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  2. No it's not. That defense had a sack leader, a Hags that hadn't missed two years, a Keanu, Debo, and Rico not coming off of major injuries, a Tyson Jackson and Courtney Upshaw run stuffing the middle, and a Jalen Collins playing sticky man coverage. AND even then it wasn't good enough to win. This defense is worse than that one.
  3. I have him as the backup FS, starting Nickel...
  4. missing Kazee at nickel
  5. It's...pretty much the defense we went to a Super Bowl with...
  6. Offensive lineman are never exciting.
  7. Probably pick up a couple of wide receivers...
  8. Now its your turn to imagine Quinn in a Speedo
  9. yeah his play calling had nothing to do with him getting fired
  10. That's a junky defense.
  11. At the expense of a very good 3rd round player. Maxx Crosby, Miles Sanders, Isaiah Johnson, Nate Davis, Zach Allen... And having 2 rookies on 5th year options at the same time will be hard on the CAP
  12. 2 Olinemen with fifth year options = keeping your core Oline together longer without having to sign/negotiate after the fourth year...
  13. Eli has been trash for awhile now as well. The Giants still spent many high picks to try and help him.
  14. there going to trade all the picks to move up and get a C.
  15. Saints fans are makeing this go off, I made so much fun of them last year and look what happens. There was nobody left when we traded back in, Good thang they left.
  16. true. Looking at the roster, literally every other position is set! And that's a nice place to be!
  17. If we get back into the 3rd at a decent price then this would be a pretty amazing draft, unless its for another olineman lol
  18. My Daughter is up for "Best Female Athlete" at the University of Wyoming! Take a quick second to vote for her and support a fellow Falcons Fan! Taylor Burton won Mountain West Defensive Payer of the Year and was named an All-American! Thanks Fam! ~ Mason
  19. Agreed on the logic. Similar points made here. Also think DQ is banking on being able to take some FA's and improve them (like creating some rush with long armed Davison).
  20. We need to address corner n lb more than any other positions
  21. It did work though. We just forgot we had a FG kicker
  22. I just wanted to state that I appreciate this, greatly. I think that it's important to go into all conversations with an open mind. There seems to be a significant lack of that in this day and age.
  23. Let's see this... Crawford (Means) Jarrett (Senat) Hageman (Davison) Taak (Clay) Oliver Beasley Tru Debo DeVondre KeKe Rico (Kazee) I just don't see any offense being able to pick this formation apart for any extended period of time...Stout run stopping power, nice pass rush, good coverage...
  24. 2 4ths or a 4th, 5th, and a 6th or 7th. We have options and Dimi has already hinted we'll move up tomorrow.
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