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  2. We would be so bored because there wouldn't be any I told you so threads
  3. Not sure how credible this is but IB @incarceratedbob · 3h Falcons (WR) Sanu is hot name on trade market.. 5 teams currently pursuing
  4. With a competent defense we would probably be 5-1 and the narrative around this place would be flipped on it's head.
  5. This is an amazing read... One of the best posts this year to me. I knew the 2nd and 3rd levels were really struggling. This puts everything into perspective. I really feel like we should invest in Dan Quinn long term but I don’t know if this fan base can handle it. Dan has drafted some good defensive pieces and has been able to get the most out of a few of them but he needs a longer tenure to mold it to what he see fits. TD in my opinion has need to go but they may end up being a package deal.
  6. Winning football games brings excitement too. Which entails getting those things you mentioned. It boggles my mind that people think getting rid of MR2 will fix this franchises problems. With a competent defense Matt is in the MVP discussion right now
  7. Tru not ready means more Sheffield. Works for me. Like his game. Hope they let Gono get some run at LG. Don't know what the deal is.
  8. Yeah those were one dimensional teams of course they would be low against scoring when they are repeatedly on the field. They were also #5, #11, #6, #19, and #19 in yards given up. Dairy Queen only managed one top 10 defense in yards and he had a juggernaut offense. Give Rex this offense and he might win a chip.
  9. Lol my bad. I was talking about 2021, and thought he was born in 1984. 1 year off. Simple mistake.
  10. It’s always been nonsense. Lol
  11. You know what would bring excitement? A competent defense to pair with the competent offense. Competent coaching. Winning. All those would bring excitement and much more value than Tua.
  12. A defensive mastermind can hide the deficiencies of a defense though. The Pats have done it for years. Fangio did it with the Bears. So it’s not impossible or out of the realm of possibility. Every draft pick is a project though. Some more than others, it’s all a crap shoot. You build through the draft, patch through FA. As of right now I think there needs to be a clean sweep through the entire organization.
  13. Exactly this!!!! He puts up all these number even when defense know the falcons have to pass
  14. I read the whole article. He was convicted after he pled guilty. Which he did after being incorrectly that the powdered milk he was given at the shelter was actually cocaine. He can suffer any consequences for being on probation and avoiding the cops but the punishment was probably NOT 15 years in the cooler. I surmise he took 15 years because 25 was on the table. BTW: How can you be both homeless and on probation? Something seems wrong with that. How the heck do you keep tabs of a homeless person?
  15. Tua and the LSU quarterback
  16. It’s arguable that the best DL from the last 2 drafts each came from OSU.
  17. First draft tua. Build around him. He would not need the best line. And we score lots of points
  18. Yup. Brady. Ben. Foles. Manning. Flacco. Manning. Brees. I get that times are changing, and teams need to change along with it, but surrendering a legit elite QB, potential HoF QB, still in his prime, for picks that have a high probability of bombing out, will never ever make sense to me. Whiffing on a QB can set a franchise back years. It is the single most important piece in sports. And people are so eager to ship him away when the real issue is the terrible defenses he has been paired with for the entirety of his career.
  19. Not sure if you read the article or just the misleading twitter headline to further their agenda. He tried to avoid the cops, fled on foot, had multiple drug arrests, a history or mental illness, plead guilty so he didn't have to stay at the crap hole County jail (in a nut shell).
  20. I was wondering if this was supposed to be a clickbait threat or something lol.
  21. I said it weeks ago. Draft tua. Or the guy for LSU. Tua would bring excitement
  22. Not sure how the Baldy breakdown got in there and I can't seem to remove it either
  23. Ah, the last time we had something resembling a defense. Seems like ages ago.
  24. "A great day for the Kurds. Really a great day for civilization." You can't make this level of ignorance up.
  25. Jamon Brown G Knee FP (-) (-) Takkarist McKinley DE Groin FP (-) (-) Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB Groin LP LP (-) Keith Smith FB Knee LP FP (-) James Carpenter G Knee LP DNP (-) Adrian Clayborn DE Knee LP LP (-) Julio Jones WR Hip LP LP (-) Desmond Trufant CB Toe DNP DNP (-) Ricardo Allen S Knee LP LP
  26. So many people want a mobile QB, but when was the last time a mobile QB actually won a SB? The only one in the last two decades that comes to mind is Russell Wilson, and he was helped by the best defense of the decade, and the last great defense we may ever see.
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