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  2. Which Ryan would have won, had we not blown the game
  3. Is the BBC Fake news?
  4. I sort of get it, if that is #22 instead of #20 trying to stop Johnson its not a score.
  5. If any civilian is in a position to know whether this statement is ******** or not, Clarissa Ward is in that position,
  6. I can live with it except for cleaning house. Matt Ryan and Julio are Falcons 4 life as they should be. I like stability. Looking back in hindsight we probably should have kept Sark, Armstrong and Manuel. Especially Manuel.
  7. Rest in peace Elijah, we will all continue your fight
  8. Today
  9. I want to keep everyone BUT DQ. I loved him coming in, but pass rush alone won’t fix this. There is no way in heel this D should be this bad no matter what. We’re a disaster and that’s not lack of talent. That’s DQ TD should def stay along with the rest of the staff if we can though new HC probably wants his own guys. We need to bring in a hard nosed HC to turn this thing around. And a legit DC who can work with our existing personnel
  10. Yes and no. Close, but not quite.
  11. Facts. I remember when TD brought in Dunta Robinson to address our pathetic pass rush when it was clear where the problem was.
  12. We have the ammo to pull it off.
  13. We could have 2 all pro CB's,and 2 all-pro safeties, but it will ALWAYS be useless if we are putting up 0 sacks every game. DB's always look better with a better pass rush. Pass rush needs to come 1st.
  14. 1. No matter what happens the rest of the year, we keep DQ and TD for 2020. 2. Keep current roster for 2020, minus a couple cap casualties. 3. Go all out pass rush and a couple OL in the draft. 4. Do whatever possible to get Chase Young. Trade up if needed(AS LONG AS WE DONT GIVE UP A 1ST ROUND PICK). Pass rushing DE class is non-existent of 1st round talent after Young. 5. Keep Koetter, and give the offense the rest of this season to get familiar with offense for 2020. 2nd year of an offense is usually always an improvement. 6. Add defensive coordinator. Simple plan. If it does workout: We are back on track, and have a few season left of Matt Ryan, Julio, and a young defense with a new pass rush that was acquired in the 2020 draft. If it doesn't workout: Clean house. Fire TD. Fire Quinn. Trade Matt Ryan(He will turn 37 after next year). Trade Julio(He will be turning 32 or 33 the year after next. Clear all that money from them, while also being able to cut Truant without much dead money, and same case for Freeman. Then we go into the 2021 draft with a high pick, and we are in the spot to trade up for, or flat out pick Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence. We will have that young QB to add to a roster that includes the pass rushers we got in the 2020 draft, Ridley, Jarrett, DeBo, Keanu, and other young players will all be nearing, or in, their prime. Quinn has only had one awful season(this season), and has had already 7 wins in every other season, including 2 playoff appearances, and a SB appearance. I think this team changes drastically with a pass rush. Give this whole regime one more year. If it doesn't workout, we can cut players like Freeman and Truant much easier in 2021. We can also trade an aging Ryan and Julio to a contender looking to get over the hump. Ryan can go to a situation like Manning in Denver, and Julio can go to a situation like New England or Pittsburgh. We get picks for them, and we rebuild in the 2021 off-season, while having slot of our larger contracts being defenders entering their primes(Jarrett, DeBo, Keanu, etc.) I think this plan works out from a multiple of areas. - Financially - isn't smart to cut Freeman and truant until 2021. - Star Players primes - having a new regime with an aging Julio and Ryan would be just pushing things back. If we are getting a new HC and GM, we mine was well start from scratch, or else we will have to go through another mini-rebuild when those two retire. - Draft - let pass rush be the focus this year, and then if we rebuild the following year, we have the 2021 draft class that includes AT LEAST 2 STUD QB prospects(Lawrence and Fields, and possibly others that will emerge). IMO, we should pretty much tie Matt Ryan, Julio, TD, and DQ's remaining time with the falcons as a package. If one goes, they all should go. No half rebuilds, or retoolings. We stick with the current era 1 more year, because this is the only year under Quinn that we have been REALLY bad, without using injuries as a legitimate excuse. We give it one more year, and if it doesn't workout, we clean house of DQ, TD, Ryan, and Julio. I truly believe this is the smartest way to go from a financial stand point, from a business standoint, and from a winning standpoint. If we get rid of DQ and TD this off-season, we will be starting a new regime with an Matt Ryan who is a year older, Julio who is a year older, and we will have to replace the 2 faces of the franchise during that next regime. I think if we move on from DQ and TD, we should do it at the same time as Julio and Ryan, that way we can start from scratch, while also having our young defenders, Ridley, and our pass rushers we get in the 2020 draft. I don't want half rebuilds every couple years, or a new regime with our 2 best players being 36 and 32. I think this is the best plan of action possible for this team. We very well could be back in the playoffs next year with a healthy squad, a new pass rush, and the 2nd year in this offense. The players will be on board, because I don't think the players have stopped believing in the brotherhood. Thus is Quinn's 1st legitimately BAD year. Give him 1 more year, after a draft that is solely about getting a pass rush. It makes the most sense. It might not seem like it to some right now, but this plan of action would be the best for the franchise as a whole.
