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  2. Let's see, Russia Russia Russia, Collusion Collusion Collusion, Obstruction Obstruction it's Impeachment Impeachment Impeachment...Dems are truly stuck on stupid. @Big_Dog aka Squirrely Bob
  3. It will be either for a DT or DE Quinnen Williams - trade up w/Jets (2nd & 4th this year and a future 2nd next year) Ed Oliver - trade up w/Lions (3rd & 5th this year) Jeffery Simmons - trade back w/Texans (receive their 2nd and 5th) Rashan Gary - trade back w/Giants (receive their 3rd) According to Tony Pauline we really like Ed Oliver and we are willing to trade up.
  4. Snackbox trying to be
  5. I believe it will be Cody Ford but we’ll move back into the first and take Dexter Lawrence and solidify the lines.
  6. PM me if you want to make this interesting.....
  7. I sent him a PM and ask him if he would lock the game at 9 pm this evening... I'll try and check to see if he got the note...
  8. I like safer pick,, with the first round pick,, we diffenantly want to get a Safe pick,, for our first round pick to bust is a major set back and lose....
  9. Christian Wilkins at #14, FTR.
  10. Chris Lindstrom Dexter Lawrence Chase Winovich Michael Dogbe Cole Holcomb Tyler Newsome Christian Wilkins Justin Layne Isaiah Johnson Marcus Green Rock Ya-Sin Nate Davis Kaleb McGary Lamont Galliard Wes Hill Jimmy Moreland Joejuan Williams Jaylon Ferguson Ed Oliver Maxx Crosby OL, CB, CB, DE, OL, LB Chris Lindstrom, Justin Layne, Isaiah Johnson CB Both, trade up and trade back
  11. Not my personal choice, but just have a feeling it's gonna be Banks
  12. Sure but I think people have gotten overly influenced by media draft boards and mocks and not really considering things on a team by team basis and what he can do for those teams. I have a feeling that Dex is going to be like Payne was last year. Tons of people had him coming to us at 26 and he went at 13. If there is a run on OL, I could see a fall to late 1st but I do not see anything to suggest he would even come close to falling to the 2nd.
  13. My sources tell me Chris Lindstrom has always been the target (And my sources are my brain and balls). They just take their guy @ #14 or trade down to a safe position to get him, but either way, Lindstrom is a Falcon on Day 1.
  14. It does make you wonder how much it plays out truly or is just a mind game. The dream!
  15. There’s no difference between what Stidhamwould bring versus what we have in Kurt Benkart.. Its a waste of draft capital... QB is next year if Kurt isn’t on the 53
  16. I like Risner as well. Wouldn’t mind a trade back and picking him up. Then pairing him with a Max Scharping. I think Scharping would transition better as a RG.
  17. Trade back with HOU... #14 for #23 and #54 We pick Chris Lindstrom at #23
  18. Christian Wilkins for the record
  19. Today
  20. I'm hoping for Dexter Lawrence but would not be mad if we got Wilkins instead. One thing I would like to know about how big Dexter Lawrence is Wilkins is in the foreground of this picture by at least 2 3 ft and Dexter Lawrence is still as big as Wilkins is
  21. More disinformation from a BS White House Kushner interview: There were only a hanful of Russian planted facebook posts Truth: Over 80,000 were recorded ?
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