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  2. Blank cant live forever, maybe after he's gone the Falcons minority owners will get some one who actually knows how to run a NFL team and not undermine the people they hire. It's already a tough enough job without having a clueless owner meddle in everything. Dan Quinn said he wanted to build a defensive first team, so the Julio re-sign was all Blank, the Koetter hire was all Blank, and at that point Quinn just said f it and now the team is lost. Only way this is fixed is for Blank to trade Julio and apologize to DQ, because if DQ loses his job and goes out and let's this be known on public radio or TV, NO ONE will work for the Falcons in a coaching capacity that is worth a dern.
  3. As much as I don’t want another coaching change, I don’t want another wasted season even more so. Quinn had his chance to fix things and nothing in his short term makes me think he can fix this. Still think he is a good coach and smart guy, but he needs to be fired.
  4. But Shannahan as a head coach does seem to have a better handle on who to hire around him to be the DC and run the Defense Versus Dan “clueless” Quinn
  5. Actually the Oline has been a runaway success compared to the dline. Between the draft and free agency the Falcons have gotten Pro-Bowlers on the oline at every position except maybe Guard in the TD era. 2 different Pro Bowl RTs. Pro Bowl Center. Pro Bowl LT. On the dline you have? Maybe Grady and Beasley's one year. Claiborne has been nice. Other than that?
  6. The defense is terrible and nothing but new players or a new scheme can change that. Can't we at least try a completely different blitz heavy scheme??? I'd rather give up all 70 yards at once than on 12 plays over seven minutes.
  7. And it's true, too! When this O-line, in particular, gets all its pieces back, and has time to "gel" and are able to trust each other to handle their assignments, we're going to be a lot better. And let's not forget losing Keanu Neal....if he were out there, it makes our defense significantly better, imo.
  8. if I tried to list all the coaching changes since I've been a fan of this team, I couldn't without looking it up, there's just too many. I'm way past getting excited to bring in a new coach because expectations are a bad thing to have when following this team so I guess that's a NO from me
  9. Basically this is a debate between who are in their feelings and who are using logic. If our team is mathematically eliminated from playoff contention at that point there is no benefit of continuing to win games. There is no such thing as building a winning culture. We won those last 3 games in '18 and it surely has not translated into a winning culture this year as we should be 0-6. Logically, getting backups and players that weren't active on gamedays like Hill and Ollison more playing time so that they can get more reps and become more of an asset to the team which is another plus. The draft is a crapshoot and nothing is guaranteed but in every round especially the first round, I want dibs on the best pool of players available. I don't want to win meaningless games so I can puff my chest out and watch highlights on sportscenter. I WANT A ******* LOMBARDI!
  10. Sanu needs to stay... period.
  11. Beasley is at the end of his contract. Campbell as well.
  12. Ish needs to dodge more cheeseburgers in the off season
  13. 2 moments in time that you have no choice but to come to terms that your city’s NFL football team is a complete joke and a laughing stock of the entire league Peter King writes this about your team "No NFC team is worse than the Falcons" -Peter King. And After the game the gang on National TV had this to say ........”The Falcons Find YET Another Way To Lose“
  14. Sometimes a player becomes a cap casualty. We'll see though.
  15. STOP TRYING TO OUST SANU Sheeeesh. He's one of the FEW players we have with HEART.
  16. Oh well in that case then Tak, Neal, and Kazee are notables that could be cut. I doubt they cut any of them. Carry on
  17. These bums gave up 35 points to an absolutely lousy team with a first year QB who looked like the second coming of Steve Young, and you say you saw improvement? Dude are you on the Falcons payroll or something?
  18. I am the same way. Love my falcons but they don’t impact my happiness. Having two kids has really put things in perspective.
  19. Fairly certain the Falcons could trade both 1sts and both 2nd round draft picks the next two years to the New England Patriots and still get better if we had Bill Belicheck.
  20. Ah so you're a complete idiot. Won't waste any more breathe on your dumb***.
  21. Brought it down? It was never up. Blank has been the best thing that ever happened to this team.
  22. Blank had this big huge press conference when he got rid of Smitty and said it was his call and this that and the other. Well Blank needs to man up and have another press conference announcing that he went around Dan Quinn and signed Julio and hired Koetter and didnt allow Dan Quinn to run the team with Dan's vision and he overstepped his bounds and that the Falcons are trading Julio to Oakland for a first round pick, and watch how fast this team turns it around. Blank needs to man up to his mistakes and show he cares and then get OUT OF THE WAY! DQ and TD drafted Ridley to REPLACE Julio and the dude is not getting playing time because of JULIO. TRADE JULIO get the team playing again! No way Dan Quinn was on board re-signing Julio when he needed that money to continue to build defense. We could have gotten some corner help with the money we have WASTED on signing a old player. Blank has turned the Falcons into the Detroit Lions of 2012, nothing but Stafford and Calvin Johnson and no lines.
  23. I think that that statement puts this whole discussion in a neat, tidy box with a big red bow. Quinn's attempt to revamp the defense has instead turned it into pretty much the worst in pro football. The continuing sorry defense in the loss to the Cards does nothing to add to Quinn's chances of still being employed after the break. If he does survive, the fans will collectively shake their head and then wash their hands of the Falcons for the rest of the season. Way better options on Sunday afternoons in the ATL than watching a bad team play bad football.
  24. @1989FanThread HoF!!!
  25. Well Tru was out. Sheffield seems better IMO. We could put Kazee at safety and change the NB for more improvements. But without productive Edge Rushers, our D is only going to be able to do much. scheme and personnel need changing.
  26. They gave up 34 points without the offense turning the ball over. They were trash, those positives are something any NFL team should do.
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