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  2. Oh Brother...….you mean the brotherman might have rah rahed himself right out of a job? You have to change it up a little...….same ish gets old for everyone eventually.
  3. Agreed. Falcons could get like a 3rd for him.
  4. That’s a lot to give up. they probably figured it was a good week to bring him along slowly w an easy win on the schedule
  5. A team that don't sit on their hands... nice
  6. Falcons need to be smart and honest with themselves and flip Trufant while they can. Philly and KC lost out on Ramsey and absolutely would entertain a Trufant deal.
  7. I somewhat believe from the piss poor coaching DQ has shown, that's its possible that Beasley didn't want that one on one hands-on training.
  8. it was all a dream!!
  9. i always said that he didn't do anything to make the Seahawks defense great.... they were great b4 him... he was a fools gold hire!!
  10. well the current team isn't very sexy so my mind travels into the future where beauty can be found.
  11. congrats you just played yourself , FOR A CREATIVE DC. It takes a creative dc for him to produce which happened in 2016
  12. It is the Falcons they are Failures and it seems like they always will be I am a fan of the Atlanta Failures because I have always had a soft spot and pull for the Charlies Brown's of the world. The defense is full of Charlie Browns this year.
  13. I'm either having horrible deja vu or this is a replica of another thread from earlier today...
  14. He'll become a college coach.
  15. If so many guys are struggling on defense it isn't because of them. The whole defense is full of confusion and problems. It's a coaching issue
  16. Maybe if they let him run his own scheme....
  17. I know there's a lot of cap on offense but not resigning Hoop would be a bone headed move if I've ever seen one.
  18. We heard rumblings last year about Freshman out of line and some inter-team squabbling (presumably Brenton Cox/Justin Fields) around the LSU/UF game/bye week. Then we had the entire team mailing it in for the Sugar bowl against Texas and now the whispers about the team not being ready for South Carolina. WTF?
  19. Takk is 3rd in the league in pass rush win rate among DE/OLB (37%). The only reason he can’t get his sacks is because the QB gets the ball out so quick because of our soft *** zone coverage.
  20. He can't cover and the front can't get pressure. It's pee wee football for opposing teams offenses.
  21. Maybe as a scouting director but there's no way in **** he'll get a DC job immediately.
  22. Of course he will.
  23. im mean theres no way he gets hired, as a DC, in the NFL after he gets fired... to be the so called " defensive minded coach" only to have, what might be , a historically bad defense, can't get him any looks around the league can it???
  24. I tried to tell 'em. Dude can get after it like nobody's business AND can play the run. People just look at the measurables & make up their mind rather than actually paying attention to the player. I also wanted Yannick Ngakoue a few years ago & folks were like "who??"
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