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  2. That was good coverage. Bad call
  3. Man social media has really made this season not as dark. It's great when we can come together in common hatred and roast these folks
  4. I knew who this was before even checking the username
  5. Man our D isnt looking good
  6. Got any tips for someone that hasn't grilled salmon before? And keep in mind I'm so inexperienced with it I pronounce the "L"
  7. Tua is money most of the time. Everybody screws up from time to time
  8. China currently has over 1 million Muslims in concentration camps.
  9. Yeah, "can't blame the refs" gets tossed around even when it's one-sided. That Cardinals game officiating was atrocious and straight up cost us the win. I'm fine with it overall, since I barely watched and want the team to get a good draft pick, but it was horrendous. The biggest difference between our game and the Lions/Packers game was one being prime time.
  10. Much rather have effective then entertaining. But that's typical falcon fan thinking
  11. Every time?
  12. Yeah. That’s one of those get rid of it and go on to the next play. Sometimes you lose a play. Can’t win them all.
  13. If we can get Miller, I doubt it’s for a move sending them Vic who is becoming an UFA... If you trade for Miller; and if they accept a 2nd only, you’d be facing extending him to make the cap work...then; like Julio, he has to produce through age 34...
  14. This is exactly who he is. Coley has always been stubborn and lacks any adjustments. It ain't Kirby
  15. Glad that Swift, the defense, and a shanked punt bailed us out but the passing game is broken beyond belief in the snapshots we saw. It shouldn't be this bad. Fromm at the very worst, is decent, and you have good young wideouts that need coaching up. Coley just needs to go. There's no use for all of the talent if you can't get it coached up. I'm over it.
  16. It was an opener for the Yankees and a bullpen game for the Astros. Incredible.
  17. Or Like last week... We can't blame the refs because we lost... Or we made mistakes (every team does, including the winning team! Such a BS excuse), or don't leave it up to the refs(when it actually always comes down to them in the NFL, the games are so close) , or those 3 bad calls didn't cost us the game. Fans always excuse it away!! When like last week, they took 3 possessions away from us. In a tight game, that makes a huge difference! They control games that people don't even fuss about ,by letting things slide more for one team than the other. They literally have the ability to decide how the game goes and who wins. Their impact is so overlooked and underestimated. Those three missed on us last week, weren't even questionable.
  18. So get Miller for 2 years and have more cap hurdles than you can handle? Not sure we can make a roster work with the losses collectively from adding Miller. Defense isn’t 1 guy away. Get a better coach and system in place before over committing to a 31yo. I’d rather have Young for 5 years on cheaper deal...
  19. Lol post the tweet dude. I'm not wasting my time watching a video while I'm watching a movie. I like to read. Not watch some idiot babble on for 15 minutes when I could read it in 30 seconds.
  20. Dude you started this conversation out with a "smarty pants" remark
  21. Young doesn’t solve our problem too me. Miller is proven. Pass rush has been an issue before DQ got here. It feels like Abe’s the only decent competent go to rusher we’ve had since 2006.Times need to change I think if we had the opportunity to add Miller I think we don’t dismiss it.
  22. He allows more than Allen. That’s why he got some of those INTs. We’ve had INT FS here before that were terrible at the position itself. FS doesn’t mean you can misread what the offense is trying to do and get your CBs or seams hung out to dry. He also had too many missed tackles. Even if he got 10 INTs, what good does it do if it’s with double the big plays caused by the FS not doing his job?
  23. I said he would use the weather as an excuse.
  24. Might end the Yankees season too.
  25. Put trufant at FS and Kazee the cover guy. Worked for Antrell Rolle in NY
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