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  2. If you can't figure that out based on my last response you gotta lay off the glue my dude. Doesn't matter who's coaching when we have mediocrity. Where's our Devin? We got a budlite version that's rehabbing. Where's our Gilmore? We have a guy that can be as sticky as glue or fall off like he's a sticky note. Not to mention he can't catch. We got Hightower in Debo so that's good And we got a nice DT in Grady. But we have no compliment to him.
  3. Sam Baker was a Pro Bowl caliber Left tackle when he was healthy. His problems had nothing to do with performance. That's a TATF myth. But if you get enough people to believe it, it's true.
  4. Guys, it’s ok for others to disagree or be discouraged about things. If I told you before the draft that we have 2 first round picks, neither of which were allocated to defense, I’m certain you’d have been confused. Offense scored 26 ppg and the Defense was cheecks...drafted offense last year..sure, let’s doible down this time and waste a 3rd in the process
  5. We still have the 2nd?
  6. Okay, okay.
  7. We used our 2nd rounder in the 1st round...for a 3rd
  8. Grady is a guy I'm cool with having in passing and running situations. Davison is not. Davison only played in passing situations when teams caught his fat *** in hurry up.
  9. Yikes. Wasn’t a fan of him before the draft. Gets abused by speed on the edge, short arm reach, and often lets defenders get a hand on his chest to control him. Whiffs on a lot of blocks and doesn’t always keep his feet moving forward when attacking the 2nd level. He does play with good pad level/knee leverage however. I see him as more of a 6’7” guard similar to Andrus Peat. No way I want him playing RT.
  10. Don’t need to quote anything I’m asking you would you prefer Manuel or Quinn running the defense. The only thing I’m disappointed in is I didn’t see this off season plan being played out. Im not overly happy about it as I thought we’d go the other side of the aball we didn’t. Gotta move on. Only thing I have been banging the table about is coaching so I’ll ask you again who do you want in charge of the defense Quinn or would you prefer more of the same we had last year with Manuel in charge.
  11. You and I don’t like the same things. This isn’t pessimism. This is knowing manure when I see it and refusing to soil my shoes in it. You don’t have to like what I say. I was very enthusiastic in 2015 and 2016. The following years have been trash. Almost 4 years
  12. Straight up guys we have alot of holes can't fill them with A quality starters .. if we went DT and DE our offensive line would suffer all season.. we did what we had to do
  13. I understand that. But even Grady, who you, yourself called a 3 down guy (obviously) and he only got 65%. Not 100%. I'm simply saying it doesn't shake out so cleanly that you can call Davison a two down guy. There were plenty of defensive rotations where he played all three downs. Just not consistently throughout the whole game. Not many players do, and the best players play more often. That's a given. Anyway, I don't need to keep debating it. I'm fine seeing it differently.
  14. could get us in the second. Just isnt worth it.
  15. Come on, brother...3 years ago, Super Bowl...2 years ago, Divisional Playoff Round...last year, injuries to every level of our defense and it showed, but they are all coming back this year; Debo was even back before last year was over...if you're being truthful, there's not much reason to be as pessimistic as you are...
  16. Wanna quote me where I said I want MM back? Or how about you quote where I've said all off-season I'm glad he's gone because his defense plays too passive. Don't put words in my mouth. Coaching helps but you still need talent. I can't throw a bunch of UDFA's on defense for BB and he make it work. Even he has elite talent.
  17. Don’t assume to know me cuz
  18. I take that back. Go look, I was after we signed Freeney
  19. Yeah, but all this means is we swapped our 2nd for their 1st. We got two players in the 1st. Do you see how it cancels out in our favor? So essentially we only lost one pick in moving up; the 3rd. We upgraded our 2nd to a 1st.
  20. Eh, you just choose to be pessimistic lol.
  21. Oh yeh and left out the fact that our non blocking RB was out all year. And we or worse at RB this year. If he plays 3-4 games again.
  22. I think we only had 370 yards total offense. That huge lead was a mirage of sorts. 2 very opportunistic turnovers created a 14 point swing
  23. Not given much reason am I
  24. A 3 down player is someone you'd want out on all three downs. If we have him in a pass rushing situation then we're basically only rushing 3. Also stop watching just highlights, it's only gonna show the good
  25. Yep one and the same would you prefer MM back the guy that had the defense playing passive. Yep I’d have Dan Quinn the guy that took us too the SB and NFCCG. It wasn’t Quinn’s defenses fault we lost that game. If I could I’d have KS back aswell for the redemption.
  26. You rarely are lol.
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