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  2. Falcons trade Matt Ryan for Raiders 3 1st rounders
  3. It upsets me that a person's life can be ruined based on a lie. It's even worse with the rise of twitter and facebook. Glad when guys like Banks can overcome that stuff and shed light on the "I'm a victim because I said so, and I don't need proof" mentality.
  4. About time!
  5. 1. 3 QB's in top 10, 5 overall in 1st round. 2. Will Grier to Patriots at #32 3. No RB in 1st round. 4. Rock Ya-sin is first corner off the board. 5. Jonathan Abram and Darnell Savage go 1st round.
  6. Oh really, I just saw it cause the guy above me posted the link so I tried to help em out lol. Tbh wouldn't be mad with Bush. Would give us an elite LB Corp
  7. Yep. So many variables
  8. I just saw a mock on NFL Network predicting we take Ford at our normal spot with Wilkins going one pick before us. I'm generally pretty skeptical of Oklahoma players. A lot of them do great in college and then don't do **** in the NFL. I have not paid close attention to this draft class though so I'm working with a pretty limited understanding of these moving pieces.
  9. August 9th...not too far away!
  10. Lol.. trade them ALL.. we need veterans..
  11. If what's in the audio is true, the guy needs to be gone from the league and the child removed.
  12. Sometimes I wonder when we will get to a point where we look back and reasonable people agree social media was a horrible idea. This **** is like a breath away from being a far bigger version of the sovereign citizen movement.
  13. Love the nfl draft. Way more interesting than other sports because it is so unpredictable. Everyone values players differently.
  14. He plays like a demon which is all that matters but h e l l he looks like a monster 14 year old kid up there on stage
  15. Me too! FYI, I was supposed to see the old geezers in New Orleans at jazz festival this week, Timmy. Micky got sick on me....
  16. Ill be seeing that FOR SURE
  17. Literally his next 4 tweets are "breaking" tweets about Atlanta draft trades that never happened lol
  18. Trade up and Get Q-Dub...Let's be outta here by 8:30
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