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  2. the braves are not gonna CHEAP their way into a championship... not only are they not gonna pay big money for a real deal free agent bat or pitcher, they don't wanna pay the players they HAVE...
  3. Better question: Why would Mueller even entertain ever sitting next to a guy who he knows is trying to BS the nation again?
  4. Only the trumpsters are defending a president far worse than Clinton ever was.
  5. Why are you guys freaking? The other teams have to deal with the Falcons as well. The Falcons added a lot of beef in the trenches and we still have the draft. Our offense will be a juggernaut and the defense will improve again for many reasons. The schedule is not that difficult. The Falcons have a lot of talent on the team. This team is a playoff team and they are going to rebound from last season. You shouldn’t be scared of the Colts or Philiy or and so forth.
  6. Don't care anything about Metcalf but since Oliver has been the talk of the town lately figured i'd post
  7. I agree, although it is nice to play on a national spot light so to speak,I HATE Monday, Thursday and Sunday night games from a personal standpoint, just stick to 1 or 4-430
  8. Why wouldn't Mueller be invited to today's cover up session?
  9. And yet everyone of us on the Left were totally cool with it and vociferously defended Clinton, just like WFW and their ilk are behaving now.
  10. Simpson spent a hour analyzing why the Dodgers shouldn't be out of uniform during batting practice and got booted for that and other long rants about nothing...
  11. I like how you're nurturing Squirrely Bob, like a baby bird in a nest. Don't forget to tell him about his ginkoba and fiber as well.
  12. maybe ill make the drive out. not too far from where i am
  13. That's a shame, but can't stop someone if they want to be a HC, even tho KSU isn't a very good job.
  14. Michael Cohen already implying he could have a press conference or at least tell his story and “tell it all”.
  15. The Buccaneers have to travel 18,000 miles between Weeks 4 and 9. That includes trips to Los Angeles, Seattle and London. No home games during that stretch in their own stadium. itinerary, with estimated round-trip mileages: Week 4 vs. Rams in Los Angeles: 3,750 nautical miles Week 5 vs. Saints in New Orleans: 964 miles Week 6 vs. Panthers in London: 8,796 miles Week 7: BYE Week 8 vs. Titans in Nashville, Tenn.: 1,240 miles Week 9 vs. Seahawks in Seattle: 5,040 miles The Dolphins start the season playing four consecutive 2018 playoff teams. They also play two teams coming off of a bye. The Patriots play three teams coming off of a bye. Falcons open their season on the road. lol
  16. Zeke Walker gonna be better than Myles Murphy imo.
  17. "The Republicans are going to have damage control specialists reading and explaining away every part of the Mueller report the instant it comes out, so remember, freak out about everything we're telling you is untoward, then feel really sad and helpless that the Republican damage control worked better than it should have." @Big_Dog
  18. If the guy caring isn't producing then he's not helping any more than the guy who doesn't give a rip.
  19. We're going to get a Maddow report that's the Mueller report with all the redactions filled in with who and what is hypothetically supposed to be there.
  20. Yep, last time he made this promise (I think it was against Breesus) it was a bust. Love the guy, his enthusiasm, playing for Grandma, but but when you start mouthing off and your *** can't cash the checks, then we've got a problem.
  21. Good. Only thing I care about is if it's crushed in Atlanta or Gwinnett. No sympathy for the guy.
  22. I'm looking forward to getting a total number of redactions, and then the liberal news shows putting that number up like the next step in taking down Trump is filling in each and every one of those redactions. They'll have the number in the bottom right corner like a countdown
  23. Certainly starting off that way.
  24. Like this. I can only wish far more humans had this perspective and depth. Some will think/say it is wrong, incongruent, etc. but this is why I served in the military, why I have a son that does now. Life is easy peasy when you have it good. And most people in this world have it better than they realize, and a great multitude have it insanely easy/good. (the world's population has more than doubled in just 50 years) We have such a high view of ourselves... when we're nothing but ants in one backyard of the Universe.
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