  15. Grant Delpit if we are going to use this system, Free Safety is 100% the most important position and we just don’t have the right skill set right now
  16. Another option is by trade.
  17. Great write-up Laurant. We should do what it takes to nab Young or Brown. We need a dominant, immediate impact player up front with our top pick, something TD fails to bring home time and time again. I believe he fancies himself as some sort of genius when in fact he's just an arrogant egomaniac **** bent on trying to be the smartest guy in the room but hopefully, and for the sake of this franchise, he's gone by New Year's Eve along with Quinn. I don't share your enthusiasm for DQ and feel he should be gone along with TD. I think we're still at the least a year or 2 away from looking seriously at our next QB which is good because we need to build this team from the inside out anyways, even if QB were a dire immediate need. Not only that, in my opinion Blank likely won't even entertain bringing someone in that wants to move on from Ryan. Like him or not he's here for another 2 years at the very least and Blank will want to hire somebody that sees Ryan as he does, a lifer here til the end or close to it. I do like the idea of Lawrence or Fields looking ahead though.
  18. Another player I'm watching tape on right now is Javon Kinlaw, the DT from South Carolina. I really like what I see. If I would have made this post in a couple days, he would probably be in the group of Young, Thomas, Brown, and Tagovailoa. He's that good of a prospect, and has great production to pair with it. I would out him a hair below those guys, and my current favorite if we are picking after 10, assuming those original 4 are gone. If you go to walterfootball's rankings of the 2020 DE class, it gets really ugly after Young. The only other current "lock" for the 1st is AJ Espensa(sp?) out of Iowa, and his bread and butter is run defending, and is a very raw pass rushing prospect. When it comes to 1st round talent at the pass rushing DE spot in the 2020 draft class, it really starts and ends with Chase Young. This DE class is VERY UGLY after him. We may see only 2-3 DE drafted in the first round, and that's assuming someone climbs the boards after the combine. If the draft were right now, only Chase And AJ would probably crack the WHOLE 1st round. That's scary when it comes to our options for fixing the pass rush, because we probably won't have the money to get pass rush help in FA, nor will there probably be a FA pass rusher worth throwing money at. If TD is still here, I could EASILY see us trading up for Chase Young, due to the lack of pass rushers in this draft and the need we gave for one. Even if we get a new GM, I could see him reading up for Young, if we are not giving up more than a 2nd and 3rd/4th(preferably from separate drafts). I think DQ could succeed if we had a pass rush. I wouldn't be against keeping him and TD, but that's only if we got a pass rush. I've seen where he can take us, and we would have gone pretty far in 2016 without Shanahan. Maybe not SB far, but we would have still probably won a playoff game or two, because our defense was playing great with a consistent pass rush later in the season/playoffs. I'm 50/50 for giving DQ one more season, trading up for Chase Young(if we aren't in reach), and if it doesn't work, then we clean house. That includes trading Matt and Julio, and going for Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields to pair with a defense that has a lot of young cornerstones to rebuild around. DQ has shown too much to give up on after only 1 god awful season. He only has 1 season below .500, and we were filling the IR and injury report on a weekly basis that year(last year). Go all out this next off-season for pass rush(withiut giving up a 2021 1st), give DQ one more season, and if it doesn't workout, start from sratch with our young building blocks we already have(Ridley, DeBo, Grady, Keanu, Lindstrom, McGary, and a few others) and grab either Justin fields or Trevor Lawrence to start a new era. That would leave Julio nearing mid 30s, and Matt Ryan 36, and we can trade them for whatever, while also clearing some money.
