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  2. Most.people dont know what tbey have til its gone. Those.checks quit coming and he realized he had it pretty.good. It motivated him to get it back. He will have to keep it up if he wants to keep it this time. Also after you get past.25, you start to mature rapidly especially after reality ***** slaps you.
  3. There's no RT worth the #14 spot or a trade up in this draft imo. Maybe in a trade down and definitely in the 2nd round. Cody Ford is the best bet but even he is truly a Guard and I rather not draft a player just to play him outside of his best position.
  4. He was on my spotlight way before that game. Brian Brohm. Supposed next qb savant. Another casualty of Quittrino, inc.
  5. The Falcons signing Hageman to a one year deal does not mean that Simmons is an option. He may be, but the two situations are unrelated.
  6. I know I have.. .When you put up a draft game for several years and haven't won.. I tend to over thunk ... But,, I really think I may win this year with a new stratagy ,, and I think I have a good chance this year.. Feel good about my 20.
  7. Agree. It is such a terrible idea.
  8. If ya cann't be first....Well, might as well have another drink and lick y'er wounds. It is funny though. DAMMIT!
  9. Brohm was the QB everyone wanted us to take with the next pick AFTER we picked Dorsey with the first pick
  10. He was charged with domestic violence and was released after. If you read the quote in the OP it saids Ra’Shede learned from his mistake. Rather he did it or not TD said it. Again I could be wrong but I think the OP was making it a point to those who said he wasn’t a option for the Falcons because of his prior situation. Nobody on the Falcons staff was present at any of incidents for them to know what really happened. They can only go off of police reports and word of mouth.
  11. Gaillard won’t be taken in the 3rd round they’ve already bought in a backup C in Gettis.I’d swap out that pick with a DT in Khalen Saunders.Hes a project for sure but he’s got some juice to him that guy just needs more consistency. Mullens my favourite CB in this draft.
  12. like you two did when you answered this the same way at almost the same time, you know, simultaneously
  13. Love the top 3 , not so much the rest...I can tell you spent a lot more time on your top 3 and got in a hurry on the rest.
  14. That would be the shocker of the draft for sure.
  15. You are the only one to remember it. So you find it. It is not there.
  16. The shoe is going through the wall next time.
  17. Have we signed Kimbrel yet?
  18. At this point Ed.Oliver puts this line over the top. Oliver.rnd 1 and Risner rnd 2. I think Ty is realizing his former 2nd rnd status tbh. Most OL are taking years to.develop. Ty has always had the technique and athleticism, he just needed to get stronger, and stay healthy. Oliver and Lonnie Johnson woukd be a dream come true.
  19. Not bad. If they take a OT first the offense will dictate the success of this team. If we can play with leads and the defense can come after people I think the team will go well. Thats the way I’m looking if the team chooses to go in that direction first.
  20. I hope so.
  21. First of all, neither you nor I have even the slightest clue what actually happened with Hageman. The details were never revealed. Second, the Falcons had intimate knowledge of both Hageman and his problems. Third, they can sign Hageman with absolutely zero risk, whereas this would cost a (likely) high drat pick. Not the same, at all
  22. Should be in the archives. Go find it.
  23. **** these people saying "Beat Trump in 2020" as a response to breaking the law
  24. Well call me a liberal. I think theres laws against firing people based on race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  25. I just don’t think we are drafting an injured player in such a crucial year to the HC and GM. Simmons isn’t expected to play this year.
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