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  2. Meh, I understand it just fine, better than 99.99% of the peeps in here. where we disagree is the talent level of where team is at. You believe we have to go full rebuild mode, I don’t. I‘ve believed long before this season Quinn was this team’s biggest problem. Coaching matters.
  3. Even with an extended break, this defense will still suck. Need pass rushers badly.
  4. Not to mention a LT who is good in a man scheme but excells in an outside zone
  5. It’s hard to defend him. He was on the field dancing like a ballerina!! I forget what game this year it was when he totally gave up on the sack. His attitude and zero performance disgusts me!! We have a saying at my job, “you gotta care a little!” Once Bustley got paid he didn’t give two blanks!
  6. Hold up is one party shutting out the other and having secret impeachment meetings without any republicans??????
  7. This clearly says we do. Post 6-1 trade = 12.8 mil cap space. Only trade though. Releasing him is 12.8 mil in dead cap. Dont use sportrac for all of these examples if youre just going to claim theyre wrong.
  8. If Dan Quinn wants to save he job and T.D. too! They must be able to give the Keys to the Offense back to Mularkey and then let him run his Time of possession offensive! Let this be the last game for Cooter, after the bye, let Cooter head back to where ever he came from. I never liked the idea of Cooter coming back, he sucks! He always gets Matt Ryan killed, he even did it when he was here in the past! What's it going to hurt to let Dan Quinn and Company stay and try Mularkey philosphy out the rest of the season! Mularkey's T.O.P. offensive is exactly what we need to give the Defense a break! Remember back in the day, when our Defense wasn't on the field the whole game, I do! He was Matt Ryan's first OC and his best other than lil Shanny! It's time for mularkey-and-ice again!
  9. Its funny, most Falcon fans are like: " We hate to see you go Sanu, but you have been a really good player for us " ........ New England fans(I live in NE) are like: " He is a mediocre receiver we overspent for "
  10. Josef did more than Trump to help make this happen.
  11. That's pretty Falcony to get his name wrong.
  12. This guy seems like he is going places. He’s got an upward trajectory. Fear the multicolored beard!
  13. What kind of person keeps a list of all his accomplishments?
  14. 2019 trade = 4.5 mil dead cap, 9.5m cap savings for 2019 10.2m dead cap for 2020. Still a net savings of 5.5m for 2020 plus the rollover from 2019.
  15. Springer has even less of an excuse, given that he's a more veteran player and that unlike in G1 of the division series, by now everyone knows the balls have have deadened.
  16. why did you give your girl a black eye? I'm calling the coppers.
  17. True. Imo, it'd more likely be a team in the NFC North, those very Jags who now have multiple first rounders, Baltimore or even Buffalo.
  18. And just in general...could have used 5 mil of that money to add on the the OG money and get an actual good OG instead of 2 backup caliber guys. Then still had 8 to use to get a project.
  19. Just wait until he hires Brian McCann, Evan Gattis, and Eddie Perez as coaches.
  20. Wow. Most of this sucks ***.
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