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  2. Remember when you said you would try not to quote me? How’s that going?
  3. The worst memes I have seen on my Facebook feed today have been several that are trying to vindicate Alex Jones because of Epstein. In different memes, Epstein is either a liberal, a conservative, or a Hollywood bigshot. I'm seriously thinking about turning off Facebook.
  4. If I were to label the offense I would call it Matt Ryan's offense. It incoporates concepts that he likes from all of his previous coordinators - includng Sark.
  5. To all of you "The Wire" heads, check out the Youtube clip "Never On No Sunday." Funny stuff!!!
  6. It is when you have to let go of starters just to sign them big picture
  7. Slap yourself in the face for even bringing up Tru's name in the same sentence as Duke and Vic.
  8. Hardly. I’ve been hearing crapola like that all offseason. In the meantime, we’ve locked up cornerstones Jarrett & Deion. Neal will come next. Those actions don’t sound like they’re broke to me.
  9. I am sure duke and vic are good guys too, but alas they are average players not worth elite money.
  10. You might be broke but I'm doing pretty good.
  11. one staple of the EP system, which I have studied for a while, is that it mixes zone and power run blocking concepts. It has a ball control element to it which probably appealed to DQ's statements about being more physical. The only thing that I hated about Koetter the first time was the long developing vertical routes. Now granted, its a different receiving corps and malarkey will surely bring some of his smash mouth aspects to it.
  12. I would encourage Freeman to be more elusive. I would try things with our H-back and with Hill and Ollison. Who can get the tough yards? So, I would essentially end up with a 2 RB rotation with our H-back used to open holes. Ito Smith would be used to keep Free as fresh as possible and also for depth. That is what I would do but I am not an NFL coach.
  13. Julio is great but let’s not act like he isn’t already under contract and we are already broke
  14. Based on your negative ‘tude toward Julio, me thinks TD’s not the one acting like he got bent over.
  15. Good perspective. I get a feeling that people are putting to much emphasis on Shanahans further influence. A simplifying direction might not be a bad way to go. Imo you need to have a solid foundation to be able to build upon it. This might be it.
  16. lol oh that makes sense. What's his TATF username?
  17. He's a mental midget with delusions of sports media grandeur.
  18. Tired of talking about Trump. Let me liven this place up............
  19. So he can’t bend TD over for 4 more days?
  20. Michael Turner was a featured back and he saw a rapid decline. If you want to avoid that decline you go by commitee. RBBC is more a touch/game approach and it often comes down to what the OC is trying to convey/gain on a given down and distance, whether its the Rb1 or 2. I take it, this is what the offensive quality coordinator is managing during games.
  21. So your advocating for slavery now? Nice!
  22. Freeman is never healthy enough to be a bell cow. We will feature 2 backs and they will probably both still struggle to be healthy
  23. Who is visiting this weekend?
  24. Hopefully he will make some good plays. He takes a lot of heat from fans, but he’s actually a **** good guy.
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