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  2. Sports Illustrated Grades/Comments: 14. ATLANTA FALCONS: G CHRIS LINDSTROM When the Falcons paid meaningful money to guards James Carpenter and Jamon Brown in free agency, analysts like yours truly scratched their heads and wondered if this meant the team was moving to more of a north-south inside zone running game, rather than the east-west outside zone game around which they’ve built their offense. Carpenter and Brown, after all, are downhill maulers with limited lateral agility. Lindstrom, on the other hand, is dripping with athleticism. He’s expected to be an excellent outside zone blocker, which suggests the Falcons will indeed remain an outside zone running team. Carpenter, though not suited for that system, at least survived in it for many years as a Seahawk. Brown also played in it as a Ram and could be moved to right tackle, a position he played effectively during the 2017 offseason in L.A. The Falcons, who entered this draft with few needs and a ready-to-win-now roster, upgraded at a critical position. GRADE: A- 31. ATLANTA FALCONS (VIA LOS ANGELES RAMS): T KALEN MCGARY The Falcons took two first-round offensive linemen in one draft … and that’s after signing a pair of what looked like would-be starting guards in free agency. Assuming this is it for O-line investments, we now know where the Falcons stand (if not going into camp, then likely coming out of it): Chris Lindstrom will be the left guard and Kaleb McGary will be the right tackle, leaving Jamon Brown at right guard and James Carpenter in a somewhat expensive backup role. OK, it all makes sense now, though if you wanted to nitpick, you could say this is a lot put into one part of the roster, given that Atlanta’s four-man pass rush could use a bit of a boost. GRADE: B-
  3. Posted 3 hours ago (edited) 4th. Joe Jackson DE Miami and Isaiah Johnson CB Houston 5th. Daylon Mack DT Texas A&M and Foster Moreau TE LSU 6th. Jamel Dean CB Auburn and Bruce Anderson RB North Dakota State 7th. Brett Rypien QB Boise
  4. Not as sexually creepy as your old potus.
  5. I'm good with it
  6. One thing I noticed - granted it's highlight tapes - but both Lindstrom and McGary seemed to be good at blocking someone - then re-directing and popping the 2nd guy coming free - great re-direction ability.
  7. Did feminist liberal women nominate and vote for a guy that brags about grabbing women by their kitty cats?
  8. Could you summarize? Can't watch at work. I've heard that the expectation is that Carpenter the two picks will start. Is that true?
  9. I just don't see the benefit of looking at the negatives at this point. Everyone has a bad game at some point and no one is perfect. He is a Falcon moving forward and I remain optimistic about our upcoming season.
  10. Exactly. I’ll say this much, I’m betting McGary is a starter pretty quick either at G or RT.
  11. Sounds awfully similar to their judgments on the 2016 1st and 2nd round picks...
  12. This! All this back and forth today is fine, but regardless of where they end up playing, the ultimate goal will have been satisfied if these guys are OL fixtures for 5-10 years.
  13. Experience has taught me that my scouting eye and preferences are amateurish. I don’t think we did much with Risner, Taylor’s drop seemed health related...and whether you preferred Ford/’s reasonable to assume both could have been gone by #45. Plus...don’t underestimate the impact of getting that (cheap) 5th year option...another reason why getting McGary in Round 1 v Round 2 was prudent...
  14. Knee issues apparently scared teams off
  15. Scroll down to my other post...
  16. Kiper, Jr. had Lindstrom mocked to Packers at #12. I believe Lindstrom was going Top 25 for sure and most likely Top 20. Lindstrom wasn't a reach. McGary? they might have reached a little but he probably wouldn't have made it to #45. If he pans out, it won't matter.
  17. I don’t either. I don’t think we overdrafted Lindstrom at all. I rather like McGary and agree worst case scenario move him inside and roll with brown or Ty at RT. Overall, I like this draft
  18. I'd rather have done DL at 14 (would love if Wilkins dropped) and a guy like Risner in the 2nd (or whoever similar dropped). But if these two guys pan out, no one will care. I think the Falcons get a little too dialed in on specific players, but they do that every it's just how they operate.
  19. You shouldn't let it upset you.
  20. it's kind of funny, isn't it. I always have my "favorites" like we all do - but I understand I have limited access to information that doesn't bound Dimitroff and Quinn who have probably 100 fold more information than me - doesn't mean they make the right pick - or - that my thoughts are wrong if different - but I like the picks and the philosophy of building the O-Line through the draft. I feel GREAT about Lindstrom and I am not as sure about McGary but I am hopeful there.
  21. Most of us aren't even mad at the draft picks rather the execution in FA. We're now going to have an extremely expensive back oline while our pass rush is a huge question mark. I feel like because our oline was so bad people forget how bad our pass rush was. Our Dline ranked 25th against the pass in terms of DVOA. We tied for 22nd in sacks last season and who did we add to bolster the pass rush? Hageman and Clayborn. One guy who's been out of football for two years and another guy coming off a two sack seasons. Sure getting back Deion, Rico and Neal should help the pass rush some but the Dline talent is lacking. In a leauge were teams pass at a nearly 2 to 1 ratio a consistent pass rush is EXTREMELY important and needed to win. We're now relying on most of these things to happen: - Bealsey getting back to playing at a high level - Hageman and Clayborn getting back to their 2016 level of play - Takk staying healthy and taking that next step. - No big injuries Doesn't really inspire confidence does it?
  22. Well that I expect, as well as the occasional player missing in regards to breakdown or scouting by the network but this was our first selection! I've never seen them just blatantly ignore it. They said the name, cut to commercial then didn't even bother to explain or look at the selection. Like wow.
  23. Yeah I saw that, and if he was their guy then you have to pull the trigger. Based on the presser I think they panicked a little thinking there wouldn’t be an OT they liked left if they didn’t trade back up. Jury is out on that one.
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