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  2. Matthews was worse in what little I watched yesterday. Mind blowing when you consider the gap in both experience and pay.
  3. Freeman had 19 yards rushing yesterday and the o-line gave up 5 sacks is this a coaching issue or personnel issue? The numbers don't lie. McKay, TD, and whole scouting department needs to kick the bricks, doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Our roster is a bunch of 2nd and 3rd string talent with like 4 or 5 true NFL starters.
  4. They gave the man what he asked for. I know I know, it's the coaches responsibility to put the player where he says they need to be but Kazee got what he asked for.
  5. I can’t get onboard with Harbaugh. 1-7 on the road vs ranked teams & he’s never taken Michigan to that next level. Been a big let down for that program. He seems defeated in nearly every press conference I’ve seen this year. I’d choose Josh McDaniels over him.
  6. Speaking of players playing in the right scheme and position. Kazee lead the league in INTs at FS. So what do we do? The most Falcon thing, take a succeeding guy, and move him and replace him with a guy coming off injury.
  7. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians in Flowery Branch. It all needs to go. I have said it before and I will say it again, there is no way Quinn was on board for re-signing Julio, and I love Julio Jones he is one of my favorite Falcons, but I think Quinn and Dimitroff drafted Ridley because they knew Julio money issue was coming up. And I think Blank, and again this is just my opinion, I think Blank overstepped his bounds and resigned Julio and knocked our money out of whack and pissed off Quinn and TD. If you notice since the Julio money issue has come up the whole Falcons team hasn't been the same. I think there is a division in Flowery Branch with players on Quinn's side and players on Julio's side and Blank now realizes he has screwed his head coach and this is the ONLY reason Blank has not fired Quinn yet. The only way to rectify this situation is to trade Julio to Oakland. However, it is too late now, because Quinn is like Mora was, he wants Blank to fire him, he now knows he will never have free reigns to run a team the way he wants while Blank is owner. And again this is just my opinion, but I have seen Blank do this too many times in the past. It is a repetitive pattern of him burning his coaches and over stepping his bounds. When Blank hired Quinn he said he was going to give him full authority and he only answered to him. But Blank still make personell decisions and this kills the Falcons. But on the flip side of this the Falcons roster is very very poor on both lines, so I am all on board with firing EVERYONE in Flowery Branch bringing in Ed Dodds and letting him rebuild our scouting department, letting him clean our roster, and then letting him make the decision on our head coach. Ed Doddbs would be hired by Wednesday of this week if I were Blank and I would give him a office in Flowery Branch and tell him do what you gotta do and just let HR know who you want gone. Ed Dodds would have our franchise turned around in a year.
  8. Them empty seats. Not good for the optics. This is deeper than the Falcons losing record. Blank's real problem is even IF the Falcons were winning, them seats are still gonna be half empty. Everybody knows that Atlanta has a transient fanbase wherein half the crowd or more isn't even from Georgia or Atlanta but moved to Atlanta. That means that the average Atlanta sports fan is gonna ignore the product if it doesn't grab them in a major way. They want to feel like they are PART of something. The NBA does a excellent job in that area. Folks will show up to a Hawks game and fill up the arena when Lebron, Jordan, etc. are in town because they feel a part of a HAPPENING. In the NFL where player personality development is purely driven by the media ( you can't see the players faces because of their helmets) its even more important that the team " stars " bring excitement to the party. Case in point, FOX spent the ENTIRE telecast yesterday between the Falcons and Rams to promote Jalen Ramsey. It was the only EXCITEMENT they felt a television audience could grasp upon whether you like Ramsey or not. Which brings me to the Falcons. The " stars " on the team, Matt Ryan, Devonta Freeman and Julio Jones, have grown STALE to the local populace. I'm not talking about diehard Falcon fans I'm talking about the average football fan. The product to them is stale, boring and they definitely don't trust it. 28-3 demolished ANY credence the franchise had. This leads to Blank's real problem: A bloated payroll concentrated on 5 players but a need for a new coach and general manager who would want and HAVE to tear this thing down and rebuild it. A outside general manager can look at the roster and see that its overrated and needs to be gutted from the inside out. How do you do that while been tied to that large cap hit? Those seats are gonna stay empty if they keep trotting Ryan, Jones etc. out there AND have no means to rebuild the roster. A new GM SHOULD be tasked to bring in new talent that the fanbase can gravitate to. Again, its not purely wins and losses, its a stale product. A infusion of NEW stars is what the team needs. A lot of folks here don't remember or know about the first decade of the Georgia Dome when the Falcons couldn't sell it out. Local games were blacked out and this didn't stop until Dan Reeves did a very unFalcon like thing and moved up and drafted Michael Vick, which immediately brought a national level superstar to the Falcons and the excitement which followed. The Falcons are back to those days whether people wanna admit it or not. It doesn't have to be a new quarterback either. Chase Young from Ohio State would be a good start. Instant name recognition on defense and a very good player. Quinnen Williams would have fit that bill in this past draft. Those are the types of players that the Falcons need. The Patriots can get away with drafting no name players for the obvious reason, they win championships and have built a brand around that.
