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  2. Dan Quinn has this team playing like a bunch of *******!
  3. Goff has the easiest game of his life. Pocket...can make dinner and take a nap...on a boot...can start break dancing and still get up to throw.
  4. Has anybody one this team figured out what a turnover is? I have to believe we have the worst +/- in the league.
  5. He’s up there updating his resume.
  6. Carter looks slower than ish.
  7. I don’t want to see anything about our offense playing well. Bad on both sides!
  8. Thank you! I said this when they drafted him! This is what the scouts said about him especially that he had short arms for his body.
  9. Brilliant play design by McVay.
  10. They used the “designation to return” on him. Hopefully he’s fully recovered.
  11. Isn't that the guy Quinn was talking about having coverage ability?
  12. Glad Gurley didn't take that outside.
  13. Takk got a pressure. How many for 44?
  14. Get Jamal Carter the F out of the game. He's the reason Goff had a clean throw to Gurley on the TD
  15. Lol I screamed WHAT?! When I heard that but why I'm surprised I have no idea.
  16. Well no soft zone guys. We’re playing man.
  17. I hope Koetter is taking notes right now.
  18. Well its official, Carter sucks.
  19. So what exactly happened to Neasman? Is he even active?
  20. Everett has been open several times before this one.
  21. I guess he thinks Blank will consider this "improvement" since we are still in the game?
  22. Did anyone see 35 out there wide on 81 and not think Goff was going right here?
  23. I listened to the entire piece and wondered if she mistook Quinn for McVay.
  24. Welp Goff seems to be heating up. More broken tackles.
  25. What is the target count to Everett? They have been trying to get it to him all game.
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