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  2. Love the Hageman signing. I’ll be pulling for him....
  3. How did falcons misuse him? Upshaw wasn’t really “a very good player” with ravens.
  4. 46 pitches in 2 innings.....
  5. Following the revelation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller unearthed no evidence that President Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia to sway the 2016 election, Trump allies are now awaiting the results of two long-running internal probes that could expose the backstory behind the Russia probe's beginnings -- and provide more detail on already-documented misconduct among top FBI and DOJ officials. DOJ Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz confirmed at a panel discussion last week that his office is continuing to review potential surveillance abuses by the FBI, a review that began last March and that Fox News is told is nearing completion. Horowitz has previously found that senior FBI officials routinely leaked information without authorization to the media, and also received "improper gifts" from reporters, including meals and sporting event tickets. Most notably, Horowitz found that FBI officials' anti-Trump communications raised doubts as to the integrity of their work.
  6. I'd be more concerned if Hageman was trying to come back after a major injury. Right now, some team may be willing to pony up a draft pick on DT Jeffrey(?) Simmons. I would rather have Hageman with his lowball contract and something to prove....
  7. I think Jeff is right. Seems like Julio's mechanics are a little off. Hes consistently missing away.
  8. He needs an Attorney on retainer.
  9. If the value is there absolutely. People wondered what the saints were doing when they drafted Kamara and that worked out for them pretty well. Not sure who that guy would be necessarily. Definitely not Holyfield.
  10. So you use PFF all the time, sounds like you are full of &@ again now claims because other people say it sucks it’s not applicable to you.
  11. First one a little over thrown but looked like a throw it up and let Julio run under it - well played by safety or it’s a TD. second one - definitely forced into triple coverage, bad choice. Third one lattimore holding/all over Julio and then gets under him.
  12. Yep, pretty sad, but not surprised. They're pretty good at serving up walks.
  13. Even if Julio settles in hes going to be over 40 through two innings. The bullpen is going to be a big issue in this one.
  14. I just saw Julio Teheran walk a guy with an .077 batting average on 4 straight balls for the guy's 1st walk of the season.
  15. The teams that passed on Hurst were most likely concerned with the risk of him up and dying on the field. From an overall franchise prospective that is a perfectly reasonable reason to walk away from a player.
  16. This ump is giving nothing on the edges.
  17. I would feel more at ease if we drafted a good running back as an insurance policy in case Freeman gets seriously injured again. What do you guys think?
  18. Lindsey was an UDFA. Perhaps like the Falcons said we weren’t planning to draft an RB but thought Ito was too good of a value to pass on at the spot we picked him.
  20. Lindsay was one of the highest rated runners in the history of that college. Colorado. Which we obviously had to have been at the pro day of because we ended up picking up Isaiah Oliver. Go back at look at his college highlights. Lindsay was the biggest rb sleeper in the draft. Reminds me of the Brady story which we all know so well. Scheme fit seems to be a double edge sword because Phillip Lindsay's value this past season was wayyy higher than Ito's was. Not taking anything from Ito but Lindsay is the more vertical player.
  21. Falcons have taken bigger risks with draft picks before. Hageman and Collins in the second.... Southward in the 3rd.... So why the Falcons' braintrust decided to pass on 'risking' a fourth rounder on Hurst.... its just amazing to me. Its not like we needed an RB more than a DT.... or that RB's are harder to find....
  22. Again, I told you why. You and another impugned my motive for showing strong support for Hageman, my response got egg on your face, so you dig deeper instead of just admitting it’s understandable why I have compassion for him. And yes, my efforts in corrections do give me a special insight in these troubled kids others might not have. I don’t call fatbio and other former players braggarts when they talk about their special insight on a particular topic. in fact, you won’t even acknowledge Hagemans traumatic childhood as it provides merit to my pure motive that you keep trying to smear
  23. I thought PFF sucks? That pass rushing rating must not be weighted too heavily toward sacks and hits. Buddy had 2.0 sacks and 5 hits in 2016. Barely more than Upshaw.
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