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  2. We can have a "TD is a good GM" discussion, but saying he can find OL worth a **** is just false. Matthew's was touted as the safest OL guy in a decade. Levitre, Chester, and Mack were all someone else's good decisions. I'm sorry, but you don't get credit(as a talent scout) for taking other teams players we already know are good to great lol. The list of complete and total OL busts that TD has hitched his wagon to is loooooonnnngggg
  3. What position and who is he beating out?
  4. This board is like the the world headquarters for people only happy when they have something to complain about
  5. Well, I said before. It it went a certain way I’m probably going to lose interest. I laughed when the puck happened, same way I did when we signed Sark, now I’m just looking to find something positive
  6. We could have but you need a trade partner. Plus TD likes Senior offensive lineman. Ford and a Taylor is not that and the other players are but they can’t play RT.
  7. Still have 8 picks, wouldn't be surprised if the falcons move up to get another top 75 pick.
  8. Draft a first round guard????
  9. Pro Bowl undrafted G/C's don't come a dime a dozen...Sometimes you have to spend draft capital to acquire them.
  10. Totally missed this thread, thank you guys. Best birthday gift was the falcons picking Chris Lindstrom. Very thoughtful Tim!
  11. It's stuff like this why we will never win a Super Bowl.
  12. Uh, she's right. But, nice spin.
  13. They have showed every pick but ours lol.They dont even no what to say and our pick is not a day 1 starter.
  14. 5 best o linemen. Dont care who it is
  15. Meltdown? lol. Try bewilderment. We just signed two guards like a week ago, bro. WTF was the reason for that if this was the Grand Plan for Round 1 of the Draft? Makes no sense.
  16. Ok. I will bet you $100 he starts easy money
  17. not making anymore draft mock predictions after this fiasco...
  18. Who says we could have got Lindstrom in the 2nd? Y’all don’t know that he would have lasted that long. Mock drafts and projections don’t mean squat.
  19. Awful pick. We’ve been **** on DL for YEARS and we go guard. Doesn’t matter if we score 35 if we can’t stop them from scoring 36. DumbAF.
  20. I didnt think they would go there. I feel a lot of smart guys were in on this pick. We will see he needs to get stronger.
  21. Same reason we do everything else. For chitz and giggles
  22. All the OT's are falling, this is crazy
  23. People wondering why we went out and drafted the top G prospect after signing two FA guards to long-term contracts, just think about the coaches that we brought in. We want to run the ball. We're going to have the beef on the line to close out games. Once Ryan gets us a 20+ point lead, we can cram the ball down people's throats and seal the deal. That's what we didn't have @ LI. It's early, we have 8 more picks in the draft; There's plenty of opportunity to get the DL beef and secondary speed that we need.
  24. TD really isn't that bad honestly, he's actually been a pretty good cap manager and he's built some **** good rosters over the years. However, after 10 years of observing his draft style and behavior in the offseason -- we will never have an elite defense under him. EVER. And maybe that's because of huge contracts on the other side of the ball taking up cap space, but I am now absolutely confident that we an elite defense just won't happen. Again, I don't hate TD, I still think he's a decent GM. He just drafts awful linemen in general. Outside of Grady Jarrett, what's the one pick in the trenches that he's ever hit on? Vic Beasley? I guess Kroy Biermann was pretty good for a 5th rounder. idk. I'm just not gonna get excited for our off-seasons anymore. They just disappoint me at this point.
  25. Correct me but would our starting line now looks like... LT- Matthews LG- Carpenter C- Mack RG- Lindstrom RT- Brown (not Sambrielo) Simply no way Lindstrom isn't starting. There eating money somewhere.
  26. Lindstrom is a good player. Just don't understand signing two guards then drafting another one when we had limited cap room to work with. Also unless they plan on trading up we're going to have to rely on Vic Beasley stepping up or our pass rush is going to be average at best again.
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