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  2. That’s kinda hard to answer without knowing who the coach will be.
  3. This is a downward spiral at this point. 3-13 at best.
  4. Don’t have to worry about that when you simply don’t watch it at all
  5. Watching this train wreck of a football team has become comically predictable. After we scored that last TD, I told my wife that I wished we would just go for two to try to win the game rather than going the "safe" route of kicking an extra point & playing for overtime. I mentioned how the offense seemed unstoppable at that point & while our defense had stepped up, could you really count on them keeping that up in overtime? I then said that I doubted whether DQ had the onions to potentially put his employment on the line, so we'd almost certainly play it safe... adding sarcastically that we'd probably blow the kick. As Bryant trotted out for the XP & the announcer kept bringing up how Schaub was holding since Bosher was out I thought, "How funny is it gonna be when he shanks this?" Like clockwork, Bryant missed it. "How'd you know?" my wife asked. "Falcons gonna Falcon", I replied.
  6. 49ers will hang 40 on us in the first half then Kyle Shanahan will call the dogs off as mercy for ******* up our SB.
  7. Armstrong and Sark needed to go. Quinn taking over the defense was a terrible mistake. Manuel was good, and dealing with a crapton of injuries. This year - I don't know - I think Q has too much on his plate to be successful.
  8. Yep could have gone to a big hoss at DT which we obviously are in need of
  9. JA98, That Ludacris looking fool is Vic’s idol.
  10. Yep I wonder what this year would have looked like if that had happened? Maybe 1-5
  11. There is a 1000% chance Arthur Blank hires the San Fran DC next year, who has the benefit of five former first round picks on the DL alone.
  12. Yesterday's game was weird, I swear it looks like we were playing ourselves. You are right though, that was entertaining.
  13. And as we have seen in those examples fan support didn't help them win just like lack of huge loyal fan support doesn't cause teams to lose. Bottom line is people got a lot going on these days, the world is stressful and people have much less disposable income and much less time for sports. Teams should not get huge loyal fanbases for simply existing.
  14. TD and Quinn drafted Ridley for a reason so he could replace Julio, Quinn knew Julio was done and that he was playing on a gimpy ankle, and Blank went around Quinn and signed Julio and now the team has all their money tied up in 2 players. Wake up, anyone can see whats going on in Flowery Branch, and now the WHOLE Falcons team is not playing because of this. Anyone else notice once Julio started his BS is when Falcons started declining. And then the dude don't practice on top of this!?! Come on.
  15. LOL Thread backfired in the worst way possible and blew up in your face .
  16. Julio had many defenders on this issue, but he should have waited instead of pushing more money issue!! Jealousy of Michael Thomas stirred him. It was a bad idea paying him and several others more as we all are finding out.
  17. They don't care. They'll just keep yelling at everyone else.
  18. That’s been one of my issues too
  19. WWBD.. What Would Belichek Do?.. He would adapt his defense, he would blitz. He would have released or trade Beasley in preseason and free up cap space. He would not trade his 2nd rd pick to draft a second O linemen on day one in the same draft. He would focus on a very aggressive offense and take advantage of these tremendous wide receivers He would demand a route tree to allow Ryan to get the ball out in less than 3 seconds. * I could go on but you get the idea..
  20. Exactly!!!!! Yeah, you guys drop some gems in that thread.
  21. I hope Trump people realize no one's ever going to want to hear a word from any of them ever again once he's out of office.
  22. There’s a difference between letting the ship sink and actively trying to tank tho. NFL teams just throw in the towel but they don’t trade away the entire team like they do in the NBA and MLB. And it’s also much easier to tank during a rebuild than for Blank to just whisper “Psss...lose the rest of the season” when you have legit talent on at least one side of the ball
  23. Lol wtf you talking about? Ice is one of the smartest QB's in the league and has had success in every offensive scheme he's been in. Because of him his previous OC's all got head coaching jobs. Wtf you talking about he can't learn. Morons like you are a ******* joke.
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