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  2. What about my quote didn't factor in Grady new deal when I said "Spread of the 23 mil between Grady (new deal) and Julio/Deion (hopeful deal)"
  3. This is a bit disingenuous, Kiwi. Yes, we can sign Grady, Debo & Julio. But to act like there won’t be roster ramifications is short sighted. Im happy it’s getting finalized and behind us. But I’ll miss players like Sanu, Freeman, Mack (possibly), Dre, Hooper (possibly), Crawford & Rico. If we are being honest, that’s the cost of it.
  4. Going for the "I didn't inhale defense" @HolyMoses is he on your list?
  5. Glad TD got the deal done. He’s a contract wizard if nothing else
  6. Are you trying to be a comedian, or maybe you want be cool? Try explaining them away, know you can, come on. There are probably tens of dozens of items to be discussed in that game, like to the three obvious Offensive Holdings non-calls, when Brady was backed-up in the end zone in the 4th Quarter. Tell you what, say we do one item a day or the next 365-Days, now that would be funny if were not such a sad state of affairs we find the NFL in.
  7. The flop, the turn, and the river!
  8. Unlike some of you, I am not brainwashed. Why doctor the quote. Your hate for Trump is just sick.
  9. Last night's episode skipped ahead to the lead up to the 2008 election and Ailes' reaction to Obama being elected.
  10. This really isn't a position to defend Trump on. Even if he was calling Omar. He lumped American born citizens into his attack as going back to "their country" there's no their country for tlaib and Aoc except the US. Unless you are saying go back to where most folks look like you which is racist yes. He might as well said "y'all go on back to Africa and South America where they look like y'all and not like me."
  11. Roll it over or use a big chunk for Julio's first-year cap hit so future cap hits will be lower.
  12. We improved two fold. We get basically 4 Pro Bowl players back. Plus Kazee and Foye are much better players now with s year of PR under their wings
  13. I noticed today though that the media isn't dancing around this one. Even NPR calls them 'Trumps racist tweets' when talking about it. Nobody is dancing around what they are.
  14. I’m just asking how we use the money between Grady & The Jones’s...possibly add Bailey too
  15. If Trump was a fictional character (like in a movie), nobody (even the most moronic maga sycophants) would root for him...
  16. You can’t take away the franchise tag and not factor in the new deal and say we have 23 mill because it isn’t true
  17. That’s how I red it also. If they get Julio done where they’ll make money on the cap is how much less his deal is structured on his cap hit this year and next year. From what I’m seeing they’ll roll the 21 odd million into his new extension so if I’m reading it right and 20 is the number per he’ll be seeing 80 odd mill in new money.Now how this is structured is another thing.
  18. Just like what happened recently with Kawhi. He signed with the team with no leaks, while all reports were saying the team with a ton of leaks(Lakers) were a shoo in.
  19. Definitely hasn't look "very bad". He underlying numbers, outside of hits allowed and ERs have still been very good. He's accumulated almost a 3.0 WAR for both BR and FG, his xFIP is 3.34, ERA and FIP- are 86 and 75, respectively, and he's still mostly limiting baserunners. He's playing on a truly dreadful team that is one of the worst defensive units in all of baseball.
  20. Holy **** though. Hmfic has essentially admitted it was at least some degree of racist and said Trump shouldn't have said it. What's happening here?
  21. I would rather ask, how much cap space TD needs to sign the players DQ wants on the team short term and long term. Falcons are very conservative when it comes to managing cap space. TD can get creative if the team wants to sign some one.
  22. Blank probably told him: "If you don't like it here..."
  23. Washington Post - Illegals roundup fails to have any impact. Trump - It was very very successful. We captured many criminals. Reporter - How many Mr President? Trump - Ask them they'll tell you.
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