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  2. There was no one left. We got that kid from Ga and you see what he did. Money Matt was the best left out there. Shouldnt have cut him to begin with. Dan screwed up his MoJo like he's done with the rest of the team. Dan is a "MoJo Screwer".
  3. I actually like Henderson as a R2 pick as well. Pretty sticky corner.
  4. No I still think JJ is the better receiver. But I see potential in Ridley and with Sanu would work fine. I guess ultimately the problem is with all of receivers we have we should be beating teams into the ground. Many have lost our minds because of our season.
  5. It's not the position, it's the talent. We dont have any playmakers or game changers in the back 7.
  6. You're correct. But that's not at all the only reason. Payton is a great offensive play caller. Is DQ even CLOSE to that on defense?
  7. No ONE player is greater than the sum of all the other working parts. Julio is simply candy sprinkles on a large turd!! Its still a turd no matter how much you try to dress it up. Also, Julio alone is not gonna fill seats!!
  8. Regressed from what? In order to regress, you have to be somewhere ahead to go back from. He didnt have the mentorship Vic had with Irvin or Abraham or whoever. Takk is learning on his own from a lost DC and no help from any other DE that can teach him any moves. Takk started at 0 and he's still there. That's coaching and team's fault.
  9. I remember back in the day some kids put a burning bag of **** on my front porch. I was staying in the projects at the time and I knew that none of them had dogs because dogs weren't allowed there. So..............
  10. Ravens have always been built to play defense and run the ball. Wish we would learn how to do those things.
  11. What? For 5 years he's playing smarter? He didnt want it for 5 years?
  12. Kyle knows Sanu’s value, exactly!
  13. That's what I'm saying
  14. Question to peeps that want Sanu over Julio and are actually being serious. Do you honestly think Sanu would have beaten Ramsey off the line as easy as Julio was yesterday, simple yes or no.
  15. The same can be said for Ryan. The problem though is nobody is gonna pay the price of that stock...
  16. Its a fact we have some of the dumbest fans on the planet. And the bulk of the stupid fans, thing the solution is to get more UGA players. This team will never leave ATL, but it should.
  17. They made the right choice with moving on, just the wrong choice in the replacement.
  18. Takk is garbage. Hasn’t done anything the whole time he’s been here. Regressed
  19. I have had similar train of thought. What you are saying is absolutely facts! It’s a high rope. What do you do when your best players want more $$$? Michael Thomas got this, and makes more than me. Or QBx got paid!!! It never fails 9/10 times once they are paid their production is never the same. By the same token what good does paying players if you can’t get the ball to them? I like Sanu better than Julio! I am not saying Sanu is better than Julio. However, Sanu does offer different other skill sets that Julio doesn’t.
  20. Go back and watch it. You can see Havenstein pull his dreads as the ref is trying to restrain him. He clearly yanks him down and walks off
  21. Restructuring non stop is what has gotten us into the current cap situation.
  22. Please, just one time. It makes me feel better about myself because I'm usually the names that I call other people.
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