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  2. I think we'll beat the Bucs, and Jags at the end of the season.
  3. The fact that Jackson has struck out 37% of the time the last two years while hitting .215 makes me believe that we'd be wasting a roster spot on him, undeniable power notwithstanding. With an OBP of .300 against AA/AAA competition, he might be a negative WAR player in the majors. A lot depends on whether the 28 homers were flukey or a sign of sustained improvement and maturation.
  4. The only player that could have made a difference right now is Brian Burns but I think everyone in the FO was staying away after Bustley...still have no ******* clue why we bought him back on 5th year option.
  5. This is a great point. The defense is getting worse as the season goes on. DQ got everyone he asked for in offseason - Tyeler Davison, Adrian Clayborn, Allen Bailey, Kendall Sheffield, John Cominskey and Jordan Miller. Perhaps DQ wanted the Clemson DT - but that’s not the difference in this season right now - no one believes that. If DQ is a defensive guru - fix the defense NOW. @The O.D.B is already advocating for next year - why? DQ has this year - fix it now! What is next year gonna do?
  6. Ish sucks too...
  7. Supposedly TD is a salary cap wizard. I guess that's difficult to come by? Maybe explains why he still has a job?
  8. NATO exists to be Anti-RUSSIA. Not to be "self policing."
  9. I really can't see us winning another game.
  10. When we talk about how a ball sounds different off of some bats, we're talking about the noise that Carlos Correa just made. That ball was absolutely annihilated.
  11. I'm sure all 14 of their fans will be ecstatic.
  12. You should buy them then. Buy them all.
  13. 2007: 4-12 2013: 4-12 2019: 4-12 In this 6 year pattern since we've been in the NFC South, a lot of similarities, but this current team is the worst of all 3 given the talent we have.
  14. I was listening to the Falcoholic post game tonight and they mentioned that in 2016 we averaged like 33 PPG or something like that. I think we're fine offensively if we can play like we did today. 33 should be enough. Matt went off. He just had no help at all, as usual. If this team had even a mediocre defense we wouldn't be in this hole.
  15. hopefully Koetter stays also.
  16. I mean I wouldn't be opposed to him staying, keeping Koetter (because offense isn't the problem) gutting half the defense (in favor of draft picks/trading for veterans on the line and in the secondary) and him completely relinquishing the defensive playcalling/hiring a new, competent DC. I agree that changing coaching staff every year is a bad thing. But we can't continue on the path we're going. Just can't.
  17. At the time I remember saying we should make Shan the HC. Really wish they would have had the balls to do that
  18. I think DQ got all the people he told Thomas Dimitroff to get.
  19. Dan Quinn is clueless about calling a good defense in 2019. I haven't seen a single reason for why this would be different in 2020. I haven't seen a single adjustment that has improved this defense in 6 ******* games. No personnel changes, nothing. Matt Ryan is having a career year again and its getting wasted by this clown who hasn't been able to put together a half assed product in 4 years on the other side of the ball. For all those reasons, get him the fk out of here
  20. I hope he does because I hate changing coaches all the time. I think DQ could probably fix it in the draft and offseason. Most of these coaches out here are morons anyways from what I hear. Tom Coughlin, Mike Tomlin and McCarthy all get called the same names Quinn does and they have rings!!! There isn't a lot of flawless coaches out there.
  21. I think the defense is frustrated because, clearly, the defense that Quinn is scheming for them doesn't work. He can talk about how it worked for the Legion of Boom, but they had a d-line that got after the quarterback and a bunch of ballhawks that made the tackles, forced turnovers, and made life miserable for opposing offenses. Quinn thinks that if it worked for them, it'll work for any personnel. I wonder if that's the source of frustration? The players aren't playing a system suited to their strengths and no adjustments are being made.
  22. Actually, offense can indirectly help defense and vice versa, but we aren’t ready to have that conversation yet.
  23. Yea she can... just not the ring you want LOL
  24. Yea I hate to say it...but somehow we need to keep the core of this team together and hope that we can do something about the dense next year... BECAUSE..... We spent so much money on big contracts to win now or so we thought the window is now. and a new head coach would mean another learning curve for both offense and defense. What this season has told us is that maybe the personnel and/or coach/scheme is not what they thought they have. But they're stuck with all these contracts so they really have no choice.
  25. Wow lol...
  26. Here’s another joke. Falcons Defense making a play Sunday like:
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