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  2. Absolutely. Why would Kazee be our 3rd safety when he could be on the field 80% of the time at the nickel. It’s a perfect spot for him.
  3. He is already bringing bad juju, players dropping like flies for the year.
  4. Smallwood for Rivals has confirmed Washington and McClellan. Also this will be a big weekend for 2021 recruits as well, Micah Morris has also confirmed he’s coming this weekend and expect more
  5. If I go down with the ship, so be it, but there’s no way the Giants don’t sell off their top guys. That team is old (and not good) and the MIL rosters are barren. Beating up on the dregs of the National League does not change that. I’d have to question Farhan Zaidi’s ability as a ML GM if he tries to go for “one last run”.
  6. Remove last year. It’s a Unicorn. What are the numbers since Quinn took over? Bear in mind we won a total of 10 games between 2013 & 2014. 32-20. 63% win rate and nearly consecutive NFCCG’s
  7. We're just in a weird year where more teams are in it this late than normal. There's really only 2 elite teams in the NL, Dodgers and Braves, and then the rest are somewhere in the middle and then the Marlins at the bottom. Picture is much more clear in the AL and therefore more teams in the AL willing to sell.
  8. Kazee is our nickle CB for good.
  9. I thought it was fine.
  10. I can see that POV but I feel like less teams trading means less of a chance for a mid market team to close the gap.
  11. I hate Touki's delivery. Wish they would fix it like they did Julio's.
  12. Very much because this only emboldens actual racist
  13. Maybe it was my white trash upbringing, but as a kid I always found it weird that Mr Rogers would come in, take off his shoes, and put on another pair of shoes just to walk around the **** house. I didn't know anyone else who did that.
  14. I actually believe the opposite is true!! I think it helps the mid market teams because teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Dodgers can't load up on August waiver claim players like in years past because they have the money to do that. Teams like the Braves can't risk putting in a waiver claim in August on a player that might be making too much money but that wouldn't be an issue for the big money teams. I think that levels the playing field somewhat.
  15. Speaking Sewell, here’s his dad’s Twitter
  16. Seems like Kazee might be staying at Safety. I hope the rookies can get up to speed fast! Man, that is three season enders already!
  17. Well ****! Hopefully this is it.
  18. Thank you so much!!
  19. ugh. not off to a good start with injuries.
  20. Bump and it wasn't much but done broseph.
  21. Yesterday
  22. NFC championship game will be 49ers at Falcons. Super bowl 54 will be a Falcons vs Patriots rematch and the Falcons will get their revenge! The Falcons defense will be really good by seasons end holding their playoff opponents the Packers, 49ers and Patriots all to under 17 points. My BOLD prediction. Many will say the Falcons defense and rushing attack won the championship not Matt Ryan.
  23. Of course. That's the problem, he won't acknowledge the strengths.
  24. Hit up google. I checked after I posted and there are plenty of GM rankings that have him top 6 (at worst) all over the web. Keep hating.
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