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  2. Good post @KRUNKuno Not to mention if we went defense @14 with the way the draft went which player did fans think we’re going to to come in and take somebody job? Neal, Allen, Tru, Oliver, and Kazee have the secondary locked up. Debo, Campbell, and Olokun have the middle locked up. (Bush could have pushed someone but he was gone) Jarrett, Beasley, Takk, Crawford has the front secured in nickel. (Some would argue for Lawrence but he is not the pass rusher Quinn is looking for at DT) Davison, Senat/Jarrett, Means, Clayborn has the base defense covered
  3. Starting/playing two rookie OL is a disaster waiting to happen for your franchise QB, tho.
  4. What would you call him?
  5. Good video, thanks for sharing. They did really like Wilkins, but trading up wasn’t really a consideration at 14...interesting. This team is good at blowing smoke for sure.
  6. We could have gotten jawan Taylor and Cody for that is all I’m gonna say about it. But if my boy Michael turner kool with it then I’ll let it ride lol.
  7. He wouldn’t be considered a “bruiser” but I’m hoping we’re able to draft David Montgomery in the later rounds.
  8. It wasn't their first move. I read they attempted to trade up for Oliver and they didn't work also GB got their other it made sense to have OLinesmen on the board next...
  9. Crosby was lost with our 3rd
  10. Not buying the top 5 designation. Didn't then, and still don't. Who you going to believe - PFF or your lying eyes?
  11. This man gets it. Kudos to you!
  12. We handled them in Denver but this is a different team. They've awakened since then and have won 8 of their last 10.
  13. If we nab some guys like Rennell Wren, Blake Cashman, and Maxx Crosby in the 4th/5th, I'll be a bit happier. Still somewhat annoyed, but happier.
  14. Pretty sure Brady just won a SB with an OL that made 17 million combined. The entire line
  15. So apparently the FA signings are for backing up the rookies while they get up to speed. But One of the OG signing should be the 2nd starter. Sambraillo is also a safety net and backup at OT. He's always been. He's not a starter.
  16. Top 5 OL in 2017. The issue was Sark, not the line
  17. The price to pay to keep Matt Ryan off his back.
  18. The Falcons have never done this (added 4 quality OLinesmen - 2 Vets and 2 Rooks) and yet we find a way to hate it? This line will be NASTY with Murlarky scheming it up along with the OL coach...just want them to add a BIG BACK!
  19. @Billy Ocean
  20. If Wilkins had been there - he WOULD have been our pick. I hate you Miami!
  21. Dark Green........Martian, and I have a ray gun, don't make me mad.
  22. I’m no sure why this logic is treated like kryptonite
  23. You’re purposely missing the point... We went to the super bowl without high ticket defensive players. So who’s to say that overpaying defensive players is the way to go? Protecting your QB should be priority number 1
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