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  2. No matter the alleged wrong doing, whether a D or R president, Congress HAS to delve into facts and take appropriate action because no one is above the law. Trumpsters need to stop with the - your doing this because you don't like Trump BS!
  3. Who threw ALL those INTS.
  4. Yeah Jarret, Neal, Debo, Devo, Hooper,Ridley,Foye, are all bums.
  5. So an NFL team lied? Noooo
  6. Ito had solid pass catching production coming out of college. Much more than Free and Coleman combined. Both Free and Coleman developed their pass catching out of the backfield during their second years in the league. What I'm thinking is the Falcons understanding that Coleman is leaving next year so Ito already being solid at pass catching can sustain or increase that pass catching ability out of the backfield as a replacement for Coleman in his second year. That's where the replacement will come from. You don't really care to replace Coleman's running ability from the backfield. You really want to replace his pass catching ability. That's what he brought to the table.
  7. What did he do? I never researched his case. But if you cannot detail how significantly different it is from Trump's, then your point is not well-made unless it's simply to criticize my choice of words with "precedent."
  8. What do you think they impeached Clinton for doing?
  9. One of my best friends (he was on active duty) killed himself in December. We were friends before he even joined the army and then a few years after he joined we actually got deployed to the same place in Iraq at the same time from units in different places. We only got to see each other a few times because we were always out on mission but that was pretty awesome. Really great dude. He had made it up to E-7, was on track to make E-8 and probably would have made SGM. His soldiers absolutely loved him. He had some demons though, from that deployment and other deployments to Afghanistan. He had a beautiful family, a little girl that had just barely turned 3. He loved them like crazy too. I’m still mad as **** at him to be honest. It’s all so ****** up though.
  10. Not sure your point here
  11. Don't bring a bb to a .25 fight
  12. Dude I mean yeah. We don't like the mother ******. And we take this personally. People are people. First, evidence shows that Trump was connecting to the Russians throughout the election. You continue to minimize it because it doesn't live up to the fantasies you think all "Liberals" have. Second, he would have done that no matter what. He lies dude. It doesn't matter what the facts say. He lies. Why do you care that his lies align with reality? He will lie no matter what. This is now about Obstruction of justice and setting the precedent that a POTUS cannot engage in illegal conduct in office without repercussions.
  13. Dan Quinn..........sounds about right. Always scouting the right one, but choosing the head scratcher.
  14. Literally every team in the NFL passed over Lindsay 7 times bruh
  15. Can't say either line is stacked. Can say there's more quality depth for both lines. Want a game changer for the lines at 14, my preference would be DL, but OL works too. If you go OT at 14, think the next 3 picks need to be defense- hopefully doing for the DL what the 16 draft did for LB & S.
  16. It's not anything that I'm realizing or not realizing. I'm not saying it isn't possible. I'm not saying it doesn't happen. I'm not saying the Falcons didn't do him dirty. I'm merely saying don't go throwing stones when in a matter of minutes you heard this kid talking and thought the immediate worst of the Falcons and whomever he talked to. If the verbiage is changes every so slightly to "Hey PL, we really like you but as it stands now we're not looking to draft a RB." Then did the Falcons really do anything wrong? That's all I'm saying. Two sides to the story.
  17. I can’t prove it but I’m sure this happens every single year with at least 1 player
  18. A.healthy Freeman is a very good back. Being a clone isn't a bad thing. I to has a better jump cut and better straight line speed.
  19. What? Why? Ito is a Free clone. If we hadn't resigned Free then sure.
  20. What drew me to Lindsay was the power he showed. Falling forward, going through guys, etc. That's the kind of back I like. Ito was a Free clone and I hated that.
  21. Who is "they" Was it a scout? TD? What if it was a scout who didn't realize TD had changed his mind about a RB? Being mistaken is much different than lying. Why are the falcons obligated to tell him their draft plans anyway? What if they simply changed their minds later on?
  22. As a replacement for Coleman I would have chosen Ito over Lindsay as well solely based on college
  23. Lindsay went undrafted so all teams missed on him, not just the Falcons. Also, who can say that Lindsay would have gotten the same touches behind Coleman that he did in Denver.
  24. Could be we considered ITO the better receiver of the two which is a must for us. I fell in love.with Ito last year and mocked him in the 6th. Ito 's tape was incredible and his production was insane.
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