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  2. Easy. Whoever I have on my fantasy teams!
  3. Only two teams I could even muster up a tidge of desire to pull for would be BAL and OAK, and probably can't even do that.
  4. Shhhh they might hear you.
  5. There ya have it. 2016 was the fluke year
  6. Basketball season is getting closer and closer. Things could be trending up for the Dawgs but we will be starting off this season predicted to finish middle of the pack by most it seems. Can’t wait to see how this team looks with Anthony Edwards leading the way. He already has NBA lottery hype. Go Dawgs!
  7. This is that arrogance I was talking about. Koetter doesn't seem to think any of this was his fault. Maybe 5 step dropbacks and long developing routes aren't the best idea when the Rams are pass rushing every snap. Wasn't all Mcgary, for what it's worth. He took Matthews out behind the woodshed too.
  8. By the way, Democrats should subpoena Mulvaney given the conflicting messages. The explanation is simple — one important part of the investigation is whether there was a quid pro quo. Mulvaney said there was. Then he said there wasn’t. So the only way to get to the truth is force him to answer the question under oath.
  9. Not a rumor but ok
  10. I dont think Falcons should ask anything in return for Beasley. They need to probably send him with complimentary picks to any team....beg them to get him away from state of G.A!
  11. Wouldn't be surprised at all if we got a 4th for him, or even higher. Yeah, he's been sucking, but people see plenty of good players sucking on this team too. He had an All Pro season and all-world measurables. The Jets almost gave us a 2nd last year. Someone will bite.
  12. QB holds the ball to long, damm!! Rams were smelling blood and poor Matt was shark food! Have to start helping Matt with shorter routes so he can get the ball quicker before this man gets seriously injured!
  13. Could have had grady and donald... together... my god
  14. Not sure anyone of would be employed for this long if we performed like Falcons. But, hey who cares Mr.Blank needs a tax write off so he needs to tank the Falcons season. And then make money on Atlanta United.
  15. If someone traded for Duke Riley then Vic sounds like a probability.
  16. True
  17. Because the dumb O.C cant put Ito or Freeman out in motion for Ryan to check down over the hot route and then R.Bs can make play in the open just like 2016. Wtf!! We cant get creative with some slant, bubble screens, or gadget plays which will mask the the offensive line weakness. The 4 or 5 drop back passes with no help in back end is causing this to happen. D.K has to change up the scheme. Put Ridley or Julio in slot not outside for short 3rd downs.
  18. Beat Seattle Supersonics on NBA Live 95 Seahawks 45 Falcons 10
  19. Debo but that’s it.
  20. Embrace the suck...that's what Mr.Blank wants us to do.
  21. Yea. But 3 sacks? The game was fairly close at halftime. know what. Not even worth asking those questions anymore lol
  22. Trump towers in heaven?
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