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  2. Most ball fans consider that a tank job. They were a 59 win the season prior.
  3. I give absolutely no credit for fixing something you broke!
  4. Only reason I am going to game is my daughter in law is a Seahawks fan.
  5. MNF

    No call. Refs are doing some serious home cooking.
  6. MNF

    glad we kept Beasley instead of signing one of the Smiths...smdh
  7. MNF

  8. I got tickets to Seattle game and really don't want to watch this team lose. I've been watching this team for years and this is truly what rock bottom must look like!!! Watching Vic get locked up with a tackle and not being able to get around him or Takk go like a mad man and completely lose contain because he crashes down. Freeman although he had a decent game last week, does not hit the hole hard anymore. As a fan this is difficult to watch. Quinn's defense is predicated on the front getting pressure, ain't happening with this bunch! I rarely post in here, but always check in and read the forum. It truly seems once it became all about the money. The brotherhood got gone quick. Just like in Seattle when they were paying there guys.
  9. MNF

    Was Preston smith off side?
  10. MNF

    Matt Stafford has the prettiest throwing motion in the NFL. He gets a little sloppy with his feet sometimes and sometimes he’ll drop his arm slot but when he stands tall and steps into it; thing of beauty.
  11. MNF

    lol what? Falcons were in every game late except the Titans (terrible offensive performance) and the Vikings game; Ryan's truly horrible game of the year on 2 forced INTs. Every other game the Falcons tied or came within 1 score to tie the game. Defense is THAT bad. Also, for example vs the Cards? They didn't go into prevent D. We just torched them with uptempo. Troll harder!
  12. MNF

    Makes WAYYYYY too much sense for us to try and flip Sanu to Green Bay or Buffalo. Should be able to get decent compensation.
  13. The pig parade was right around the corner from where combo got shot and no where near the neighborhood with weird roofs they made it seem like Jesse just rolled out of
  14. You can tell how white a crowd is by how they awe when sometime happens they don’t like.
  15. MNF

    We would've never had Matt Bryant or the reunion with Morten Andersen.
  16. Trufant got an extension 2 years ago (2017). Underneath Quinn’s watch.
  17. I don't see the point in waiting. He's lost the team. Benefit in keeping him might be to see if he can lose us the rest of our games though. Maybe Miami falls into a win and we would have a shot at #1 overall.
  18. MNF

    Rodgers wants flag for every hit. He is just over throwing every one.
  19. MNF

    Within 5 yards guys!
  20. MNF

    Remember when the Tatf cretins didn't want Bevell? but that superbowl call though. Smh what could have been.
  21. Little dissaponted I haven't seen Glenn post once about what's going on in Syria other than some comments about the US has always supported the bad guys. Sn4tteR would no doubt take it as further proof he's Kremlin bought or whatever the **** but I think he's just bunkered so far into his role as the contrarian he's not going to break character. If CNN and co wasn't talking about it he'd be tweeting about it every 15 mins. Gawd knows I've seen dozens of atrocity videos floating around the less mainstream news corners of twitter. But it's the biggest story of the weekend so he's not into it
  22. MNF

    too bad the majority of those stats were compiled while losing and after halftime, in a lot of cases by double digits, with the exception of one, which was an interception negated by a roughing the passer on Philly's Barnett. Look at the scores.... 18 completions in the red zone in the 2nd half just 7 in the first half. Stats have context.
  23. MNF

    I’m just glad we got rid of JD McKissick and Matt Prater....
  24. MNF

    Wow that deep throw by Stafford shows why accuracy trumps the Arm strength.
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