  19. Grant Delpit
  20. Sad part is, the only elite edge rusher at this point looks to be chase young. There is a HUGE drop off after young, when it comes to pure pass rushers off the edge.
  21. If losing most of the games remaining gets us chase young, then so be it. That dude is the ONLY elite edge rusher at this current juncture.
  22. Andrew Thomas HAS to be thrown in there as well. He could either be an all-pro at LG or RT, and move McGary inside. I still thinklindtrom will be elite, but we clearly need to address the OL. OL and Edge rushers should be the number one focus this off-season. Anything other than that, would be QB, and that's only if the new regime wants to trade Matt Ryan.
  23. Whay do you think the 1st Bucs game is a W ?
  24. There's only 2 players we should be looking at 1st rd. Young and Brown. DL help.
  25. Edge has to be the spot addressed first. If we do manage to get a top 5 pick I’m going with the above sentence. Pass rush has been a mission for so long I think we have to try our best to resolve this in the draft.
  26. Accidentally did a double post. Mods, please delete one of them.
  27. As of right now, we hold the 4th pick in the draft. This draft can benefit us in many ways, as it is very deep in OL and interior DL. With that said, there are only a select few players I am 100% sold on that high in the draft so far. 1. Chase Young EDGE Ohio State - As long as we continue to lose, you are guaranteed to hear this name a lot in these boards(as often as Gurley and Beasley in 2015, or Mack and Clowney in 2014). Chase Young is possibly the best pass rushing prospect since either Mack and Clowney in 2014, or Von Miller in 2011. Yes, that means higher than the Bosa brothers, who also hailed from Ohio State. He's got that special blend of size and athleticism off the edges. Uses his hands well, and bends the edge perfectly. He is slippery, and forces fumbles when he gets to the QB. The down side to Chase Young, has nothing to do with Chase Young. The down side is that the DE class drops off after him, in regards to elite pass rushers. IMO, he's the only elite pass rusher off the edge in this draft. Young would give us that cornerstone pass rusher that we have been craving, and needing, since JA55 departed. Our back 7 would look a lot better with a steady, legitimate pass rush. Young would be the biggest step possible towards that goal next off-season. 2. Andrew Thomas G/T Georgia - Like Chase Young, Thomas is one of the better prospects his position has seen in recent years. His potential is off the charts, and has a ridiculous athleticism for the OL position. He is massive already, and has the team to handle adding weight, without losing athletacism. He's also got exceptional length. Our OL is something that needs to be addressed, almost as much as the pass rush. If given the opportunity to draft Thomas, we could either slot him in at LG, and see him dominate from day 1 like Nelson did for the Colts. If we want to slot him at RT, we could slide McGary to LG, and he could still show off his grit and athleticism next to Jake Matthews. Bottom line, you will always find a spot on the OL with a versatile talent like Andrew Thomas. Not only do we need to protect the QB, but we also need to get a boost in our running game. The inconsistency in our running game is a very underrated reason why our offense has been inconsistent the past couple years. 3. Derrick Brown DT Auburn - If Brown would have entered the 2019 draft, a few people would have put him toe to toe with Quinnen Williams and Ed Oliver as the best DT prospects in that draft, and he would have been well ahead of the 2nd group that was led by Christian Wilkins, IMO. Brown is an absolute monster of a DT, with an exceptional blend of size and athleticism. He has a crazy burst off the ball, that you just don't see from a man that stands 6'5" and over 300 lbs. Adding Brown would give us an exceptional tandem of Grady Jarrett and Derrick Brown on the interior. Our defense as a whole has been god awful, but adding Brown would bolster not only our interior pass rush, but would allow us to take a big step forward in defending the run. 4. Tua Tagovailoa QB Alabama - Until I watch more of Justin Herbert, Tua is the only QB I would be confident taking in the 2020 draft. I am on the side of keeping Matt Ryan, but we all need to consider that a potential new HC and GM may want to start a new era at the QB position. If we are in position to grab Tua, it means that not only did we not