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  2. NO!!! Don't want MM calling our Offense again! I remember too well, thinking this guy's "Full Of Mularkey"!!! If we were to keep DQ and change OCs during the BYE, I'd rather see what Greg Knapp could do --- he's our QB coach now, and would probably have a better idea what would work best for Matty Ice...
  3. The best Quinn can do at this point is let Vic rush the passer. No dropping into coverage and maybe he can get lucky. Let him walk next season and hopefully get a comp pick.
  4. Here's an outsider viewpoint regarding the cap situation in Atlanta. The cap space looks rough for the Falcons. Trading away a few players, especially 1-2 of those in the Top 10 cap hits, that can bring draft capital is the Falcons best bet. Ya'll gonna need to land draft picks that contribute early to combat that Top 10 cap problem you've got or it's gonna be a long couple of seasons while you try to fix the financial side of things. I felt the Falcons should have traded Julio when he was pushing for another contract. In my opinion you don't reward for past performances, rather for what you expect looking forward. It seems like Blank was more interested in "Julio for Life" or his HOF status versus making a tough call regarding the best future possible for the team. That was a ton of money to tie up to an already cap-bloated roster. Ridley and Sanu were a formidable tandem at a fraction of the cap cost. Ryan is overpaid based on production, but he also tolls behind a weak Oline. The Falcons invested 2 high picks on the Oline last draft, but school remains out until they have time to show more. Alex Mack is nearing the end of his career and can be replaced with a solid rookie, much like the Saints did with the Unger retirement and the addition of McCoy. That move alone would save the Falcons a massive amount as Mack is on the books in 2020 for $10.5M. Given time in the pocket, Ryan wouldn't throw as many picks, and he isn't the problem in Atlanta. Give him 1 more second on passing downs and he could be a solid QB for 4-5 more years. I liked the Grady Jarrett and Deion Jones signings. I thought the Beasley signing was bad enough to get somebody fired. Your edge players on the Dline are too small. You need to invest in a couple of serious Defensive Ends. Your DB's play would improve if the D Front 7 would get pressure on QB's and the scheme is corrected. The Saints were in cap **** a few years ago. It was corrected by Brees accepting a team-friendly contract (Mickey Loomis) and the outstanding draft picks (Jeff Ireland) by the Front Office. People used to laugh and talk about the Saints kicking the can down the road. A look at the cap situation shows that to be false judgement, while still acknowledging the team will have a dead money hit post Brees. It won't be so significant that future has been mortgaged. The team hit on a boatload of picks the last 3-4 drafts that are contributing at a high level today. 12 of those picks are still on on team friendly rookie deals. Long-term the Saints will surely lose a couple of them, so the key is drafting well in advance of that. Example: Vonn Bell is a stud at Safety, but his rookie deal is up next year. So the team invested 2 picks in this year's draft at Safety. Both made the team and already have playing time under their belts. Should Bell walk, the team has a fall back plan in place. They also focused heavily on UDFA's and have added 2-3 every season to the 53 man roster. This year it's rookie sensation Devonte Harris at Returner. His contract in minuscule. Relying on Free Agency should only be used for an occasional plug-in player, but he better be worth it because you're gonna pay top market price him. The NFL is so competitive you simply can't make many financial mistakes without sinking a team.
  5. I could see him being our next HC if he was picked in house. Or as DC. He will make a great DC, IMO. I don't know why he wasn't named the DC before the year. He reminds me slot of Mike Vrabel, in the way he carries himself and how he instantly receives respect from his players due to his playing career and alpha personality. Instantly commands a room. I wouldn't be against keeping the coaching staff intact, upgrading ulbrich to DC, and cleaning house right this front office, starting with TD. DQ's roster is running into the same problem that Smitty's grams ran into: one of the worst pass rushes in the league, OL talent, and depth overall. We also gave some starters that we grew very complacent with as soon as we're drafted like devondre Campbell, and as much as Rico is a tremendous leader and makes slot of big plays, I think he lacks elite range Agathe FS position, and after pass rush, Sanhedrin the FS spot is about as important when it comes to wake it take stock make this defense succeed. Pass rush is simply thebworst I've ever seen.
  6. He would never...real talk. But I know you’re joking. N where do you see a black eye to n me? Pixelation...nvm, I see it
  7. I don't know why we are bothering here tbh...
  8. You got my co worker looking in my office like I'm crazy. I'm legit LOL
  9. Vic’s 2018 salary/ 5th yr option is fully guaranteed regardless of whether you cut him or not
  10. Why is he fighting his cousin?
  11. Of course....she does the avatars, not me
  12. This should be read out loud boy Gowdy! Not in secret meetings behind closed doors!
  13. I would never for any amount of dollars fight a Samoan.
  14. I like Ulbrich, would love to see what he could do as an interim DC. That said linebackers are not going well right now
  15. Problem is that unless they were part of the same draft and season was over, you couldn't really determine if they were high or not.
  16. Agreed. We are going to have to pay him anyway. i'd rather have a couple of high picks and have him come off the books in '21 when those picks are still on rookie contracts.
  17. You don't need to work for the team to realize cutting a player that should have never been optioned in the first place that would result in literally pissing away $7m dollars on a team that is already up against it in terms of cap dollars is a very very dumb idea. You will sure show Vic and the team! Suck enough and we will let you sit at home while paying you millions of dollars! BRILLIANT! From a football standpoint, Vic is not the only issue so why stop there? In your grand plans, why not just cut everyone and take on a billion dollars in dead cap?
  18. A federal judge just ordered State Department to release Ukraine records within 30 days. We’ll see if they appeal. They probably will. Edit: The order includes communications between Pompeo and Guiliani.
  19. What the Pro Dawgs did this past week
  20. Is it actually a crime to bring a cell phone inside the SCIF, or just a violation of House rules?
  21. That's what I was asking. Thanks!
  22. What are you even talking about??? The Ukraine call has moved the needle in a way that Mueller never did. But you’re all over the map. “Oh, Dems shouldn’t be quick about this, but if they drag it out (as I argue) then Trump’s going to do this and it sucks for Dems, and if they have it over quickly then Trump’s going to do this and it sucks for Dems.” You’re all over the map here. Also, “their best shot on something that doesn’t reveal anything new about Trump”? This Ukraine scandal has landed hard. The public isn’t shrugging this one off. Again, not sure what point you’re trying to make.
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