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  2. Levitre already had an injury history and was average when healthy. Fusco was also an average player (at his best).
  3. Protection but can also put someone on their butt in the run gm.
  4. If the Jets still run a 3-4, then Vic is the type of pass rusher that they need. For a deal to get done, Vic would have to agree to an extension that would be more affordable for the Jets. So, the Jets would get the pass rusher they need, plus a first round pick.
  5. Jack Crawford has surprised a lot but like Devondre Campbell players like this are the players the Falcons have to make decisions on going foward on. Tough ones at that. If they pay Jarrett I think Crawford’s gone for sure.
  6. I’m not defending Vic. He isn’t elite. But to call him trash is ignorant. And his final game of his All Pro season was February of 2017. 2 years, or 26 months sgo
  7. As a pass rusher. Straight trash against the run.
  8. Wasn't hurt last year. Was one of our few bright spots on D. Had more sacks than any of our DE's... IJS...
  9. he's good. he's also 31yrs old he also tends to get injured. he has one year left on his contract he has no eyebrows all relevant.
  10. The most effective way to improve this team is to give MR2 protection. Scoring more points and winning time of possession makes the defense look better as well. We lost a handful of games last year where the other team only scores 20-24 points and our defense was a M.A.S.H. unit. Others were lost when we couldn't put together a game winning/sealing drive. Putting up 27+ points a game wins a lot of games for you. If we can find a starting RT in the draft and get a couple of competent guards out of the o-line group, theyll be back in business. Just look how the O-line drafted last year for the Colts turned that team around. Hopefully, we go OT in round one and maybe pick up a DE like Winovich in the second.
  11. I want to laugh but I think that dude has some real mental issues. He needs to get some help.
  12. As long as it isn't Trump it would be a plus is what I'm saying.
  13. Bruh... Crawford had 35 tackles, 6 SACKS, 7 TFLs, 1 FF and even an interception! These would be great stats for any DT but he did this from a reserve role! Y'all sleepin on this dude. Put some "respeck" on his name...
  14. .qaqqIt's not really that complicated. They like what they saw of him in his return. Gave him a contract despite the upcoming suspension. Looking at the draft teams don't get fooled. They don't care who the Falcons draft. Their draft spot has the same value regardless. This is more about securing a spot if who they want isn't there. Same goes for the OL signings. Maybe it's a DL, maybe it's OL in the draft. Maybe it's something different.
  15. I think he's the safest DT pick in the first round and for any position .. I'll bet you is at least on their board,, And I think his fall will be a surprice because of the 3 QBs that will sneak into to top 10, that makes the boards totally different. Plus I wanted to copy what you said, so you can't delete it..
  16. Did you not bring up 2016? Like I said earlier, you’re not doing a good job defending him.
  17. Lol Florida doesn’t even have a 10% chance to finish ranked in the top 10. That’s hilarious. Think Clemson is very likely to drop a game in September, potentially two. It’s relatively smooth sailing for them after that though.
  18. We don't know what the vibe is on GJ's contract negotiations I don't think GJ is a problem but his Agent may be. The move to sign Hageman is a win-win move for the F O I think he will make the team and he will be a factor. It gives us more options in the draft. I don't know this to be true but I'm sure TD didn't give him a big guaranteed contract.So we get him for the low and what if he balls out and GJ doesn't want to sign next year it gives us some options.
  19. snak is still ****posting on jdave's facebook page about how Russia interfering in the election was actually Obama's fault and he let it happen because Podesta and Hillary sold Uranium 1 to Russia and Russia wanted "Hilary" (sic) not trump (sic).
  20. Exactly.
  21. I’ll tell you what is true: the issue is never the faith. The issue is always the zealotry. Overzealous Jews are just like overzealous Christians or Muslims. The reason you don’t hear about it is that Jews are only 2% of the population, and Ultra orthodox Jews are a small fraction of that. Does that answer your question?
  22. Man I been on the double dip train at DLine and DB for months. I’d be absolutely shocked if those 2 spots aren’t targeted hard in this years draft. To me it’s quite clear they prefer experience over rookies on that Oline side and they have more than proven this over the years DQ has been in charge.
  23. that is exactly right. When it's 3rd and 10, we need passrushers from the middle to the end - if we could start getting more push up the middle, it helps the entire defense.
  24. 2017 & 2018 When 1+1=3
  25. We're not taking Gary. We haven't even talked to him since the combine. I'd honestly be surprised if he's even on our board. He's going to bust...badly
  26. We have decent depth at DT, the problem is aside from Grady we only have depth level talent at the position. We need a bona fide starter to put on the D line, especially with Grady’s future uncertain davison and Senat have potential, but are wait and see and neither are big pass rush threats.
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