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  2. Ok. Fine. Jon Gruden took an amazing 12-4 team and turned them into a complete dumpster fire. A 12-4 team that would have blown everyone away and won the Super Bowl had Derek Carr not gotten hurt because they were blowing everyone away until he got hurt. There was no doubt they were the clear cut best team in the AFC that year because of all those dominating wins they had.
  3. Why not just fire all of them like they were planning to do before this? They're not Mayock's guys. That's why they turned on him, knew their time was coming. So they started auditioning for other teams. Those teams don't give a **** that the scouts turned on the Raiders.
  4. You need to pay better attention to cable news. Trump has basically acted in defiance of everything the constitution spells out. He was thrilled with Russian interferrence in his election, encourages violence when the opportunity might favor stiring up his radical followers, I could go on but I'll let someone else jump in and add more.
  5. They won the Superbowl in 01 tho.
  6. I would ask each Scout face to face if they’ve spoken to any form of media or 3rd party sources outside the team about any team matters. If you find out they lied to you, fire em & let everyone you know in the industry that they cannot be trusted.
  7. Gruden will have the Raiders in the Superbowl within 3 years. Count on it...
  8. I already said, you are right, they beat 12 NFL caliber teams they were better than.
  9. James Stone
  10. Why do you refuse to answer a simple question?
  11. That’s the question isn’t it if we decide to move foward with the 2.Campbell will be a decision a hard decision they have to make where they go with him.Thats the only reason they take a LBer first up if the mentioned isn’t in there plans next year going foward. How bout we don’t build a roster based off of injury.You can’t predict injuries they happen. All I know is that DEbo and Campbell together are pretty darn good. I also no the cleaner we keep them the more effective they are.
  12. And the 2001 Patriots came back to earth a bit in 2002 going 9-7 and missing the playoffs.
  13. At least we'll have momentum trading up to the spot we would have had if we didn't win that game.
  14. Were the 2010 13-3 Falcons as good as their 13-3 record said they were? If your honest answer is no then your honest answer about the 2016 Raiders 12-4 team not being as good as their 12-4 record said they were is no. I never said they were a bad team because they weren't, but they weren't as good as their 12-4 record stated. They were right along the lines of a 9-7 team in 2016. They benefitted from winning an unsubstainable amount of close games just like the 2010 Falcons did. The 2016 Raiders won 8 games by 7 points or less. They had 5 wins by 3 points or less. Just 3 or 4 of those games go the other way and they're 8-8 or 9-7 like their actual play showed.
  15. So you want to pay Campbell next year when he's only ok when Jones is beside him?? How about we draft somebody who is actually capable of filling in for Jones if he happens to get hurt again? Because we don't have a Lb on the roster that is close to capable of that.
  16. Again, you just keep attacking me personally by making the post about me when in fact , the post is about Hageman. Why attack people personally that have said nothing to or about you? It’s an unprovoked personal assault you engaged in here. Many posters enjoyed the post as witnessed by the number of likes. If you didn’t like it, why do you have to rain on everyone else’s parade with hostile attacks?
  17. Last year I don’t judge him.To many moving parts around him last year. The year previous him and DEbo were close to the one of the best tandems playing the nickel in the league. Combinations are key Campbell & Jones pretty good together yep so Batman & Robin we already got.
  18. You’re right, they won the NFL games where they were the better team. Which all 12-4 teams do in the NFL. You are correct!
  19. In their defense the 2001 Pats didn't win a game against a winning team until their second playing game.
  20. I get mad every time I think about us winning our last game.
  21. You posted this same stuff in the other thread. There was no need for you to post it again. The only reason you posted it AGAIN was because it didn't give you attention in the other thread. Why is that so difficult for you to understand or admit? You know I'm right. You're playing the "victim" here when called out for being an attention whore when you know that's the truth. I don't hate you. But dude you do this a lot. It's like all the OBESSIVE and endless Tom Brady vs. Matt Ryan threads you post around here when all you're crap could be contained to one thread. But no. You want to spam the board with GAZOO "LOOK AT ME" stuff.
  22. It wasn't. Go look at their team rankings that year, especially on defense. They only played 3 games that year against teams that won at least 10 games (Chiefs x2, Falcons) and they lost all 3 games.
  23. Are you calling him Robin because nobody remembers him? He's so overrated. Can you remember a single play he made last year?
  24. I couldn't agree more! I don't see why he doesn't move Acuna to CF and Charlie to LF. That would surely be a much better offensive move and we know how important that is with the current BP woes, although hats off to them for their stellar performance last night.
  25. For one, you don’t speak for all of the posters that really enjoyed the post. Secondly, you just keep personally attacking my by assigning false motives to the post and then making it about me. The post is about Hageman. Why do you spew so much hatred and venom at me? I didn’t say anything to or against you, you just launched off on a full scale assault on me. Why the personal attacks? The post is light hearted and meant to be amusing.
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