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  2. Until Braves fix the BP, add a true #1 sp. Braves wont be contenders.
  3. Y'all can suck AA's **** all you want. He's shown me nothing to believe he won't set this team back. He's cheap, afraid and unwilling to trade prospects. He's a arrogant **** who tried to get cute and it's blowing up in his face. 23 mil spent on his boy and not a ******* penny on the bullpen. In a league where starters go less than 6 innings bullpen is the last place to cheap out on. Payroll somehow down from last year when we are told the rebuild was over. **** AA, **** this bullpen, **** Mcgirk and **** LM.
  4. John Smoltz turns 52 next month and has a bum shoulder and he's probably a better option than Chad Sobotka at this point!!
  5. Dude, when you get your chance you got to play.
  6. Yeah, "Fake News Agency Confirms It Is Not Fake News" won't fly very far with chud-like creatures.
  7. This series makes me sad. : (
  8. Trump and wfw would just say that is fake news. We live in a post truth world now, the only truth to any individual person is what he/she wants to believe now.
  9. I say this as one of the chief people chiding BO for not having seen the full report, but today we mainly learned the extent of Trump's efforts to direct others to obstruct the investigation, which efforts were ignored by several otherwise slimey *** people who knew those things crossed the line.
  10. Vent coming! As fans, we did our part, we showed up last year, the highest number in MLB, correct me if I am wrong but I think that is what I heard. We are showing up this year. What did we get for our financial, time, and emtional comittment to this team? Nothing was done for the bullpen! An absolute know need, nothing. I feel like we have minor league relievers pitching to major league hitters. Just AWFUL!!
  11. Now Camargo makes an error to make matters worse!
  12. He was about to retire anyway lol. He CAME to Atl to retire. And he did get offers. He turned them down. And wtf does YOUR confidence have to do with your team? Individually Asante did his thing. He helped us to one game of the SB. He lead the team in int’s. And that confidence didn’t start in NE. He had in in life. He played qb and cb in high school. His college coach switched him to cb full time. I’m not understanding what him being on NE has to do with his confidence. He played himself into a HOF worthy career. All you can do is do YOUR part of the deal. You can’t throw the ball for Matt. You can’t catch for Julio. You can run for free. You can’t tackle for Debo. You can’t cover for tru. You can only “DO YOUR JOB” as Bill says. That’s a weak @ss argument you have. Asante was a pro bowler after NE. And football is the ultimate TEAM sport. It’s like a car. A bunch of moving parts and if one part doesn’t do its part another part suffers and fails.
  13. kiss my ***
  14. At least it looked like a strike.
  15. Aye, I had heart though.
  16. Hey!! There's a Chad Sobotka walk!!
  17. What was BO wrong about? Barr's memo said the report did not exonerate Trump on obstruction, which is exactly what we found out today. Mueller said there are 10 instances Congress can take up if they want to look at that further, and no one in Trump's orbit committed illegal collusion. Everybody cautioned to see what the report said, and now we largely have.
  18. Please hurt yourself Sobatka you sack of ****.
  19. i think if we go to three its for bosa or josh allen not oliver. if for some reason the 49’s go williams and bosa is there we sell out to get him
  20. Bless his heart
  21. I want one of these news agencies to make a complete list of times that the media reported something, Trump called it “fake news”, and the Mueller report confirms that it actually happened.
  22. Dont matter who the RP is if you cant score.
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