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  2. This is my thinking. Regardless of how our cap gets hit over a couple of years with his bonus money, it's better to move him NOW when he has great value, and can get us at least a couple of #1s, than pay him for three years and then have a player that's so old no one wants him. We have a new regime coming in. They will want to start loading up on their own style of player. Having four 1's and three 3s over the next two years would be a great enticement to get elite coaching and GM candidates. That haul could be even better if we find a way to unload Trufant for a 2nd-3rd rounder.
  3. You don’t get back the whole $13mm if you paid half of it. 1/2 the season is already gone. I would assume we would only get a pro-rated amount. As to another team trading for Vic - why? He doesn’t sack the QB, cannot hold the POA or set edge in run game. Maybe he is average in defending short passes and a decent running QB spy. That’s about it - why would a team take him for free? Almost seems we would have to give up a pick to save the salary. This is why there have been no offers. Horrible 5th year option decision by TD & DQ.
  4. Guys...the owner of the company I work for and my boss are in his office with the door shut having a secret meeting. What should I do???
  5. That's the only prayer we have of recording a sack this game.
  6. the 9 minutes
  7. That's sobering.....
  8. I don’t think it’s going to have an effect, honestly. A lot of the GOP’s talking points have either gotten debunked or they are weak as ****.
  9. I like him but our LB play hasn’t been good.
  10. Dems should have the Sergeant at Arms and guards outside the doors from now on and, yes, if they try to barge past them or otherwise physically confront them then have them arrested and removed.
  11. Schiff's 30 seconds of hyperbolic parody is criminal! Meanwhile...Trump's 5 year long string of hyperbolic nonsense is truth!
  12. Lindstrom is good. McGary is taking his lumps like he was going to. But he's shown flashes of why he was drafted. Basically. I like him, but if a team that needs a proven C comes calling, they better listen.
  13. You were arguing just a few weeks ago that Dems should drag out the proceedings all the way through next year. Also, considering the massive shift in public support for impeachment, I think the plan to hold off on impeachment proceedings until this Ukraine stuff hit the news looks pretty smart. Pelosi waited until they had the public on their side to start an official impeachment inquiry. Trump and the GOP are now in a much weaker position than they would have been four months ago if the impeachment inquiry started then.
  14. Don't just count the top 51. That only applies in the off season. When the season hits all 63 players count on the cap. Plus room for injuries. It is common to have 70+ players on contract by the end of the year because of 53+10PS+injuries. Yes you can always make room as needed for injuries but this is partially how teams get in bad spots. Moving salary to future years and making more dead money if they need cut. Another thing that people frequently ignore is whenever someone is cut we don't save x money. It is x money minus their replacement. At least rookie minimum. If we save 1 million on Senat but have to spend 500k for a roster replacement we really would only save 500k.
  15. Arrest them for trespassing.
  16. With the way our Lbers are playing lately hes going nowhere like a treadmill.
  17. Exactly. They went all in and lost. Now they have to pay the price.
  18. "All hands on deck this week." So is this what the problem has been the previous weeks? Not rotating enough guys.
  19. Well, my friend didn’t know! Lol
  20. And because people will take the 'secret meetings!' talking point and run with it, as usual.
  21. And some of it are lies.
  22. Vice President Mike Pence’s Big Brother Is Sitting In On Congress’s Closed-Door Impeachment Depositions
  23. According to spotrac if we trade him this year (2019) we'll have just over $41m in dead cap over the next 2 years. Not sure where the $10m in 2021 is coming from, it doesn't work like that.
  24. Republicans: Obstruct a deposition by barging into a secure room with cell phones (which are prohibited) to stop someone from testifying. Also Republicans: Censure Schiff for a dumb parody!
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