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  2. The Art of War talks about preparing for war. Of course it also talks about a lot of other things... like occupying an enemy city is one of the most costliest things you can do. Anyway, there are also these things called strategic retreats. If you’ve ever played a real time strategy game you might be familiar with this concept where you purposely ditch/destroy/recycle a base so you can fortify other areas. A good general wouldn’t ask soldiers to intentionally lie down and lose a battle. However, commanders throughout history have asked soldiers to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Spartans at Thermopylae, (aka 300), for example. And this concept is everywhere. Sacrificing pawns for example. Again, the Falcons aren’t going to tank so that’s a pointless debate but at the end of the day higher draft picks are going to have more value. People are getting fired and there’s going to be significant roster churn regardless. The good news is that the tank thing doesn’t matter. Thanks to the defense this is a straight up bottom 5 team.
  3. Dodgers pitching coach Rick Honeycutt has retired. He's gonna take an advisor role with the Dodgers. Bullpen coach Mark Prior is expected to be promoted to replace him.
  4. He's a golf cheat.
  5. He's a golf cheat.
  6. And then go where?
  7. Not only did we abandon our Kurdish allies, we told a demonstrably false and easily disprovable lie about them releasing ISIS hostages. **** Trump.
  8. Fix it how? He decided to keep Beasley this year for his defence... He doesnt know how to fix it
  9. Hopefully reality slapped the **** of them!
  10. You beat Goff by putting pressure on him. He folds like a wet paper bag when you get after him. We don't do that at all, so unless we send the kitchen sink at him we will lose big.
  11. Jared Goff: 34/38, 400+ yards, 4 or more TD's, 0 sacks, 0 int's.
  12. I'm beginning to think that even a few people over at Fox have had enough of Trump's ****.
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about his feelings, which he probably doesn't possess. And I don't think he has a brain, just an organic recorder that filters all talking points that might not hold up Fatty McNasty as the Once and Future King of America.
  14. @WhenFalconsWin Neil wants you to hear him out.
  15. Apparently Arthur Blank is so out of touch that he fails to realize that it is almost impossible to NOT "improve" from where we are. But Dan Quinn has proven that if anyone is capable of hitting rock bottom, then sinking even lower somehow, it's him.
  16. I'm fully expecting Brandin Cooks to torch us for a couple of long TD's. 8/9 178 yards 2 TD's sounds about right. My Fantasy team needs it .
  17. He might feel bad if he causes me a nervous breakdown trying to get him to open his brain.
  18. If Chase young is off the board I would trade down but that's just me. Especially if you're in the top 4 to 5.
  19. A few years back my brother-in-law was describing his vasectomy procedure in detail. He painted a picture of the needle to numb things, the odd poking under the towel and then making the mistake of looking down to see the blood soaked towel draped on him somewhere in his nethers. This season there are times that I'd rather hear that story again with an accompanying video of the procedure instead of watching us play.
  20. It will probably happen. Mariota just got benched yesterday too.
  21. Or Sheffield and Miller are the CB2/depth. If Chase Young is off the board when the Falcons pick, and a highly talented guy with true CB1 lockdown ability is on the board, then...
  22. Depends on what defense he will be coaching. The cover 3 can work well in college.
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