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  2. Bruh, there is a **** of a lot that needs fixed and replaced. I am ready for Our QB to be changed as well!!! Shameful
  3. We really deserve better man... This isn't ok.
  4. Keep whining about it bro, nothing is changing anyone’s mind. It has all been explained to you and you don’t listen. You just keep coming back with this “everyone hates Justin” crap and talking about his stats at OSU every week. It’s borderline trolling my dude. Plenty of us are talking about the issues UGA has on offense without bringing up meaningless bs about a player that isn’t even on the team anymore by his own choice.
  5. i don't either. That whole mess is on Quinn. What happens when you have a coach with no back bone and never stands up for his players. Our little 5'9" running back has more backbone than the rest put together. At least someone's willing to show some fire.
  6. Goff just made Debo look like a chump!
  7. I'd retire after that, Deion, no joke.
  8. Stop trying to read if ur not able to
  9. If they haven't quit then I sure would hate to see when they do.
  10. They did at the start. Refs help Rams and Koetter couldn’t game plan around their pass rush.
  11. On the way back from Statesboro and haven't seen a single snap
  12. This is worst than the Vick and Patrino aftermath
  13. Will this blowout at home be enough for Mr. Blank pull the trigger on Quinn? Will it be after the game or tomorrow?
  14. This couldn’t go in your other thread you just started
  15. Goff looking like Brees with that joke move. LOL what a joke.
  16. I laughed at it but we really are a get right team lmao. Look at how excited the Rams players are for Goff.
  17. Our fanbase is ***** made. They're mad at the team, and will agree with anything going against us.
  18. And Charles davis can stfu too stay sucking the rams **** all day long
  19. Wow Debo, really?
  20. Oil juked by Goff, its 26-3 now. Go for 2!
  21. Humiliating defeat at home , thanks Quinn
  22. Bustley doing a Cam Newton, classic!!
  23. Mid October. Season is already over. Now we have games with this poor team to watch and then next year we will have the new coach excuse. How far have we fallen?
  24. Debo...that was HORRIBLE.
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