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  2. If I'm trading picks id rather get a quality CB
  3. As opposed to our secondary holding up for 4-5 seconds because our DEs aren’t getting there . I’d take Vonn Miller in a heartbeat off load VB44 and not blink doing it. As a scenario to cure what ales us right now it makes sense. 2nd or 3rd round pick **** yes.
  4. Me and my buddy were just talking about Bobo hoping he would get fired. Kirby's defense with Bobos offense would own.
  5. WR's are young and inexperienced and TE's are underutilized but Richt would choke on this too
  6. Mike McCarthy, Mike Shanahan, Tom Coughlin, or outside chance: Rex Ryan. I seriously doubt we will see another hire with no head coaching experience until the day comes we are rebuilding.
  7. Von is a dawg and would love to have him here!
  8. If the QB can get the ball out in under 2 seconds like they have been it wont matter. LT in his prime couldnt get sacks with our secondary playing how they are.
  9. When Mike Bobo is fired. We should give him a call.
  10. I need an excuse to type @JDaveG's not here man
  11. Someone post the trade. Not watching a video.
  12. Cmon man seriously. Imagine it an ALPHA Dogs in Miller and Jarrett up front. If that’s not getting you a little bit excited nothing will.
  13. Yes, that is true, but rules were also changed. They came out with a rule saying that hitting or grabbing any player not in the area of the puck would result in a 2-minute interference penalty. They also got rid of the 2-line pass rule so you could have passes from 1 end of the ice to the other. Previously a pass couldn't cross multiple lines or it resulted in a stoppage. They also made the goalie pads smaller to create more open space in front of the net. That allowed coaches to come up with more wide open offenses.
  14. Our offense is utter ****. Kirby needs to hire a legit OC, and not mess with him. Just leave him alone. Early years Richt with this kind of talent would own every ******* body.
  15. Unless our secondary learns how to cover it wont matter.
  16. My take is that they're not making mistakes. They're doing it deliberately. People come to their defense saying that they're human.
  17. Noted political commentator, Tommy Chong.
  18. Ha, yup. It was a slow enough slash Woerner got there in time
  19. lolol..
  20. Dependent on if he wants to blow apart the whole staff. You can be sure if a new guy comes he’s going to want to bring an entirely new staff and scheme with him both sides of the ball. I for one don’t want a college coach. I’d prefer to go back to a WCO coach minimum OC as a must be WCO and use what we have.If we want to run outside zone make sure we use it don’t ask players to do what there not good at. DC I want a guy whose known for running and aggressive attacking defensive fronts.Jim Schwartz Rod Marinelli types guy reknown for these types of defenses.
  21. If the refs had helped us the way they helped Florida today, we would have beat South Carolina too.
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