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  2. Not trying to be an ***. Just saying I've never see it on there before. But now I see where it's listed in their individual pages. Must have just recently started posting those numbers. Never seen them before.
  3. Their site isn't the most intuitive thing out there...very powerful...not very user friendly.
  4. And with our D, if Falcons offense god forbid gas to punt couple of times will be behind by 14-17 points. Aaron Donald and pass rush will go after a Ryan and it will get ugly real fast.
  5. Bust Beasley, the Bigfoot of NFL D-linemen, I heard rumors he exist, heard some even claim to have had a Bust Beasley sighting, but to the rest of us he's just a rumor, a old wise tale people tell their kids to make them scared at night.
  6. Don't know why they don't have that listed in their individual player pages. Never knew they had that.
  7. Facts but nobody wants to hear the truth because they are tickled by and love takk’s urges.
  8. You are a joke. Everyone here sees it. Sorry. Football games don't hinge on one play ... regardless of how you want to define it. Matt did plenty to win that game, and no amount of fixating on one play on 2nd down will change that.
  9. Hey good call. We are already known for being the circus, let’s just keep it going.
  10. I was gonna let him find it himself since he wants to be a ****.
  11. I thnk Gurly and Brown(???) are both supposed to miss this week as well. I would love to see Grace, Foye and Neasman now get more snaps on defense.
  12. Clearly is definitely overstating. A little better would be accurate.
  14. Preach
  15. NFL means Not For Long. Quinn already had that chance. He's already had that excuse and blew that. He hired a guy from outside the organization with little NFL experience and absolutely ZERO experience in the offensive system he was asked to run. He fires that guy and brings in another guy that also has no experience with the system but has NFL experience and experience with the QB. While the offense hasn't shot of the gates like we were hoping there were 3 new starters on the oline. That was going to take time and we've seen improvement from the offense. The offense isn't the problem. They had the fast start the last 2 weeks. The problem has been the defense. The other team can't play from behind when they can score on every drive. At this point that 2 year period is a moot point. Quinn has wasted the last 3 years of their career and Blank is going to try and salvage as much of it as he can but it's probably already too late for Julio...
  16. Because Ish is a poor man’s Kam. Duh
  17. That was a monumentally hard to watch game
  18. ikr!!!! smh they are awful
  19. I meant hurries not hits in my original post. Got em mixed up.
  20. Show me on PFR where they have QB pressures listed.
  21. It’s a team effort lol
  22. I got my stats from PFR. Both have 5 QB hits according to that site.
  23. Yes they do
  24. I sense a serial comedy just waiting to happen...
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