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  2. Vic: 90% sure he's gone regardless of how the year goes as he'll either show us more of the last two years or ball out and become cap unfriendly. The 10% is that he plays well but just bad enough that we could afford a deal with him. Tru: I thought we were pretty married to him until after next season.
  3. Same thing. It got old 11 years ago. Now it's just beating a dead horse. Not even a dead horse, not even a rotting horse. The dusty bones of an old dead horse.
  4. Off to the lake people. Be safe out there, it is 101 here in Northern Virginia. Supposed to be hotter than that down in Central VA...stay hydrated.
  5. Julio will set the standard for WRs, and will not lose anything into his late 30s. We are not looking at a normal human being, and think the FO realizes this as well. He will be worth every cent and every year of his new contract.
  6. Sure you don’t..... Julio somewhere in the 4 years/$80 M range.... Could care less what Thomas gets...
  7. More race baiting/shaming against people who are not voting for the right "party" more of the same just a different day.
  8. Definitely a lose lose. For his salary we could have kept Irvin and signed more players. I really expected him to be traded last year to be honest. We’ve seen enough
  9. That’s what happens when all of your main targets are gone
  10. I would think only illegal immigrants who have been denied asylum are the only ones that need to worry...
  11. my uncle is a HUGE Packers fan and he says Rodgers is running purely on rep. says he hasn't been good for 2 years and the refs give him a bunch of breaks. there was also a guy who posts on here whenever we play the Pack and he said something similar.
  12. Bring back? I cut them scrubs back in Madden 17...
  13. Takk was drafted in 2017. I am not hoping for his emergence again. I am hoping for his emergence. DQ is a great defensive coach. He knows the issues. Despite Beasley working on his own instead of getting himself to FB where he needed to be, I hope DQ will still have enough time to get him back on track. If Beasley responds to coaching and develops additional pass rush moves and Takk develops as expected, we can have a very good DL. That is 2 big "ifs". But, things are quite different now. Why do you think the Falcons are doing the same thing and expecting different results?
  14. I said it back when this broke that I thought he might come through this one. It sounds like the kind of backwards nonsense I have seen in other relationships. I view Hill as the kind of guy who is just going to always have drama and nonsense in his life and he will attract similar people. If he didn't do it, this is the proper outcome but I will say that all these events of the past few years with guys getting multiple chances have made me feel a little sorry for Ray Rice and his wife (no issues since that night).
  15. Dear magic 8 ball, is HM safe if congress and the white house were full of people that thought like Omar?
  16. It's not a lose lose. If he balls out someone will no doubt back the brinks truck up for him, it just won't be us. And that's fine. 3rd scenario, he is inconsistent and lack luster again, both he and Quinn are both gone. I'm more confident in Vic being gone than Quinn obviously, but Quinn has attached his noose around Vic...
  17. When someone asks what has he done after you point it out that is just bad faith acting. Since you brought up Obama. Mentioning what he does to his own people is like asking what Obama got to reopen relations with Cuba (not helping their people, now that is hackery at it's finest.
  18. I don’t get what this has to do with Julio or Michael Thomas. Funny movie what contracts do you see each of them signing?
  19. Y'all need to stop worrying about the cap. Like seriously, it's driving some of y'all nuts and for no good reason. Everything will fall into place, despite the know-it-alls here, TD actually knows how to manage players, their contracts, and the cap. To the original point, it may very well be tied happens every year. Player x waiting on player y.
  20. Yeah I think TD is in a difficult position right now. Blank put all the leverage in Julio’s corner. Gonna be interesting how TD makes the numbers work.
  21. I dont know why y'all are always in here arguing about this stuff. We are all going to be dead from climate change in twelve years. You should go enjoy what little time you have left.
  22. I generally cannot stand Florio, but I agree with him on the blurb about fans hating on players. Spot on there. Disagree on the holdout front. Disagree on the "teams don't pay for past performance" front. Disagree that Julio is sensitive to what fans think. Agree with your opening line about Florio not knowing the situation, which kinda negates this whole article.
  23. Very cute. I'm imagining you saying that in an authoritative Charlton Heston Moses voice lol.
  24. When people say that you are a moron, IT IS BECAUSE OF THIS POST
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