  9. Nah, McKay is safe because the only thing he had involvement in the last decade was getting MBS built. He had nothing to do with player acquisition or the coaching hires. That's on Quinn and Dimitroff...
  10. With Fitzpatrick playing, the Dolphins would hang up passing records that Dan Marino would be jealous over...
  11. This regime is over. Time to tear down the whole infrastructure and hit the reset button. Fire quinn Fire td Fire rich mckay. Keep the offensive intact and hire a creative offensive mind as head coach. Gut the defense. Rebuild the defense through the draft.
  12. Hillary is old man strong.
  13. lol regardless? Either the refs helped them or they didn’t. Refs helped the pats too. There is no regardless. That makes zero sense
  14. I was as well. Homers don’t want to hear it and some people cling on to the past. **** you got some people that cling on to “ well he finished the season this and that”. **** that stupid ****. I tried to be positive for the sake of not having 100 notifications everytime I log on. Never again buddy.
  15. Oh, it's just Russiagate stuff.
  16. Another Falcon era is coming to a close. Those with heart, such as Freeman, went down swinging. With almost no help from his brothers, Freeman allegorically threw the last parting shots of the most recent version of the Falcons. He was then escorted alone into the tunnel as the game floated on hopelessly like debris from a broken ship. All of these men know what they were capable of. Three years ago seems like yesterday, but yesterday is gone. Such is life. Arthur Blank will go on banging skanks until he is ready to take a hard look at the crumbling pantheon that is the 2019 Atlanta Falcons. He walks among shells of a former great team, those shells being crushed into sand---and upon these sands crashes down the surf of tomorrow. From the surf a new Falcons team will rise in 2020. New faces, new ideas, new hopes. The birth and death of a contender. Out of the ground, into the sky, out of the sky, and into the dirt.
  17. Ouch!! Truth stings badly!!!
  18. Doesn’t make sense. They didn’t let any key players go and everyone deserving money got paid. Nothing points to something happening backstage unless the players disliked the firings
  19. LOL. Sark had the #8 scoring team and 64% redzone TD rate, all while not have freeman, 6 different guards and 2 different RTs. Keep thinking it was Sark...
  20. Gruden has already said he would give 1st round pick for Julio, we need to make that trade and start the rebuild. Fire McKay, Dimitroff, Quinn, and let Raheem finish season as head coach. Hire Ed Dodds and make him Team President/GM and let him evaluate our scouting department and get rid of who he wants to get rid off and then let Ed Dodds. hire the next coach. Ed Dodds built the Legion of Boom roster and the current Inidianapolis Colts roster that has the best o-lines and d-lines in football. HE KNOWS HOW TO EVAL LINEMEN. HIRE HIM NOW BLANK! LETS GET MOVING AND SHOW THE FANS YOU STILL CARE. No more McKay, TD, or Quinn, circus is over the clowns gotta go! We need producers not hot air rah rah guys with big talk and no results.
  21. Unfortunately the Falcons don't need them to just be fine. They have to be better or it's a complete waste of time. You can have an awesome defense and no offense today and it's not going to guarantee a superbowl. See Chicago
  22. Bengals come to mind
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