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  2. I have never met Tandy or her husband but I have been following her and his fight.. I am sad to see him pass but I know that with Tandy's passion for life and love she will get through. I can only empathize at the moment since me and my spouse are still hanging in there after 33 years. but Once a good character always a good character and Tandy you are that for sure.. Time will weaken the pain ya just gotta make it through.. Some how.. I wish you the best sweetheart. you deserve it!! Just Know that by sharing you and your husbands Journey with a bunch of strangers that you let us all look in upon our own lives more deeply and we understand through your life's struggles more greatly of our own.. I know perspective is in the eye of the beholder and perception is king but I for one appreciate you sharing the greater part of you with us all!! thank you so very very much Tandy,. You did not have to.. but you did..
  3. He wasnt at 100% most of last year because he had a giant bunion on his foot, did you not read my post? lol
  4. We.did.kinda do him wrong i.m.o. He took way less money to sign a.3 year contract with us at age 34 bc he wanted to be gauranteed 3 seasons more than he wanted more money for a 2 or.1 yr deal. 2012 he Gets 10 sacks, and is injured in a meaningless week.17 game before the playoffs. Now.hes 35 y.o. and injured but with 2 years left on a 3 year contract we are able to void it and save 6 much needed mil cap.dollars. Agan abe turns down a couple one year offers to accept the only 2 year offer on the table. Abe just really wanted that 3rd season. So 2013 he comes out and looks like hes in his prime again. Plays a full season, 11.5 sacks 4 f.f. And like 3 or.4 passes.defensesd.. One of the best seasons for a 35 year old in league history. Noteven sure how he gets injured again but after playing all of 2013 he gets injured before hes a stat for his coveted 3 rd season.
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  6. Fair enough...either way tough luck for him
  7. So my GF and I started this thing where we pick a really bad movie to of the so bad that they are good movies...the rules are it has to be a bad movie and there are no devises aloud in the room....heckling is permitted and encouraged. For the inaugural movie we picked a movie that she has some how has never seen in her 40 years on earth...tonight she was introduced to PEAK Swazey......she was introduced to Road House. Her life has meaning now....the poolstick pole vault that jimmy did was her favorite scene
  8. More like the Braves bullpen is at fault when Julio pitches. Braves are now 14-7 in Julio's 21 starts this year but Julio's individual record is 5-6. I've lost count of how many times Julio has left with a lead and the bullpen has blown it. vs. CHC - Braves up 2-1. Cubs take 4-2 lead. Braves win 6-4. at MIA - Braves up 1-0. Marlins tie game at 1. Braves win 3-1. at SF - Braves up 3-1. Giants win 4-3. vs. DET - Braves up 3-0. Tigers tie game at 3. Braves win 7-4. vs. WAS - Braves up 3-1. Nationals tie game at 3. Braves win 4-3. Tonight was the 5th time this year Julio Teheran has left the game with the lead only to end up with a no-decision because of the Braves bullpen. If he was 10-6 instead of 5-6 he would be viewed a lot differently because of the people that put way too much stock into pitcher W/L.
  9. Congrats. It's a moment you will never forget.
  10. He is a poe boy from a poe family
  11. The crappy thing for jackson is that he really only made one bad really really bad pitch. That is the greatness of baseball pitch or one swing can alter the outcome of 9 innings worth of work. Gotta feel for Julio though....the braves offense....for as great as it ia.....give him chitty run support
  12. LOL!!!! I just laughed my *** off!!! Steve B on the Diamondbacks broadcast!! The Rockies lost again tonight to the New York Savages!!
  13. Giants have now won 7 straight games, this one thanks to the Mets dropping a fly ball. Giants are now 49-49 this season and 2 games out of the WC race. They're 14-2 in their last 16 games. I'd be pretty surprised if they sell. If they were to sell while playing their best baseball in years that fan base would riot.
  14. Whenever I see the Giants playing an extra inning of a low scoring game (no score in this case) all I can think about is that 18 inning playoff game against the Nationals years ago. LOL!! And the Mets lose on a dropped fly ball! OMG!! What crap!! METS!!! LOL!!!!!
  15. Free agency started in 1993, the same year the salary cap started. The first big free agent signing was Reggie White leaving the Eagles to go to the Packers. I don't know about UFA the right to match offers and stuff. But I do remember years after the fact Deion talking about how he would have stayed if the Falcons had offered him more money. But who really knows? Deion was also a ring chaser which is why he went to the hated 49ers on a 1-year deal and then signed a massive (at the time) deal with the Cowboys. 1995 was also the same year the Cowboys decided to play hard ball with Emmitt Smith and Emmitt held out the first two games of the season and the Cowboys lost both games and after that happened Jerry Jones caved in to him. Jerry was quick to learn that Emmitt Smith was the key to the Cowboys offensive, not Troy Aikman.
  16. Just turned on the Giants game and hearing Jon Miller takes me back. Him and Joe Morgan were so much better than the current crap we're forced to listen to on ESPN. Which btw, I've got to miss the next two games because of work.
  17. I kinda agree with Steve tho, the medieval/steampunk fantasy FFs are more my cup of tea (obviously if you very see what books I talk about) storywise than the utopian/dystopian sci fi ones tho when I first got my PS2 and popped in X that opening sequence did blow me away
  18. Yeah and even with Aerith I mean you lose her midway through the game (er...spoiler?) and it's not really some scramble to replace her, anybody else can play the white mage role albiet to a lesser extent contrast to that I remember when the story would contrive to take Dagger away at certain points and it made you rework your entire strategy (usually around potions and keeping Vivi alive)
  19. See? Simple.
  20. Nope. I accept getting old.
  21. This is probably what I liked the most about 9 (and I loved pretty much everything about 9). FF7 and 8 it was purely aesthetic, other than Aerith who was pretty much only good for magic/healing. Especially in 8 though, a game I didn't even bother beating because it was so lame and the characters other than Squall and Rinoa were so forgettable. Any character could be anything you equipped them to be. The Draw system itemizing skills and magic was garbage. When 9 came out and it had hard set job roles for each character I was so stoked. I still think 9 is the most under appreciated FF game. It was honestly a bold move to make that game what it was after the success they had with 7 and 8 going in a totally different direction... and it was a lot better than both imo. I am still hoping to see Square Enix put out a classic style FF game that is just visually polished and stays true to the old school formula, maybe with some clever modernization. They need to bring back the true turn based battle style or at least the Chrono Trigger ATB style. Dragon Quest XI doesn't have the great characters of some of the FF games but it is a surprisingly great JRPG. FF7Remake looks pretty legit even if it's not in the same vein I'm talking about here. I know they have the creative minds to do it.
  22. I think nearly pretty much everyone in here said "yeah homo smears are deplorable not to mention grossly outdated form of attacking soneone" Past that I'm not sure how much more than that he wants from us? Graham is a disgusting, spineless hypocrit of a human being who wants to bomb people. The literal embodiment of everything that's wrong with career politics and not about to kiss his *** or sing his praises just because we can all agree that starting unfounded rumors about his sexual preferences is wrong.
  23. That wasn't the point of my post. Also, we were WAY more talented that the other team in SB51, but who won that one?
  24. What were the rules back then anyway regarding free agency? It was instituted in 1992 and Sanders was allowed to walk in 1994.did we even have the right to match another teams offer? He just went to San Fran for a year, then went to Dallas. It was a long t8me ago, but I had season tickets back then and recall me and many of my friends being furious at the Smiths when Sanders got away.
  25. God bless you and the young man. Raise him in the way that you wish you were raised.
  26. Not sorry if this was already posted.
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