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  2. Wouldn’t you be when he’s called to run between the Gs when in all essence his successful part of career he abuses the edge. Its just pi$$ poor awareness and play calling.
  3. Time to swap back over to MSNBC (channel 830 on your Xfinity Comcast)
  4. Definitely looked his best so far this year. He’s still too hesitant at times for my liking, but it seems like he’s improving. Hopefully he can keep it going. He’s still a threat in the passing game at the very least.
  5. This is what I don’t understand what DK and co were thinking in how they used Free.All those outside runs and short passes setup Free hitting the middle not the other way round. $hithouse coaching.
  6. Brandon Adams (the guy next to Chuck) is my cousin’s husband. I’ve known him my whole life as he and my cousin (who is 15 years older than me) dated for 8 years before getting married. Awesome guy.
  7. Yeah, trade Trufant now. Get a pick from Philly or elsewhere. Play Sheffield, Miller, and Oliver rest of the year outside and see who sticks by end of the year.
  8. Makes me happy
  9. Ramsey and Jags get a steal; presuming Jalen gets his mega-contract. Rams all in but they needed to with their cap problems coming due AND losing both Talib to IR and Peters hasn't been good there.
  10. Yeah he was a bright spot for sure!
  11. He also straight up had that defense playing better than anyone else, before and after. He just couldn't change the Falcons culture. Defense being this bad for this long goes beyond one HC.
  12. Best game of the year out of Devonta. Good to see.
  13. Guys, in a different thread about sack rates there are some stats showing that Takk is pressuring about the same this year as Kahlil Mack. Sometimes you have to watch the games to know when one player is light years better than another.
  14. Thomas and Chancelor definitely helped, but Sherman was great in his own right. All three instilled fear differently. But the fact that Sherman let his guy beat him by 5+ yards just to play catch up and get an INT will always amaze me.
  15. This. Chuck Smith needs to get off the fence and come and put his name on a teams pass rush.
  16. What in the **** happened to that tough, gritty, aggressive team that fought a slugfest against some good lines on the Eagles and won against them? Where did that fire go? How did it get put out so dramatically? I really thought that we were finally going to see the defense that Quinn had promised. This team could not look more different. And to think I was so excited after that Eagles game...
  17. Finally, somebody else recognizes that Clayborn is our best rusher!!!
  18. The sweet sweet irony of all of this??? It is a Muslim country that may be Trumps undoing
  19. Had Chancellor and Thomas to help make up for his physical limitations as well. We probably won't see another defense of that caliber for a long time. Maybe never especially since the league is trying to get rid of the Kam Chancellor-type of players. The unnecessary roughness they called last night on the Detroit DB was ridiculous, not sure what they expect him to do there. Denver's 2015 defense was forgettable lol
  20. haha good point. I'd love to see Matt, Julio, & Company get a crack at Quinn's defense in a real game.
  21. I think Contreras has to be added but I could be wrong.
  22. We've never paid 109 million for 5 guys which is what they will be doing in 2020. This makes Saints look amateurish in comparison. But the Rams have what seems to be a 2 year window and i hope that team fails miserably.
  23. I really would like to believe that. I’m kinda shell shocked from our tragic exit.
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