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  2. And because people will take the 'secret meetings!' talking point and run with it, as usual.
  3. And some of it are lies.
  4. Vice President Mike Pence’s Big Brother Is Sitting In On Congress’s Closed-Door Impeachment Depositions
  5. According to spotrac if we trade him this year (2019) we'll have just over $41m in dead cap over the next 2 years.
  6. Republicans: Obstruct a deposition by barging into a secure room with cell phones (which are prohibited) to stop someone from testifying. Also Republicans: Censure Schiff for a dumb parody!
  7. Jeff Okudah?
  8. did... And each and every post you have made has been wrong. Your numbers and logic aren't even correct.
  9. I knew somebody would eventually bring that up...but it might have been asked already IDK lol
  10. It says we have 13mil in dead cap on spotrac. Correct me if I am wrong but that's including Sanu money. I would trade Vic for a street UFA at this point as long as it gives us cap relief.
  11. Who said anything about Beasley having a 2020 contract??? If we trade Beasley this year we get his 12,8 mil back on the 2019 cap. That money then rolls over to the 2020 cap thus saving us 12.8 mil next year. This is simple. I'm not sure what you're reading.
  12. hopefully, there are no shortages of dumb front offices that could bite, which gives us a chance. Also, I think the general disaster that is every single facet of our team ATM maybe works in our favor as someone could look at Vic and surmise that maybe he is a victim of his circumstance to some extent... that's all I can think of as a sales pitch though lol.
  13. Spelling and editing died around the time Jobs introduced the smart phone. As for Ulbrich, if we move on from Quinn, I'd make MM the interim HC, let Knapp call offense the rest of the year and let him call the D. Go ahead and fire Koetter along with Quinn. I'd feel much better, win or lose, with those guys for the second half.
  14. Ok, I have to ask... Does your girl know you use her photos?? Asking for a friend...
  15. All the Republicans on those three committees have been in all the depositions. That’s about 54 members, or 25% of the Reps in Congress.
  16. A guy like Kazee is useless if he can't even do his first job correct. Gilmore is a playmaker at corner, but he locks his WR down first.
  17. Well if he is the 3rd stringer and thats the best we got to protect our QB and still gets him hurt then I feel sorry for Matt. Yeah I hope Carpenter and Brown can hold up til Lindstrom gets back. Wes to me is a poor mans Sam Baker and that ain't saying too much.
  18. They’re not being shut out. Dems who aren’t on the committee also are not allowed in the deposition. What’s wrong with the process?
  19. That is two separate things. We only get cap back if another team pays it, which reports are saying is not happening. From a 2020 cap perspective, he has no contract. We do not get anything back. Find me Vic Beasley on this list.
  20. Not to be confused with “the way this team is playing stinks worse than a $2 hookers cooter”??
  21. If the Democrats were willing to speed it up I think Trump would still invite the quickest impeachment possible. But if they draw it out like it looks like they're willing to do, Trump'll go the other way, too, and dramatize every second of the impeachment. Boy, it would have been so much better for the Democrats if this didn't have to follow the Mueller report. So, so much better. Would have definitely been easier to beat Trump in 2020 than it's going to be.
  22. Do you approve of Trump begging foreign governments for dirt on his political opponents and holding up almost $400 million in military aid in exchange for that dirt?
  23. Sigh......this is how the process works.
  24. Unfortunately the Falcon's only "running into one" is running into one another and knocking each other off the QB.
  25. Wow, you have to actually toggle "trade" and not "cut". Yes, 58M dead if we cut him, 32M if we trade him. We can defer 10 million until '21.
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