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  2. We were talking about busts of TD bs Belichick, right? Who trades away their 1st round picks, are you talking about TD? I know he got a future HOF WR trading a first round pick. If you want to talk about successful picks TD put together a roster talented enough to beat the Patriots in the 2016 Super Bowl. Blown clock management blew the game but you can’t blame that on TD. We have some names that fared pretty well too in first 3 rounds. In fact, we have guys like Grady Jarrett, Freeman, Kazee, in layers rounds as well. I you hate TD that’s fine but your counter arguments are not taking into consideration draft norms for all GMs. Again, if you have a GM you would replace TD with I’m all ears. But you either get a proven top 5 one, which is highly unlikely, or, you roll the dice with an up and coming one. Any proven one you name I can show you their drafts since 2008 and show just as many busts and let downs as you keep pointing to here using your own criteria of Alford and Trufant being letdowns etc.
  3. The funniest thing now is seeing Trump champion the de facto legal outcome of Mueller's investigation as a goalpost that all Trump critics must accept. When there were calls for Trump's impeachment way before Mueller was finished, why should those same people stop seeking Justice against a Tyrant? Trump is a nut, sad, sad piece of trash that Republicans chose to represent our country. Really says more about Republicans than it does Trump.
  4. Falcons: 1st: Devin Bush - LB 2nd: Rashan Gary - EDGE 3rd: David Montgomery - RB
  5. I remember when swift-boating early was the Karl Rove play book.
  6. Maybe try contacting the FO, I'm sure they'll listen.
  7. He took over the team that was unanimously agreed to be the biggest disaster and worst team in the league and the team immediately had 5 straight winning seasons, after not having consecutive winning seasons in the first 40+ years of existence. Yeah I am going to go with A. I don't agree with every move he makes but these results are hard to argue with.
  8. Boomers: The Clickbait Lemmings of the 21st Century.
  9. While I think this mock is way off, I do think they nail a few of the players that are "slated" to go in the later rounds and show them going in the 2nd and 3rd. A lot of the guys mocked here in the 4th are going to go in the 2nd/3rd.
  10. I also remember twitter making fun of Mayo Pete back when he said this.
  11. That last picture is not of fans. But a few thugs and criminals making future plans. I feel sick just having seen them here.
  12. As a combat veteran, I agree 100% with you
  13. Frame this.
  14. Only a fair-minded person like yourself would vote for Trump, confuse a tornado siren as an air raid, ask dinner guest if they're circumcised at the table, ...I can go on. You pretty much painted yourself into a corner when it comes to ridiculing another member's state of mind.
  15. Sort of a bad one to compare against since he trades away his 1st rounders so often for veterans. I really do not remember all their players that well but do recognize names (rounds 1-3) that fared well like Michel, Thuney, Brown, Richards, Garoppolo, Collins, Ryan, Harmon, Jones, Hightower, Wilson, Solder, Vereen, Ridley, Gronkowski, McCourty, Spikes, Chung, Butler, Tate, Mayo, and Wynn-TBD Not that I am a fan of the Pats but they certainly have had pretty good success with the draft as a major tool (including the later rounds).
  16. it's like some sort of weird British message board speak
  17. Free breaks plenty of ankles out there. He’s put guys on skates and made them look ridiculous out there. That’s not an issue. The problem is the hit he will initiate when it’s one lone player to beat. Honestly there’s only one play that he got himself hurt that could’ve been avoided. That was his first concussion against the Vikings in 2015. The Dallas concussion he came thru the hole hard as he should’ve. The LB shot the gap like a cannonball and laid I nice direct hit. I can’t blame free for that. His other injuries were knee. Last season he took a helmet to the knee. Not his fault. Fans are really upset because his injuries came back to back to back to back which kept him off the field. Frees running style hypes the offense up. He by no means should change his style. Just keep his head up and see what he’s running into(that’s how most concussions happen. Not seeing what you’re hitting) and don’t take UNNECESSARY hits. And those are if there’s ONE guy to beat just shake him. Don’t initiate contract with that one guy.
  18. As a combat veteran, I think people who make statements leading off with some form of "as a combat veteran" are real pricks.
  19. The big splash trade up (if it has to happen) Quinnen Williams. If there has to be a trade up I would prefer him over Oliver. Here's why. I think both go top 5. So if they're determined to go all in might as well take the better prospect right? Williams life story is an inspiring tale. I will cheer for his success no matter what team he ends up on. Any team that passes on him will regret it. Stay put at 14 take Christian Wilkins. Another inspiring story and a player I hope has a great career. Is there anything this guy can't do? Here's a video of him playing safety. Hilarious. Either of these guys lined up next to Grady would be amazing!
  20. That was so accurate lol
  21. That's a phenomenal reply.
  22. Let’s take the punter. We need to replace Bosher and that’s the only position that has decent starters in the 7th round lol
  23. but now i feel attacked for entirely different reasons!
  24. How was I ****ting on him there?
  25. Biggest surprise would be if Beek’s mock comes true. Take Dillard at 14 while Wilkins and Lawrence are still on the board. The boards would meltdown in epic proportions
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