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    Williams busted a long 45 yard gain on a delayed draw out of shotgun, 3 or 4 wide.
  3. MNF

    Their longest run was on a delayed draw handoff with 3 WR to one of the RBs, too.
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  5. MNF

    To be fair, he is learning new offense for first time after he started.
  6. Yeah, we're starting to see it bleed over into other sports. Miami is actively tanking. The team said it'd revolt if they traded Tunsil. Then, they traded Tunsil. It's that sort of thing. But the comments people are making here are right. Tanking's potential benefits diminish with the number of players on the field. In a five-on-five game, a superstar can carry a team like Wade did with Miami before LeBron ever got there. In MLB, it has to be what happened with Houston where all of the position players turn out, allowing them to trade for pitchers. In the NFL, the Jets tried it, and Mangini wound up never getting a head coaching gig again. With 11 on 11, there's just too much going on for a single non-QB to make that kind of an impact. And even the great QBs can only do so much. Green Bay's 23-22-1 over the past three seasons.
  7. Spurs are widely considered a tank. That team was much better than their record.
  8. MNF

    Not watching the game, who’s getting all the yardage? I know Aaron Jones ain’t doing anything on the ground.
  9. Dangit!! Looks like the armbar got me tonight. Elbow is tweaked
  10. MNF

    Packers have 100+ yards rushing in one half. Those outside zone runs in WCo look unstoppable at times.
  11. MNF

    Oh look a 3rd down play Rodgers can't buy enough time and throws it away. What's up with all these FGs tonight? GB's only TD is from the 12 man call otherwise that's just 3 FGs tonight...
  12. And despite all of that, he still only has a 42% approval rating and a majority of Americans want his corrupt *** impeached and removed from office. How sad for you.
  13. probably not going to matter
  14. MNF

    Yep. Just for covering NFL's butt...
  15. Agreed all around. This team with a good offseason of who to keep, re-structure, cut, and draft will be huge at determining a quick turn around...but of course it won't matter if coaching doesn't also do it's job. No more Takk or Vic mistakes on marginal players as 1st rounders. 5 years in on Vic and Takk's 3rd is he regressing? Chuck Smith was saying the Falcons aren't using them right standing up. They ARE NOT 3-4 OLBs...DQ counted on that working. They are not playing upright rushing as well. Takk shows flashes but Vic looks lost. I'd just put Vic in Nickel where we are back in 4 man fronts. He is losing snaps to Campbell in the 3-4 stuff as it is. Both leave a lot to be desired. I think Takk at least showed something first 2 years in 4 man pass rush; 3-point stance and even inside in Nickel.
  16. MNF

    Flag only came out once Allison didn’t get up right away, we’ve seen that call a hundred times.
  17. MNF

    Whatever he about to be down to waterboys, and his throws are off
  18. The NBA is pretty much the only team sport where teams go into a season with the plan to actively tank. In other sports, the approach is more to have a "fire sale" during the season once the year is considered a bust. (Baseball has some weird exceptions) In this thread, what many are calling "tanking" is really just playing your depth players more and shutting down some of your starters once the season is lost. Essentially an enhanced preseason mode.
  19. Being here..I hear and see alot of cardinals stuff. Murray looks legit. We had him dead to rights a couple tines and he was unbelievable in his speed and quickness. It was very impressive to see in person.
  20. MNF

    It’s WCO.
  21. MNF

    Arod is not that dude anymore trying to get all his wrs killed
  22. MNF

    I'm sorry but that's a bang bang football play.
  23. Aaron Brooks and every browns since the SB era is not comparable to anyone else u named or the thread title. At all.
  24. The Falcons not having a pass rush is my personal Groundhog Day.
  25. You realize all logic goes out the window with the Falcons right? That being said fire Quinn before the Saints game Y’all drop a 70 burger on us.
  26. Ouch..
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