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  2. Going to laugh if the Rams miss the playoffs. IMO it's more likely than not with how the NFC is this year.
  3. Stats are close, but Jalen's are still better. Trufant couldn't catch an INT if his life depended on it (this season is an anomaly) and both players are used in completely different ways schematically. Trufant primarily plays off-zone in which he's asked not to let anyone get behind him in cover 3 and come up and make tackles. Whereas Jalen traditionally follows the other teams top WR so the stats are naturally skewed. I imagine if Jalen was asked to play Trufant's role he'd be even better than Sherman was in Seattle.
  4. Thought I read somewhere about Drew’s Ks.. I’m pretty stoked about him too.. was brain farting his name earlier and wanted to bring him up too.. edit: bring him up in conversation, not up up
  5. I was a HUGE fan of Ramsey coming out of Florida state. I thought he could be the next great DB, and he still could be. But right now he’s more so getting away with having a big name and a big mouth rather than actual big play.
  6. Vic doesn't want it. He is an athlete playing football. Not a football player.
  7. Let me say this, at this point I will take Ramsey over Tru, he is younger, more talented and has higher ceiling. Is he consistently a shut down CB, not yet. Had a great 2017, not a good 2018. First game in 2019 wasn’t great, recovered next two games. Is he worth 2 first rounds for ceiling and potential, probably not. Just too inconsistent for that kinda draft capital.
  8. Didn’t say you did today.. and I wasn’t using today as reasoning.. you’ve wanted to dump several guys early.. but I really don’t want to go down this rabbit hole with you either. there’s been such a good discussion.. let’s stay on topic
  9. I'm higher on Drew Walters than I am Christian Pache to be honest with you. If I had to trade one or the other I'm trading Pache. Walters has hit more in the minors than Pache has and is just as good a fielder.
  10. No arguments here. I'm also kind of lucky with it. I was playing around with one of my team leaders when he said something goofy (I don't remember what). I retorted that he needed to shut up or I'd tell everybody that I saw him with "Bridget, the Bearded Broad". Totally made up character, have no reason why I chose that particular alliteration. "How'd you know my mom's name is Bridget? Did I tell you that?" Nope, Jon. You didn't. I think I literally shook my head that time. Another time, a guy in an equipment customization lab brought a small sealed bag to my cubicle. It contained a living spider that was about as big as my thumbnail. He wanted me to snap a picture and email it to HQ to let them know that the last couple of sea containers with certain product had been infested with the critters. Snapped the photo and as promised, I emailed it. Then, I forgot about it. About five hours later one of my guys had a question and I stood up to answer it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the spider move within the bag. I screamed loud enough for most in the office to hear and literally jumped a few feet away. Glad he was the only one in eyesight. I guess I should mention that I don't much care for spiders...
  11. He argued with me in that thread with random google search. I posted how Ramsey was not following the OBJ or who ever the best WR were. He must be Ramsey fan.
  12. Those make Tru look even better than the ones I posted. Idk why our fans love to glorify other players while pegging ours down. Grass is always greener I guess.
  13. No need for that man. We disagree often, no worries.. I’m just pretty excited about what’s brewing and wanna see it sooner than later
  14. Actually Ramsey was worse in giving up more yards/snap and yards. If Tru held on to 2-3 picks more, he would have had better nfl rating than Ramsey. I wonder who the fool really is..
  15. I don't think I called you any names today. You come at me more often than not and I eventually take your bait. You want to use today as reasoning. There are days like today where you assume this when I actually right. I'm tired of this though, at least I admit when I'm wrong. You just blame people for why you did it.
  16. Bruh, go look at the stats posted above by Falcons007.
  17. I’m starting Goff over Jackson for my fantasy team.
  18. Sorry, I can't get with this idea. I wanna see more production out of Pache in the minors before I'm ready to stick him in the majors as an everyday player. I'm not even fully solid that Riley is quite ready yet to handle being an everyday guy. It's why I'm hoping we go out and get a big time proven bat.
  19. Im so tired of this delusional fan base. Trufant number have never been near Ramsey. You're a fool if think they were..
  20. Didn’t even think of that..
  21. Too bad they wasted all those draft picks from Washington.
  22. The Falcon weren't going almost 5 years without a 1st round selection when they traded to draft Julio. They only didn't have a 1st rounder for 2012. Rams are going 2 straight drafts without a 1st round pick after already not having a 1st round pick since 2017.
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