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  2. Only thing I want right now is for the O-line and the offense as a whole to be better. Passing and rushing needs to be great. The D-line is what it is, and we didn't draft a lot in that area, but I hope Quinn can put us back into the top 10 like in 2017 .
  3. yes sir
  4. Need Acuna to heat back up... He can sure carry a team.
  5. HBP and BB. That's so Julio.
  6. One of the little things that Riley has to learn but he'll get it...
  7. Brew crew smacked the filthys today.. let’s get that game back
  8. get this out julio
  9. Ok guys, back to baseball...
  10. I like him, he’s good. It makes me even happier we got Lindstrom. It doesn’t really change much with McCoy being very good himself.
  11. Don't care.
  12. Then stop caring
  13. People wanted specific players in a talent poor draft, yet out FO got the most out of it.
  14. Don't care.
  15. But you’re allowed to do what you want.. sure
  16. I just don’t understand what there is for people to complain about.
  17. Atlanta reporters have no backbone, it's nothing new.
  18. Every team builds differently. I see several guys who will probably start and be no less than average by mid season. @Yo_Lover these threads are more about the players not taken.
  19. I am not black but your post is very stupid. However hand me a pitch fork regardless.
  20. The point? Its what real journalists do. Hold people accountable. There is most definitely value in holding their feet to the fire. Will they tell the truth? Idk. But if he is backing off his commitments it should be questioned
  21. There's nothing ironic about it. Try going an entire 24 hours before starting your passive aggressive ******** my man.
  22. But but but. ESPN says.
  23. Irony huh
  24. He's being tossed in to the starting line-up without enough experience. Obviously looks like a weak link and my guess is opposing DC's are going to be testing him early and often. It would be unreasonable to not expect some ups and downs until he can get comfortable.
  25. Let's make a team with these courage award winners!! Yaaayyyyy
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