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  2. Can we all just get along we are up 5-0 and got a chance to get more cushion for our bullpen!
  3. Great job by the offense. Bieber didnt know what to do.
  4. Again....Im not letting yall ******** spill over to me...I made a statement....simple as that
  5. YES!!! What a slide by B-Mac!!
  6. We wouldn't if some people here were allowed to have an opinion without others needing to stalk them.
  7. Eat a **** *****
  8. This has to be the most negative positive post I've read on TATF. Yeah, he's gonna make it because everyone else on the DLine is ####.
  9. Are we seriously fighting over an internet forum? The Braves aren't even losing.
  10. I can't read what you are saying now, the ignore feature is actually working. Go watch the game instead of hanging on my every word. Maybe you'll learn something.
  11. I’m not the only one that gets annoyed by what she does.. I just call her out on it
  12. Happy Easter to everybody
  13. Come do it then internet tough guy.. talk **** through a keyboard coward!
  14. Man we’re up 5-0, can you guys wait until the bullpen tries to blow it to start fighting???
  15. This is exactly what I'm talking about with you. When things go well and people are chill you're also trying to stir the pot because you think you're better. You're not, you're a uppity little douschbag who needs his mouth slapped.
  16. How did he come into this...I aint defending no one...I made a have a problem with him..thats between yall...dont bring me in it... I got annoyed by what you were I said something...If I annoy sure they will tell me...dont take it personal...
  17. This is who you’re defending ROH.. seriously?!
  18. Happy Easter all
  19. It is what it is. At least I actually offer other insight all that little boob does is the same old ****; it's why most people don't even talk to him or have him on ignore. He's an obsessive loser with a hypocritical attitude he doesn't see.
  20. Do we? This guy harps on the same bs all the time, and ****** when he gets called out.. yet you’re here to back him up.. stop speaking in absolutes like you know it all and people won’t call you out on it This!
  21. That piece ESPN just showed was exactly what I was talking about and why Fried needs that high fastball strike to be successful. If that's a ball then the hitters can lay off it and sit on the curveball and either take it for a ball or hit it when it's a strike.
  22. Yeah...maybe so....we all ****** up to a
  23. Yesterday
  24. This is who you’re defending?! seriously?!
  25. Well it's annoying whenever a person doesn't like a player that all they do is talk **** about that person over and over and over again whenever they don't get a hit. We get it that some folks don't like the Josh Donaldson signing. There's no need to constantly harp about it.
  26. Doesnt matter that I change the title because the words " draft day trade " ALWAYS were in the first paragraph and he knew it. I changed the thread title to eliminate the excuses...
  27. Why stop at 1-4? Add in Markakis and Dansby (don't know why he's not ahead of McCann tonight) and that's the best 1-6 in all of baseball. If McCann and Flowers are even respectable, well that's the best lineup in baseball, even if Ender is nearly an automatic out. That is why I was pumping up the lineup all winter!! Because I believed in how good these guys could be!
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