mentioned upfront. I can still see 2 DTs being taken for sure if the coaches see them as the best opportunity to get at and effect the passer DTs it is.
  18. I read all of Mueller's counts of possible obstruction. The swamp sure does like eating empty buns; where's the beef? This is a good read and history lesson that I think Mueller tried to follow: so he punted! Waste of 2 years
  19. Did he take them all? I'd love to go...
  20. If Loretta Lynch didn't do anything wrong, then William Barr didn't either. Comey sure did; mueller calling his firing possible obstruction is laughable. Rush had plenty of days to explain to his audience the intricacies of the mechanisms, but Thursday's show was about the hot take, the takeaway, and messaging. You might have already seen this, a great read I'll leave you with a message that I'll paraphrase from a caller to the show, because it sums things up in a unique way. Conservative/Right/Republicans know that there is injustice and imperfections, but at the end of the day, they will be "chillin' with the J-Man." Libs/Left/Dems are so bent/activist/#resistance because they think that this world is all there is, and he said this also explained the man-made global warming hoax;)
  21. fwiw, the math on this comes out to 1 attack per thirty-three thousand muslims 1 attack per thirty-one thousand christians 1 attack per one thousand jews
  22. Jefferies told police the two had been in court earlier in the day for a custody battle for their son. Jefferies told police Hageman entered her apartment home demanding his keys and began throwing items around the home when she said she didn't have the keys. She told police her son was crying as he watched Hageman pull her hair, verbally abuse her and then grab her phone, pulling the line out of the wall, when she said she was going to call 911. According to the police report, Jefferies said Hageman took her wallet and cellphone and left the apartment before being pursued by Jefferies. She said Hageman handed the items to a male in the parking deck but then pushed her down. The police report said Jefferies had a laceration on her left elbow and left hand.
  23. i don't care. society doesn't care. treat gay men and women like anyone else or you'll be deservedly ostracized.
  24. The Bible states its views on homosexuality very clearly. If you can't accept that move along because you aren't being forced to. Dont like it? Tough cookies because in the grand scheme if things your pebble sized brain with its made up ethics aren't worth the value of dung in comparison to the truth.
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