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  2. The military wiped out ISIS you twit
  3. Shanahan was the TRUTH (barring his SB 3rd quarter fubar)! I had trouble following ANY of our plays that SB run season. Dude's schemes were off the charts!
  4. They're capable of doing both at the same time.
  5. Dude, Freeman was a boss yesterday! Its just our defense that is completely dysfunctional. I have no idea why we don't just bring the house every play and see what happens!
  6. I wasn't a fan of letting Irvin go this past offseason. A lot of bad personnel decisions. But personally I don't think Clowney was one if them.
  7. The polls were broken down including R's, D's men, women. How old are you?
  8. It's easier and less stressful by not watching.
  9. Curious to me, but not to many of the Lemming on here. Dems never worried about ISIS while there was a Dem POTUS let them thrive leave no residual forces. GOP POTUS wipes out ISIS wants to pull out of regions once occupied Dems all of a sudden become war mongers and want GOP to leave residual forces...political chicanery at it finest.
  10. And Freeman running this season:
  11. You can also add "Players on defense playing when they shouldn't be" Beasley, Oliver and the lb with the dreads
  12. Times up for Matt... Sure he's "good" but we're top-heavy. He gets paid too much for our team's record. Get in some top-notch new blood at QB and build a beast of a team around that player (ala: Seahawks, Chiefs, etc).
  13. And here's Matt Bryant's impersonation:
  14. exactly what I told a friend who was going to watch this weekend.
  15. As a DQ fan, I don't see any way to save this one unfortunately...
  16. Yes, very entertaining. As much as these little guys:
  17. If we get Derrick Brown or Chase Young, it literally doesn't matter who the coach is at that point. I just want to see some good football with a competent front 7. Watching Grady finally get a counterpart that could be just as dominant as he is would be enough to make me excited to watch on Sundays. We've missed on too many defensive players in previous drafts and that trend has to stop with the new coach. We need solid players the first 2-4 rounds in this next draft.
  18. The Texans wanted to invest in Clowny long term....just not at 90+ million that he wanted. He wanted to be paid like an elite defender amd he is not.....THAT is why the Texans traded him
  19. Not saying he would have been a magic elixir, (good word BTW). I'm saying he would have been a more appropriate scheme fit for what Quinn wants to do. He would have also cost 4.8 million less than Beasley. But why stop there it's the same story. Falcons could have traded for Bennet but said 'Nope' we're good... with Beasley. Every opportunity the Falcons have had to significantly add to the dline they've passed on. Meanwhile teams like the Eagles, Patriots, Seahawks, Panthers all take opportunities to fortify and upgrade their dlines. And in some cases the dline is already stacked.
  20. Hey but we went from a top 5 draft pick to middle of the pack, so that is "winning" right?
  21. Brah, hate the game was a loss, but hours spent with your boy are golden.
  22. So, you have faith in our OL against Donald? I dont.
  23. Falcons aren't upsetting anyone but the fans.
  24. F------ (falcon) defense
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