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  2. If I had to choose between Mike Minor or Marcus Stroman give me Mike Minor. Minor has proven he can handle pitching for the Braves and his 1 postseason start is much better than Stroman's 2 postseason starts. He's also been better than Stroman this year. Give me Minor!!
  3. I really hope this game finally costs Luke his job because he's done nothing to deserve it. I don't want to hear about spin rate, bad luck shifts or soft seeing eye singles. The guy is not a closer and honestly shouldn't be sniffing anything past the 7th.
  4. It looked GONE off the bat. When it didn't, I was immediately disappointed...then I realized who tf cares because we just won!
  5. Need a closer.
  6. What was stupid is that he was warming up in the 9th and they sat him down since they didn't take the lead.
  7. Hopefully they can figure out Anibal Sanchez tomorrow. At least they won't be facing Scherzer on Sunday.
  8. I can agree with that.
  9. Matt Castle, Matt Flynn, Zac Mettenburger, Gardner Menshew
  10. He's the only guy I'm not trading. I'll give up 3 of these other dudes for a marginal improvement.
  11. True, Poe and Coleman are still good in my books. Poe like you said is NOT worth Alex Mack money. Coleman was worth the 5ish mil per year he got but, we had to spread the wealth to the defense
  12. And Abe was injured and 35. It was the right move. Ariwas the only team thatoffered him shyte. He made.1.6m in 2013.
  13. Rodney was spent. They should've made a move but oh well. Hopefully Soroka and the guys do their thing tomorrow making the series a success and take Sunday's for good measure.
  14. Glad that didn't go into extras I wanted to watch the LA darby
  15. Yes
  16. Then he should have been warming up. That reliever had nothing left. He was just winging it up there.
  17. **** no. Ian Anderson is on the same path as Mike Soroka. He has Jacob deGrom type of potential
  18. The Nats closer makes Luke look like Mariano Rivera
  19. I think if FFS70 were to say something nice about TD and give him credit for something like signing Michael Turner he would disappear into a pile of nothingness. He's like Patrick Swayze in Ghost.
  20. Hold up. I made a joke about Madden. You are correct, you don't get rid of Beasley after that year he had. If anything, last year would have been the year to try and trade him. I was pointing out that there IS PRECEDENT in the NFL for getting rid of a first round pick after one season. Thats the only point I was making...
  21. Come on bro.. Abe and Grimes were the only players REMOTELY closr to being good when let go. Abe played one season and then What? Disappeared from football Crimes wasnt even able to win his team A division championship. Actually not even a winning season. These guys were toast when released. The rest of the guys you mentioned aren't even worth mentioning lol
  22. God said what if Guy Fieri but a former ball player
  23. Great win. But how much longer must we suffer with Luke as the closer
  24. **** Puke.
  25. In all fairness he did sayPoe who has a.full season of showig he isnt worth the money
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