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  2. Gotta fire front office too, just firing the coach will not change anything. McKay, TD, all scouts, it ALL has to go for fans to believe change is REALLY coming.
  3. This is what happens when you don’t enforce your will running the ball. They get a lead and unleash the pass rush that was beating you anyway in a close game... Koetter’s 2nd terribly called game of the year.
  4. What will keeping DQ accomplish? Let the players know that no one is safe.
  5. After today’s blowout, I wouldn’t be against it happening today. The bye week was my original prediction and I’m not even for firing mid season but this is pathetic
  6. Ram's have been doing that alot. Offensive line holding to. They aren't gonna stop if they are allowed to get away with it. It's how you can control the game. Don't worry, we are about to start getting our meaningless make up calls to make it look better. Got to provide ammo for the excuses.
  7. Quinns wife better turn their house over to a realtor.
  8. That's why I said he should be giving the refs h3ll. Gain a little respect from the players and fans.
  9. Lmao add some hints or some thing i was like "wtf ****?"
  10. I wouldn’t call this team stacked. They’ve got some talent but not enough to overcome terrible coaching and scheming. This is still a flawed team even with better coaching.
  11. O, its about to happen.. Between the 20s Ryan about to become "hall of fame Ryan"
  12. Lol. McVay knows his defense will stop this offense today. Falcons pose no threat to anybody anymore.
  13. Debo whiffed on Goff, but he has been our best defensive player today. Has like 3 or 4 tackles behind the LOS. At least he's trying. Unlike a lot of folks...
  14. I hope so. Hard to say it but they are lucky it's only 3-27. It could have been worse. Under Smith this team never looked this bad.
  15. No one is going to rally anything for the Falcons, but you don't reward/give respect for **** efforts. You send a message and let the players know that the trash will be taken out.
  16. This is worse than the Harrington/Pigtrino's official because I just said it.
  17. Refs absolutely set us in a hole this game. Maybe we should change to red helmets so they can’t excuse not seeing helmet contact!
  18. That was a great jump on the snap by Takk. Too bad it was a run. Takk can be something to build upon with the right coach next year. I want Swift, and a DE next year.
  19. Alright. That’s better. They’ve been good except the one big return. At least they are showing pride and intensity.
  20. Well here comes all of Ryans empty yards to pad his stats!! We are out of the game and the defense will ease back to let him yards happen !
  21. All things as they are and most of the people in here thinking Ryan sucks; he should be traded. He’ll be back in the Super Bowl in an average team. The only well he’ll get that success is out of here. We can enjoy the new rookie who will probably be perfect. Right.
  22. It’s what this thread was worth
  23. And your favorite Taints team will kill us twice.
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