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  2. Atlanta has spent more on defense than New Orleans, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Dallas, and the LA Chargers.
  3. This team is not injury riddled. We basically are healthy team. New coaches you say? That was Quinn’s call. The Defense? It’s Quinn’s defense and QUINN is leading it and we are 31st ranked defense in the NFL.
  4. It looks like they gave him credit for a foot and knee on the same leg. But...did they overturn anything? We were doomed to think officials would change any of their initial calls. Still, despite how bad the refs were on a few (big) plays...our D was worse. Think about that. They wait until almost 40minutes of the game is out to get their first stop...
  5. One day, it will be interesting to find out why Quinn was so invested in Beasley. From most accounts, Beasley doesn't even like football.
  6. As the newly appointed TATF Armchair GM, thanks to Forehead, I'm firing him tonight. I've seen enough. Slow in game adjustments, turrible situational management, awful defensive strategies and zero overall team discipline. Dimi would get the axe too. I'd leave both of em in the desert tonight, go with McKay as GM, Larkey at HC and Ulbrich at DC. Gotta go 9-1 from here to get to the playoffs. Nebba hoppen. Shuffle through the season with them and start the big purge. Top to bottom. No sacred cows. Blank ain't no spring chicken. He currently owns Atlanta's worst pro franchise and has serious cap issues on the horizon. Buddy deserves rest. All of us do. There ain't none in sight folks. Trust me. State Line.
  7. Just like America's bi-annual housing market crash. Buy up all the land. Go bankrupt. Make it out like bandits. Kinda like that old movie with Eddie Murphy & Dan Aykroyd in it. What was it called? Yeah, that one. Wish we could trade some of these old DQ Dummy Move Decisions huh? Maybe drafted a couple a different guys like say Phillip Lindsay lol. Now THAT would have been genius. Finding an instant replacement talent for fav talent the Franchise loves but we know that we have to let go of in order to be smart. I mean, it's not like we can keep resigning these types of Bs of DQ ahhhh guys from his 2015-16 draft OVER & OVER. It's impossible. Looking at how shrewd a guy like Shanahan was versus DQs decision making SMH LOL /along with TD who personally has lost my vote like .. 4 years ago lol.. I would have been preparing to upgrade the guy any time after 2009 - He had his run true. But it was brief versus Matt Ryan's overall career. I would have hired a guy that would see Falcon football life AFTER Matt Ryan's achievements. Like since the Super Bowl I'd have been giving serious looks at Qb competition long time ago. Matt Ryan's gonna be done in 4 years. I doubt he keeps it up in his 40s like Brady is. We have to reason with the fact that we are going to have find our own Pat Mahomes man. Or a Brady level smart football guy. The Giants QB is a Brady level smart QB guy. The guy outta Duke? Ryan needs a young gunslinger like that consistently beind him. I THOUGHT HE NEEDED IT THEN AND HE STILL NEEDS IT NOW. Our Franchise HAS to be bigger than one guy. It's a team sport. Matt Ryan as great as he is needs to be looked at as another ultimate cog in the wheel. Not the wheel itself LOL. Short term sucks long term has more than enough backend value due to the reality of his contract. Which means Deshaun Watson was gonna be a great QB and the Atlanta Falcons of all franchises should have been aware of it. Matt Ryan will have his records yes. But Deshaun can win a big game NOW. And he guess what else? HE COSTS LESS. Somebody tell TD to DTM .. Ok? -Thanx frm the guy Who Thought You Should've Been Demoted Ages Ago. Lol
  8. 5: R1P5 EDGE CHASE YOUNG OHIO STATE 37: R2P5 RB TRAVIS ETIENNE CLEMSON 69: R3P5 LB SHAQUILLE QUARTERMAN MIAMI (FL) 111: R4P5 DL DARRION DANIELS NEBRASKA 149: R5P5 LB KHALEKE HUDSON MICHIGAN 225: R7P12 CB CAMERON DANTZLER MISSISSIPPI STATE Thats what i ended up with i wanted to go CB earlier but their really wasn't any good ones available where i drafted at. So im gonna look at more DL and CB help in FA if we can with this draft.
  9. I can see us winning 2-3 more games. One of them which is the Bucs and the others being meaningless end of season games where the other teams start their backups and we keep our starters in.
  10. I once called Trump demonic. I was chastised for it. **** you.
  11. Quinn was/is supposed to fix the defense. He has not and can not. If he cannot fix the defense he has zero purpose being here.
  12. Sacks used to be somewhat overrated due to "pressures" being almost as good on 3rd downs against pocket passers as a sack. The problem now is that mobile QBs are in vogue, so pressures aren't nearly as disruptive as they used to be. (A pocket passer is still the best way to win consistently in the NFL, but you have to be able to defend the mobile guys)
  13. DK isn't that bad. He's had some growing pains, but its tough to get the offense going when you barely get any possessions.
  14. He watched years of plays in the off season to come up with his adjustments. I don't think he's outdated but getting the plays into the players heads was a total failure. It doesn't help when even the vets are screwing up their assignments.
  15. Except when he won a superbowl as a DC, and took a team in his 2nd year as a HC to a superbowl. If you want to say "move on" because it's just not working, I understand that, but to infuse incorrect information about him being inept, when he has clearly succeeded at both jobs in some capacity previously, is intellectually dishonest.
  16. Holding on to Quinn would be wasting the last part of Matt’s career. Holding on to Quinn would...did you say greatest Falcons roster to take field? Holy crap, if this is the greatest Falcons roster to ever take the field yet get these results, then we definitely need to let go of Quinn.
  17. I would say when you die, but I feel like we are on the cusp of discovering how to live forever, so never
  18. Derrick Brown next to Grady Jarrett would be exciting. It'd give us a really stout interior. DL/LB/S in the first 2-3 rounds with DL preferably in the 1st would solve a ton of our defensive woes IF we hit on those two picks.
  19. Don't know and not blaming him. Everyone is correct that this needs to be on Quinn but, I still believe in the guy and don't think he should be fired. IMO we'd still have a losing records because of DK, even if our guys in the secondary weren't dropping coverage.
  20. Yep to all that. What about that sideline catch on 3rd and long in the 1st that Quinn didn't challenge? Was that a grab? They seriously played no replays on the jumbotron.
  21. The state of the defense all but guarantees Quinn will be fired. Why? Blank has to sell tickets and fans won’t buy while the ‘defensive’ guy that is going to have maybe one of the worst defenses in NFL history is still around.
  22. Guys like Beasley, I agree. Most of the other guys that get playing time on the D would likely do better elsewhere. Poole is doing pretty well on the Jets. Not setting the world on fire, but better than he was here.
  23. We sure you aren't a Saints fan in disguise?
  24. 1- we simply don't have the talent on the roster that prognosticators (and our fan base) think we do. 2- the talent we have is not being put in a situation to win. We are being outcoached 3- the talent we have, even the veterans, are making repeated mental mistakes, and are not being held accountable for them. 4- we have hungrier, and potentially better talent on the bench that are not getting enough playing time compared to assured "starters", who are complacent and often lazy.
  25. I’ve given up on the Falcons winning the Super Bowl in my life time. 2016 happened. As I was sitting on my couch watching, I was thinking ‘So this is what it feels like to win SB...’. Then the EVENT happened in the second half. You know, it felt good for a while, but nothing like the birth of my kids or my wedding day. Im fairly certain that none of the players feel bad for letting old Emmitt down or they could care less if I was proud of their effort during the Eagles game. I’m also sure that none of the players were on the edge of their seats watching me successfully pull off a PeopleSoft upgrade over the weekend. With age, comes wisdom
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