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  2. Then why are you still here? Delete your account and go. In fact, if you truly believed this and you were an adult, you would've just done it in the first place and not bothered to announce that you were leaving. Much like my dumping of FB and Twitter a couple years back.
  3. At the current rate they can draft Jeudy with their own pick.
  4. Just more of that "Gateway to the alt-right" content. /purp
  5. I like TD and Quinn, but we need to say sayonara. This team is damaged good, the produce is rotting on the docks, there is weevils in the flour, the canned goods have botulism, you get the point, damaged goods. It's time to make a sweeping regime change by cleaning house.
  6. Pete Carroll did the same and won a superbowl. Should have won 2.
  7. Or a crappy defense which makes this team one dimensional, playing catch up from behind.
  8. If you traded Julio for a early first round pick, you could get Jerry Jeudy from Alabama to replace him. So yes if you get multiple 1st round picks, trade him. Get Washington on the horn today and see if they want to deal. Can you imagine if Falcon got third pick from Washington for Julio and we picked Jerry Jeudy and then turned around with the forth pick and got Chase Young out of Ohio State. Sounds good to me.
  9. Lord, all I want for Christmas is a competent, nuts and bolts, genuine set of football coaches and front office personnel... Amen.
  10. Agree and I’m one of the biggest Julio supporters
  11. We shall overcome on Hurst's face...
  12. Ramsey got the Jaguars 2 1st rounders and a 4th. Julio is surely worth more than that. It would have to be a ridiculous haul, but if that ridiculous offer comes in it should be listened to seriously.
  13. For the type of deal Jacksonville just got for Ramsey, yes.
  14. Nate Silver and Bill Maher have said similar things. You have to be severely detached from reality to watch Klobuchar and come away believing that she could win, let alone believe she has one of the best arguments that she could pull it off.
  15. The only way Quinn could keep his job at this point is to go 8-8 and Blank would then have to fire McKay, TD, Steve Sabo, Rustin Webster, Joel Collier, and Phil Emry and hire Ed Dodds from Indy. Ed Dodds built the original Legion of Boom and Blank could sell it to the Atlanta fans that he realizes our issues are more personell related than coaching (which is true). And before firing Quinn he wants to change direction in his FRONT OFFICE. Because in reality D Jones and Grady Jarrett and Grace are the only talented defensive players we have and on offense Ryan, Julio, Ridley, Gage, and Hooper are the only talented players we have all the rest of our roster would not even be starters on other NFL rosters.
  16. Yep. Line him up in the backfield and then motion him, do wheel routes, line him up in the slot etc.
  17. That’s what a 40 million dollar OL buys you in the ATL
  18. Only if he hadn't extended. Before extending him next season would have been the season to get rid of him and save big.
  19. ^ Biden withholding a $1 billion and laughing about it... priceless
  20. How miserable
  21. At the end of the day our defensive “playmakers” are not making the same plays they made as rookies.. dieon jones? What happened? Wheres the ints and forced fumbles. Jarrett wheres the finishing on sacks, goes double for you takk. Have we even forced a fumble this year? Trufant has our only ints.. how ironic is that
  22. Just a reminder that before Mulvaney’s “confession” and before Bill Taylor’s testimony, we also had Ron Johnson confirming that Trump was withholding aid in exchange for dirt on his opponents.... Johnson told reporters Trump said he was considering withholding the aid because of alleged corruption involving the 2016 U.S. election. Johnson stood by the president, saying he was sympathetic to his concerns and didn't see any bad motives on his part. "What happened in 2016? What happened in 2016? What was the truth about that?” Johnson said about Trump's concerns. ... Johnson told the Wall Street Journal on Friday that Sondland told him that Ukraine would appoint a prosecutor who would, as Johnson put it, work to "get to the bottom of what happened in 2016 — if President Trump has that confidence, then he’ll release the military spending." “At that suggestion, I winced,” Johnson told the Wall Street Journal. “My reaction was: Oh, God. I don’t want to see those two things combined.”
  23. I would've traded him in the offseason and spent that money on developing our Defense. Wrecking our cap on an over 30 WR whose best days are behind him, demonstrates that this team run by people who let emotions guide their thinking rather than making sound business decisions.
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