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  2. I want us to get Taylor but I believe Wilkins is the pick
  3. Depends on if we did our hw then.
  4. Remember everyone, prepare for disappointment so you'll be ok no matter what
  5. Well, this kind of put a ding in my otherwise good night.
  6. I really don't understand why they keep getting drafted so high. None of them have been much good in the NFL. The SEC officiating really does them a horrible disservice too. They are allowed to hold all game every game and never get called for it. They get stud OL recruits and get them drafted but don't teach them a **** thing.
  7. This is shaping up very nicely for trading back up into the later part of the first
  8. I saw a lot of Wilkins, and not much Taylor playing last season. Thanks.
  9. He probably won't play year 1. Don't want him in the first.
  10. F it, go Hollywood Brown at this point, lol
  11. I'd still worry that "misdiagnosis" talk came at the last minute because his agent is trying to make sure he still goes in the first.
  12. With reports that the heart condition was misdiagnosed and that he is fine, should the Falcons grab him if the Dolphins don't?
  13. I literally jumped for joy like the Falcons had made a great pick when it was showed GB took him.
  14. Or trade back in for greedy. I'd be ok with that. Just no at 14
  15. One of the Clemson tackles. I am good with either
  16. Falcons don’t need to trade down, we have enough picks. Stand pat and pick some good players.
  17. Please take Wilkins Miami. Thank you.
  18. Didnt you just love JA98? lol
  19. Its DOWN......Wilkins, Sweat, or Law-dog....or a FRC........
  20. We'll have a shot at either Taylor or Haskins......
  21. If Wilkins is there and we pick O line it will suck.
  22. I think we trade back with a team trying to jump WA for a Qb
  23. Michigan's defense has two guys going in the top 12. Makes you wonder how Ohio State put a Tecmo Bowl score up on them.
  24. Hey. He’s got a high release point. Lol
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