improve the rest of 2019, but things got even worse. If a new regime wants to go with the youth movement at the QB position, then Tua would be my choice to be the new face of the franchise, while also being able to deal Matt Ryan for multiple high draft picks. Tua has a cannon of an arm, and has an accurate deep ball. He's one of the poster boys for the "new" NFL QB. He can either drop a 30 yard dime in the breadbasket, or make defenders miss on a 25 yard run. He has all the mental and physical tools of a franchise QB, and someone who I would approve of replacing Matt Ryan if a new regime wishes to go that route. ***NOTE***: I want Matt Ryan as thus teams QB, and he has shown no signs of slowing down. Outside of a few INT due to miscommunication to star the year, he has been on an absolute tear this year. He is also showing a potential future HC that an elite Matt Ryan isn't enough to win you games without a defense, OL, or running game. The only reason I listed Tua, is because we need to come to the realization that a new regime with a new GM and HC may want to start from scratch, and really clean house. I dont think AB would allow that, but I also am not convinced that route isn't out of the question. There's slot of questions that need to be answered next off-season, and the direction of the QB(if we have a top 2-3 pick) may need to be discussed, especially if we are offered a 1st round pick, and another high round pick. As of now, these are the only prospects I am fully on board with for the 2020 draft, if we are going to have a top 3-5 pick. The combination of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are simply too talented to win only 1-3 games. Although, I think getting a Chase Young would be much more important to our future, than a couple more meaningless wins in a lost year. There are some prospects that I like, but I simply don't think a high 1st would warrant a pick at that position. Here are some players that I am talking about: - Jeffrey Okudah CB Ohio State - The reason I wouldn't take Okudah with a top 5 pick is that CB isn't a position that would benefit us as greatly as other positions like DL and OL, unless it's a prosepct like Jalen Ramsey or Patrick Peterson. Okudah simply isn't on that level, so I would have to pass. He is a great prospect, but I would only take him WITH THIS ROSTER if it was outside of the top 10. Another roster could use a great CB, so that could warrant a top 10 pick. Our defense is in too much trouble to grab a CB in the first. A pass rush alone would improve the CB's we already have. Pass rush comes first. Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama - Even if he is the best WR prospect in recent years, he is a pick that I wouldn't take in the high 1st FOR THIS TEAM. Maybe for another team. Similar to Okudah, addressing other parts of the offense will improve our offense more than a WR. Adding a tip level talent to the OL, would do more than a top level WR. More time in the passing game, will give Matt more time to get the ball to players like Ridley and Julio, or open holes for players like Freeman and Ito. I would rather grab an elite RB, than an elite WR, even considering the current shelf life for an average NFL RB. Grant Delpit S LSU - If we didn't have Keanu already, than I would be all on board for Delpit as a top 5-1p pick. While I certainly think he could play FS, I think he's a much better fit at SS. If I'm spending a high 1st on a FS, then that prospect needs to have the range of an Earl Thomas, or the complete game of an Eric Berry or Jamal Adams. There are a few more DL prospects I'm going to look over the next few days, but these are the players I think are the top prospects in the draft, when you also include fit. There will be some B level prospects I will talk about down the line(16-32 range), but that will be a while. The first 4 players I listed, are the only "home run" prospects I see as an elite fit so far in this draft class. If we want an elite edge rusher in the 1st, then there is a bug drop off after Chase Young, until someone makes a late season push, and also has a great pre-draft/combine showing. This 1st round(as of now) is littered with QB's, WR's, OL, and DT. I just hope we can man a player in April that we are ALL on board with, because this next draft is a BIG crossroads for this franchises future. We whiff in the 2020 draft, and we could be looking at quite a few top 10 selections over the next few years.
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