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  2. I love Sanu and all but the team most likely cuts him next offseasons so may as well get a pick of player now for him ( if the player has a good contract for multiple years)
  3. Please no. Sanu has always embodied what we need more of on this team. Sanu is a leader. He speaks with his hard work and play on the field.
  4. I am down with this as long as the trading team takes on MR2's salary. Use the first pick to take Tua or Herbert, use the other first to draft Swift. Use Ryan's money to sign some premium FA DLinemen.
  5. We just need to ditch the defense, NFL is basically a Arena League football league now anyways. Just put Ryan in the gun and play two minute no huddle offense the whole game. All the rules are set up to protect the QB and WR so just chuck and duck 50+ times a game. The NFL game today is soft so just expose it, defenders cant even knock people out, if the QB takes a hit it will be a penalty so WHY RUN THE FOOTBALL, just throw every play, every down. And when you are on defense just play bump and run. And blitz one backer every down. Who cares, season is pretty much over at this point just start seeing how many points O can score in a game.
  6. Don’t know that you would get much for Sanu but don’t know that you need to. I would trade Sanu for a 5th round pick in a second - probably only get a 6th though.
  7. Send him to the Eagles, Bears or Niners.
  8. Exactly. The other teams are in our conference.
  9. lol Damonta kazee, that guy blows.
  10. All for shipping him off.
  11. You just said theres no way this happens then you make a post exploring the possibilities.....Okay
  12. If anyone on that list gets him, I hope it’s the Patriots
  13. Jesus Tapdancing Christ: I"m pretty sure The Turkish forein minister is talking about the Kurds here: After Pence said they agreed to a ceasefire, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says, “This is not a ceasefire. We will pause the operation for 120 hours in order for the terrorists to leave. We will only stop the operation if our conditions are met.” This is how the world respects us now? Another take on the kurd "terrorists":
  14. Of course it wont Matt Ryan is married to Aurthur Blanks Neice so theres that
  15. Reminds me of Josh Rosen and Deshaun Watson threads from 2016 offseason.
  16. Phillies are reportedly down to Dusty, Girardi and Showalter.
  17. Never said it was but anythings possible. Jags just got 2 firsts and a 4th for a CB. Truth is we are stuck with Matt and his empty stats but If the Dolphins offered 2 firsts for Him we'd be foolish not to listen. With his salary off the books we could build the defense like Seattle did with R Wilson on his rookie contract. There are maybe 8 guys I wouldn't trade off the current roster-time to take a good look in the mirror and blow this cluster fucc up
  18. It really didn't. If it weren't for a Keanu Neal knee and in general having to play at the Linc, we may have returned to the SB. Our defense, funny enough, was the only defense to stop the Eagles that year.
  19. That’s my age
  20. Offenses win games but defenses win championships. You know what the problem is with most of these defenses? Defensive coordinators are trying to excel at stopping everything. Its VERY hard to do that, especially with the way these new offenses are spreading the field horizontally with formations and routes. If I was a defensive coordinator I would concentrate on old school stopping the run first. If I can stop you from running then I can force you to have to attack me with the pass. I have the advantage because I know in most situations whether you are passing or running the ball. This starts with me building my defense the right way, INSIDE OUT. My best players on defense will be: 1. Free Safety. I want a super cover guy who can cover sideline to sideline. 2. Strong Safety. Big time hitter, cover skills optional. 3. Middle Linebacker. BIG, fast and big hitter. cover skills optional. 4. Defensive tackles. I want two BIG studs who can tie up two linemen. 5. Cornerbacks. Super cover guys. Tackling is optional. In my defense, they can't cover but they will make YOU not want to run routes. Alligator arms. It will feature a ton of blitzs and be super aggressive. We will beat you with aggression, not scheme. We will give up a big play on one down and make you drop the ball on the next. It will feature a lot of cover 1 with blitzs like the cover 1 dog. This would be my base defensive style...
  21. Don’t trade him to the ******* patriots.
  22. Who would be our slot receiver then Gage. Rather keep him
  23. All that superbowl window closing stuff.. it closed after 2016. At least for this team and this front office.
  24. Patriots, Packers, Eagles, bears, and Niners are listed on there.
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