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  2. A lot as usual., then again you missed a lot in the Russian Hoax as well. Oh right, it's not your fault, you are a #nevertrumper from the get go.
  3. I won’t post the whole article but here’s the link FALCONS Falcons: De’Vondre Campbell needs to be benched The beginning of this Atlanta Falcons season has been demoralizing for a team and a fan base that entered 2019 with such lofty expectations. The defense was back to 100%; the offensive line was revamped; the skill positions were as loaded as ever, and the pesky coaches that were responsible for 2018’s downfall were no longer in the building. This was supposed to be a resurrection year. Instead, Atlanta looks as lifeless as they ever have in the Dan Quinn era. A plethora of things have gone sideways for the Falcons on their way to a 1-5 start, but the players have to bear most of the responsibility for the product on the field. Several guys, especially on defense, are wildly underperforming, and the last few weeks might be the writing on the wall for De’Vondre Campbell. Let’s start with this play against the Texans, courtesy of The Falcoholic’s Allen Strk. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of more plays coming that highlight Campbell’s ineffectiveness against both the run and the pass. Several times, he appears to be doing his own thing, unbothered by whether he’s supposed to be playing man or zone. In a limited sample size, Foye Oluokun has vastly outperformed Campbell, yet Quinn has refused to make the switch – despite admitting over the last several weeks that he will be re-evaluating personnel decisions following the Falcons’ porous start. Here is Campbell again versus the Colts In each game, Campbell is picked on because of his lackadaisical awareness. Unfortunately for him, it’s a contract year, and he’s losing out on money with every passing week. more in the article.
  4. Sanu is a stand up guy and plays EVERY game. I don't want him traded but if they do, send him to NE so he can get the ring he has put in the work for but won't get here.
  5. Ant Man is under appreciated in MCU imo. Both films have been very good. Maybe he will take on a leading role in the next chapter of Avengers? There are a hundred different directions they could go with Spider-Man back in MCU long term, X-Men and F4 back in the fold. All of which gives more substance to the next big wave being a Secret Wars MCU storyline.
  6. It's known as quid pro Joe around here, but you forgot, Grampie.
  7. If he goes he’ll join a list of guys we shouldn’t have let go on hindsight.
  8. This thing called the salary cap and the dead money associated with trading Ryan says this won't happen
  9. Yeah. . . please provide a link of Mulvaney saying the quid pro quo was for what Schiff said it was. Mulvaney: Ukranian corruption: Schiff: DNC hacking Again, the best evidence of a quid pro quo is in the transcript of the phone call itself. What am I missing here?
  10. At what point did any rational observer think this wouldn't end in Trump declaring pardons en masse for his administration? We know that this guy fights to the last ******* straw just like a drowning rat.
  11. If you believe President "II Duce" wrote that, then I have some ocean-front property in western Kansas that I will sell you! That was definitely written by Ivanka, it looks and sounds like the BS she would say!
  12. I'd like the 9ers too. Just because I'm rooting for Shanny.
  13. Trufant's dead cap won't allow him to go anywhere.
  14. Yep. I’d hate for him to be in the NFC
  15. Terrible plan of action. Just plain terrible.
  16. Send him to the Pats or Packers. i don’t want that **** bag Shannahan getting him after screwing us out of a Trophy
  17. What are you talking about? I never said no way this happens
  18. Not being funny, but Soundland would be a heckuva great theme park. Different areas for different musical genres. I'd visit every year.
  19. All talk, no action. She's a Flake.
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