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  2. The devil strikes again!!!! Shanahan is the devil.
  3. Wow. The most common theme from earl reviewers (other than how great "Endgame" is) is that it made a lot of grown men cry. They're saying don't expect a sequel to A:IW. I can't see it until early next week, so I have to avoid the web for four or five days starting Thursday night. Video is spoiler free, BTW.
  4. This HP ump is as blind as they come
  5. I don't. I want to shift it back where it was when this country had never heard of Fox News
  6. And here we go....
  7. You cant make mistakes in this park. It's going to go out.
  8. Could be a landing spot for Bryant. Although it would be tough uprooting your family from Atlanta to San Francisco.
  9. That’s a good mock. I love it
  10. Thank you BG!
  11. Ford + Lawrence is all I want
  12. I guess we're going to win it in the 9th....
  13. Did you see what time I needed it locked ,, 4-24-19 tomorrow night at 9 pm.. if you got this message can you let me know?? Thanks
  14. He's tired of Shanahan not running the ball
  15. The Vikings will take Ford for sure f we do not. Hate to have Vic face him 1st game out of the shoot.
  16. Ford and Lawrence would be amazing.
  17. Thanks - that’s the style I was going for - glad you enjoyed it! You are right that we could be in for a surprise. My “surprise” if there was one would be Chris Lindstrom. That would be somewhat perplexing with the two offensive guards already signed. Who knows?
  18. @Billy Ocean, this is probably what I was referring to. It’s by 538, but I can’t find a link to the article itself, only the graph.
  19. Terrible AB by Flowers
  20. Happy ending, no. Deflated balls ,yes . Sorry I couldn't resist.
  21. @Billy Ocean, here’s a link to one study, but it’s not the one I was talking about with Achilles. I’m a little suspicious of this method — they basically use the ideology scores of people who follow the candidates on Twitter with the assumption that people follow figures closer to themselves ideologically. It’s not a useless measure, but there are some better ones out there. But it’s the only one I can find at the moment...
  22. Let's go offense!
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