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  2. His immaturity and last in first.out mentality was getting old. He could have been the best to ever do it if he practiced his.craft, had some proper receivers, and a decent o line. Oh well... It worked out fine
  3. There won’t be bc guys will fall due to selections at other positions...
  4. I'm starting to think the climax of the show is defeating Cersei rather than the Night King
  5. I’ll probably advance this tomorrow.
  6. Bravos won the series! Wow! Big come back. We had some national media respect. A Rod gets it. I know, I know the hate is real but he knows the game obviously and I’m a fan of that. Like Romo in football. I love the guys that really know the game and tell it.
  7. No. Lol.
  8. Indeed. Next weeks episode is going to be epic
  9. From what Ive read Chargers wanted LT. Even if it did happen. How many championships didnthe Chargers win with LT and Brees. Highly doubtful any better in t he 3 years we had.reeves
  10. Maisie is 22, hard to believe it though, she looks so young.
  11. Interesting. None of the guys really match that this year. That's what I'd like, a guy who can NT who can also penetrate or half man if he needs to. I'm guessing Saunders is the most similar play style. On the other hand, if Lawrence can just big boy people back into the QB, I guess that works too.
  12. The best value is picks 30-100 so I agree. Id love to trade down to aquire 5 top 100 picks, even if 3 are in the.3rd.
  13. A lot of the Tackles, Guards and Centers I like are projected to go in the first 2 rounds. I don’t recall seeing a draft in recent memory with so many OL of all positions being there in first 2 rounds like this.
  14. Bron’s gonna go bros before **** and switch side to help his prior employers/buddies.
  15. Am I the only one who wants Dany to be flame broiled and eaten by her own dragons?
  16. For whatever reason if it had been Sophie Turner I don't think it would've been a big deal but Maise Williams is like 18-20 something going on 15, she just hasn’t hit that typical girl growth spurt I guess. Dad said she played a somewhat sexualized character on Dr Who but I can't unsee lil Arya Underfoot
  17. I have a strong feeling Lawrence will be the pick at 14 assuming Oliver doesn't make it to 8 (I don't believe he will). While it's taken me a while to come around to it, I'm really starting to get excited about the idea of Lawrence beside Grady.
  18. How dare you?!
  19. I like that plan, and everything you said makes sense. Kiwi, what’re your thoughts on Yodny Cajuste? I haven’t seen his name mentioned much around here, but he’s a guy who I’m starting to like more and more for RT sometime AFTER the 1st round.
  20. @E. T. you are up for the thread again! Let's keep the winning ways going
  21. Yeah, can these Sunday night games stop until GOT is over? Haven't looked at the schedule, but hurry it up lol
  22. How many Centers do we have??? Shouldn’t we have more than ONE??? Maybe we should add another one! Bradbury?
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